When Omani Blogger Standi Came to Visit

http://justrpg.com/reviews/inuyasha-secret-cursed-mask By | April 7, 2013

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I’ve known Standy for as long as I’ve been a blogger. Back in the days when blogs were stricly personal and we used to know what everyone’s day was like without getting fingers pointed at us for being too self centered ego maniac. Anyways, Standy lives in Muscat, Oman and though she blogs once in every few months now adays she posted on Instagram that she was heading to Kuwait. One thing Read more »

Waitrose Products in The Sultan Center

By | March 19, 2013

wrniitsc-032-2I TSC’s latest newsletter sent via email they stated that have started stocking items from the UK’s supermarket Waitrose in Sultan Center of Kuwait. Usually when I travel to London I bring back some non-perishable food products to use and perishable food items to consume during the first week of my return therefore I passed by TSC to check Read more »