Picture of the Week: Cooking Suhoor

http://cathedral-lonavala.org/ritika-kumar/ By | August 6, 2012

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There is nothing more tantalizing than the aroma of boiling pasta promising you a warm hearty meal at the end of the road. Its so fulfilling! I love pasta so much I allow myself to eat only plain pasta with salt when I’m sick as comfort food, sort of like a guilty pleasure

A few days back I’ve been craving Spaghetti Pomodoro like mad so I decided to have some for my Suhoor meal and it hit all the right spots. I took the picture of the dry spaghetti noodles above while simmering the tomato sauce. That was one memorable Suhoor meal, Yum!

What was your most memorable Suhoor meal this Ramadan?

LoFat Diet – Day 13

By | January 23, 2011

Today is day 13… one more day and i am done with my two weeks of food discipline. I have to say that i feel much different. I don’t raid the fridge stuffing my face with all that’s fattening and delicious.

I got a call from LoFat today asking me if i wanted to continue Read more »