Have you ever been robbed before?

By | November 29, 2010

I was shopping in Selfridges yesterday when i heard scream and i saw a woman running like the wend, getting out of Selfridges door and disappearing in the crowds while another woman was running after her… after a while the 2nd lady who was chasing the first woman came back and started talking to security. Apprently the 2nd lady was shopping when the first woman came close to her… snatched something which i am guessing is her bag, and ran with all her might infront of all these people. Never mind that there are CCTV cameras every where and that she can be identified!

It is very scary indeed. It could have been anyone of us. Sometimes when i am shopping my stuff are all over the place and i do not really pay much attention… Now this incident will make me think twice before i let go of my stuff or open my bag in public!

I have never been robbed before. Once a couple of European guys tried to open my backpack while standing behind me in the escalator in ODEON but they were too close i felt them and moved away before they could snatch anything. Have you ever been robbed before or known someone who was? In Q8 or abroad? How did it happen?