OSN New Reciever Sucks… STRIKE 3!

Springvale By | May 2, 2010


Around 7 pm every day… i sit on the table with my main meal of the day. I switch on my tv, and i watch an Egyptian Series i like and follow on Rotana Zaman… Sometimes i flip between Rotana Zaman and Spacetoon Power to watch Conan between Rotana ads…

But last Thursday, i sat down, ready to eat and enjoy my day… when this FRIGGIN message appeared!

Apparently 3/4 the channels in the reciever were not working because there is NO SIGNAL

and i call Show time… they advice me to cut off the recievers main power and restore it’s settings to default.. which meant ERASING my FAVORITES for the THIRD TIME IN ONE WEEK!

Yet the message didn’t go away… now it’s been like this for days…

Eshraykom bel happiness ele i am living in? They say no Nile Sat channels would be available for at least 2 months and that there is nothing they can do for me. They can send a technician but i have to wait until Sunday… and that they cannot give me back another card to use on my old heavenly reciever… basically it’s their way or the highway!

Do you think 7mayat il mostahlek deals with such cases?!

The New OSN Reciever Sucks Even More!

By | April 26, 2010

I was just sitting down with my cup of tea, ready to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening after a long day… I flip through the channels and there i find the movie No Reservation on Show Movies… i <3 that movie and it had just started… i watch, very happy, very absorbed in the movie… in the most important part of the movie where she gets news her sister is in an accident wellah… whooooops!

Bela E7em, wala Destoor, wala warning… the screen goes blank! WTH? Then the msg above comes and it starts downloading! Hello?! I was WATCHING HERE…! What if  i was recording the movie? It it took a few minutes to download whatever they were downloading… but by the time the movie came back on… the woman had died and the cook had gone back to the restaurant!!!

and do you know what happened after the glorious update?

ALL MY FAVORITES WERE WIPED! anything that is not a showtime channel on the FAVORITE is WIPED! I had to go through the 700 channels ALL OVER AGAIN!

and still no ALWATAN!

Can i call 7mayat il mostahlek for them?!

Review: The New OSN Reciever… It Sucks!

By | April 22, 2010

My dear husband Butootee got all excited when he heard about the new OSN reciever thing. You give them a call and they bring you a brand new HD reciever that works without a card, free of charge. Your old card would render useless afterwards but you are supposed to be happy with your new reciever.

He was happy! He thought the new HD receiver would be like the Sky receiver we have in the UK, amazing receiver! So he called, against my wishes, the next day the reciever was there… and now he is sorry he called.

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