Why Do We Avoid the Subject of Saving Money in Kuwait?

buy Seroquel cheap online By | September 30, 2013

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As September is drawing to a close I sit back and wonder how fast will it feel before we celebrate 2014? I didn’t care much for how 2013 turned out so far but I suppose there is still hope that the last quarter would make up for it. Speaking of which, I came upon something, a discovery if you may, when I was talking to a “friend” a few weeks back that got me pondering the matter of trying to save a bit of money from your income and the response I got from the friend, as if I had grown two heads and began spitting fire like a dragon, left me dumbfounded to say the least.  Read more »

Is not following someone on Instagram considered a Personal Insult?

By | September 26, 2012

Is not following someone on Instagram -or any social media application- considered as a personal insult? Should we read too much into it?

I’m not really sure how to answer the above question for I myself have conflicting feelings towards it. Do we expect people to follow us in the virtual world if they knew us in Read more »

10 Things That Annoy Me When I Try to Pray in a Prayer Room

By | March 9, 2011

1- You are in the bathroom, you are just about to turn on the water faucett on to do you whudo2, and the lady next to you drops everything and dedicated the next 5 minutes of her life to watch how you do your whudu2… very very closely! Mind your own business la etkhozrene etkharbe6enee!!! LEGAFA!

2- You are done with whudu, you head to napkins dispenser to Read more »

U Hypocrite of a Woman!!!! People r MEAN!

By | March 11, 2009


Hypocricy and Prejudice Personified… That’s What u R…

Who do u think you are? No, really… who are u to treat me that way and ruin my already prolonged busy day!

Do i have no other worries in the world but You?

U want to know what happened?

I have been insulted. By a stupid hypocrite. Read more »