The Variation 2012 Nespresso Coffee Flavors are Here

everywhen By | November 18, 2012

find Last weekend I passed by Nespresso’s Store in 360 Mall to see if they have anything new and they did! They have the new Coffee Variations for 2012 with three new limited edition flavors: Macademia Nut, Hazenult, and Coconut! Read more »

Naora, Summer 2012 limited Edition Coffee from Nespresso

By | June 11, 2012

Guess who got herself a new treat? Nespresso have a new limited edition coffee tablet for the summer and the name is Naora! Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso’s Orange Dolcetti Biscuits

By | January 23, 2012

When I am in London I make sure to stock up on two types of biscuits for my Nespresso coffee: The mini Almond biscotti and the Dolcetti Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Nespresso Descaling Kit

By | January 21, 2012

As a person who owns more than one Nespresso machine I know that sometimes the machines gets tired and you would have to take her to the Nespresso office for “cleaning”. Only when I was in London this year was I told that Read more »

New Nespresso Coffee Capsule Flavors

By | December 7, 2011

My husband’s friend was recently in Dubai when he saw the new Nespresso capsule flavors so he very generously brought my husband all three new Read more »

Review: Making a Cappucino using Nespresso Citiz

By | January 18, 2010

As a devoted self confessed Coffee-holic, I cannot resist coffee machines, between my self and my father we have around ten coffee machines  at home, six of which are still used on daily basis. I have have always been a fan of Nespresso and my latest purchase, the Citiz machine, proved to be Read more »