Lamy’s Perfumes Eid Gift

can i buy Gabapentin in mexico By | August 18, 2013

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Just before the Eid holiday I received a lovely Eidiya from the lovely Lamya Al-Farsi, the owner of Lamy’s Perfumes, a local perfume making business. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Lamya a while back in a perfume exhibition where she mixed perfumes from different scents on the spot (post). Lamy’s perfumes are well known for their different and sometimes daring scents, you wouldn’t find any other Kuwaiti perfume maker who would make scents like ice cream or cheesecakes for example. Read more »

Baby Yousef’s Qerqaia’an

By | July 27, 2013


One of the most elegant and to the point qerqaia’an gifts I’ve received this Ramadan is baby Yousef’s first qerqaia’an distributed by his lovely mother Joumana of The Side Talk blog. The qerqaia’an came in an elegant silver box tied with a golden ribbon and baby Yousef’s name written on the lid in beautiful golden Arabian calligraphy. Read more »

Why do u wear too much perfume? Correction, WHY DO U BATHE IN PERFUME?!

By | October 21, 2008



Last time i checked, perfumes were NOT getting any cheaper… price wise?

Y3ni when ur a MAN or a WOMAN, men before women tra… and u r going out, why do u DRENCH ur self from head to toe with your bottle of perfume?

No, don’t smell bad, take a nice Read more »