Making Waraq 3enab… and Succeeding!

Misoprostol no prescription By | August 11, 2012

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A long time ago my husband expressed a wish that we try and make our own waraq 3enab bel zait -stuffed vine leaves- at home. I don’t know why given Read more »

Crimson Garden’s First Anniversary & Dinner

By | April 14, 2011

I was invited yesterday by MMC to attend the one year anniversary for the opening of Crimson Garden Restaurant in Spoons. Since I Read more »

LoFat Diet – Day 7

By | February 12, 2011

Day 7! One Week down 3 to go! Masha2 Allah!

For breakfast i received French toast which i enjoyed very much. For lunch i had Parpadalle pasta with tomato sauce and nachos salad. I adore the nachos salad and i think it’s the best salad in the whole LoFat menu. Read more »

Crimson Garden’s Zerda and Muhalbiyat

By | December 26, 2010

The Bodouir commented on my Zerda post the other day that Crismon Garden makes something similar to the dessert I described. I had to see for my self of course so on Friday I went with my mom and my husband to Crimson Garden Spoons. The weather was amazing and we sat outside, people watching and eating their yummy food. At the end of the meal we ordered tea and their “m7lbiyat” which was described as having 7alwa at the bottom and m7lbiya on top with. It arrived and it looked so very good!

It was topped with caramalized almonds, pistachios, and rose petal flakes. The m7lbiya was really good but the bottom 7alwa was a bit harder than the Zerda I have tried. All together it is a good dessert that is very similar to the Zerda I’m looking for. If you pass by Crimson Garden I would highly recommend it 😀

Crimson Garden is located in Spoons and in the Avenues.

Koshary Take 2: Koshary Jo7a's

By | December 17, 2010

Yesterday afternoon as i got out of my orthodontists appointment i had to eat something soft to eat… and since i was craving Koshary anyways i thought let me make the trip to the alleys of Hawalli to get my self some…

I honked and yelled and cursed all the way Koshary Jo7a in 7awalli, the behind Fotokina on the same street as Hasan Abuls & Alshaye3… don’t know the street’s name though… i got there, ordered my self a koshary for two and came back home…

I already had some chickpeas… so i mixed the stuff up and took the picture… Boy does it look different from the one i got the other day! It was more appetizing and much more fresh! Tasted amazing too!!!

Highly recommended for a first Koshary Trial 😀

Farewell "Rice" Restaurant… I will not be coming back!!!!

By | April 4, 2009


Do you remember my post about Rice?

The NEW place in Avenues? How good it was? How yummy it was?

Well… i take half of what i said back! Read Bajee il Salfa Ihnee…

"Rice" by Lenotre… La Y6oofkom!!!

By | March 10, 2009

After an exciting & fulfilling dinner experience... the hand sanitizers

***Note: Pictues are at the very end…

We were checking out the new pizza place in Avenues when we saw “Rice” and stopped in our tracks…

Read more »