10 Things That Annoy Me When I Try to Pray in a Prayer Room

By | March 9, 2011

1- You are in the bathroom, you are just about to turn on the water faucett on to do you whudo2, and the lady next to you drops everything and dedicated the next 5 minutes of her life to watch how you do your whudu2… very very closely! Mind your own business la etkhozrene etkharbe6enee!!! LEGAFA!

2- You are done with whudu, you head to napkins dispenser to Read more »

VIVA Number Reservations Stampede… Ma itshofoon shar!

By | November 5, 2008

Intaw yanaytaw?

EE intaw yalle ga3deen tegroon!!! Kilokom!!! All of u who are living on Q8y soil and head over heels reserving numbers!!!


Ma 3ndokom mobile phones?

Ma 3ndokom numbers?

Kil wa7ed o wa7da itha mo one line has two o three, o numbers min a7la ma ykoon…

Eshtaboon b3d?!

Shino hal mania ilee 7ashat kom… min sema3taw reservation o numbers 7ail lab7a o raktha wara il reservations? il site 3alaq minkom!!!!!

I understand the blackberry o iphone trend. Lakin a new line, oh sorry, LINES all together?! 

Y3ni ana 3ndi my mobile line. I can barely remember the number. I do not memorize numbers any mores, like 3/4 of you out there, we rely on the contact list we have on the phone…

So whats soooooo special, sooooooo modern, sooo hip and hot and in now that you must MUST HAVE a viva phone line?

Intaw def3aw fowateer ilee 3ndkom maloot zain o wataniya awal!!!!

O wain ilee soog il q8y metshabe3 o doesnt need a third mobile phone company?

Walla 3la hal stampede o il raktha… lazim every area in kuwait has its own mobile company!!!!

o Awalkom Bu Tootee…. ilee sar lah days now going online to reserve numbers… I DO NOT WANT A NEW NUMBER MY GOD!!!!! in the end he reserved for me a number all right online. A number i do not need because im perfectly happy with the one i have now… and a number that I KNOW I WILL NOT USE!!!!!