London Summer 2012

genetically By | September 2, 2012

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That’s why the blog was neglected, I was in my favorite city in the world for two weeks. I thought I’d share some of my favorite summer 2012 London trip pictures during which the Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Pret's Italian Pizza Wrap

By | June 10, 2010

If you pass by Pret this summer… you will notice a new addition on their hot wrap sections “The Italian Pizza Hot Wrap”talian Cheese, Mozzarella, Chilli Tomato Sauce, Olives, Roasted Tomatoes, Oregano, Red Pepper & Seasoning in a Read more »

Craving: Pret's Lemon Cheesecake Pot!

By | June 7, 2010

I remember a few days ago, sitting outdoors, the sun is shining and the air is blowing sweetly on us to make us feel welcome. I had my beloved cheesecake in front of me, before i dug in i said i will take a picture to remember this moment… and now i am remembering it with all my heart <3 Esp. remembering that damned bird who was eyeing me and my pot and my coffee and wanted to eat me!

Funny how in the land where no humans stare the birds seem to be staring at me all the time!

Anyhow… i dug in… creamy smooth and tangy cheese, sour sweet Read more »

Things 2 Get 4m London: Pret's Skinny Popcorn

By | May 27, 2010

This time when i was in London i found out that Pret A Manager had introduced 3 new flavors of pre packaged skinny popcorn and i decided to try the Chocolate one since i am already in love with the salty one.

I am the kind of person who likes her pop corn to be plain with salt and nothing else, not even butter…. but the Chocolate pop corn was AMAZING! There are thin drizzles of chocolate on top of the pop cornat, the chocolate isn’t really that sweet, it smells AMAZING and tastes really really REALLY good! I even experimented with emptying a sachet of salt into half the bag of popcorn… it was even better!

The good news is that it will not be crushed or affected at all if you ship it with your luggage. It’s the perfect soo’3a for the Q8y’s at home and it’s only 200 Calories per bag! It took me 3 days to eat one bag by the way! Each bag costs £0.90