McDonald’s Breakfast <3

jeopardously By | January 23, 2013

Harda Khās tmdbefm003

Its Wednesday, the long weekend is here at last! To celebrate this occasion I’m going to post about one of my Read more »

Review: Pizzetta’s Breakfast Menu

By | September 16, 2012

Good morning! Have you had breakfast yet? If not, you might want to read this post before you do then. Yesterday we were invited to try Pizzetta’s new breakfast menu. Pizzetta being one of Read more »

Making Cheese Stuffed Qatayef

By | August 16, 2012

The easiest thing to do as a Ramadan dessert is stuffed Qatayef. Every other co-op has a station producing the pancake like round qatayef dough and all you have to do is pick them up, take them home, stuff them then cook them. Read more »


By | January 10, 2012

Woke up this morning craving pancakes. Gelt mo bs ana I crave them. This post is all about pancakes and nothing but pancakes. Enjoy! Read more »

Hot Chocolate Dippers at Milk Cafe

By | November 20, 2011

We went a few days back to Milk Cafe after we heard so many positive reviews about it. It looked like a good spot to have breakfast -the name is Milk after all-. When I read my fellow Read more »

Lofat Diet – Day 2

By | January 12, 2011

Today is day two of my LoFat Diet…

I slept light and a bit hungry yesterday. Surprisingly i woke up Read more »

How to Make Qer9 Moqla 3la il fa7am!

By | January 5, 2011

Yesterday Afternoon my mother had some fresh coals burning on the portable dowwa to make some chai fa7am… So a thought had struck me… why don’t i try to make Qer9 Moqla?!  Read more »

Pancakes in a Can from a Vending Machine in Japan!!!

By | November 8, 2010

I have found this invention in an amazing travel blog i have stumbled upon recently and thought i would share it with you!

Hart, a blogger who is currently living in Japan, found the above Can in a Drinks Vending Machine in Japan (post link)! Now if the Japanese are known for something it’s their innovative creativity! The can has a liquid drink and when dispensed it is actually heated… and when drunk it tastes exactly like what a bite of pancakes with maple syrup and butter tastes like, la o hot b3d!!!

According to Hart its too sugary… but then it is still something different than what we are used to! Many people wouldn’t mind trying it!

I wouldn’t try the drink to be frank, sounds too sugary for my taste :S  But don’t you wish you had similar vending machines in Q8? and Would you try this liquid Pancakes in a Can drink?

Breakfast Anyone? Pictures of my Saturday Breakfast….

By | January 18, 2009


Do you remember yesterday? What you were doing at this exact time? Having a blissful queit Saturday where you woke up late and Read more »