Recipe: Quinoa with Okra Stew

can i buy Clomiphene over the counter in uk By | September 23, 2013 rqwos-002

Ever since I began cooking quinoa I really wanted to use it with one particular dish, maraq bamiya (okra stew). You see, if quinoa passes the maraq bamiya test, it can reside their proudly on my pantry for the rest of time, banishing every last morsel of rice from the premises. The dieticians in Kuwait have been urging us to replace rice with quinoa and I already tried that twice with the quinoa mushroom risotto and the quinoa with dill & broad beans (bajela w shbent) and both time quinoa posed as the perfect protein-packed fiber-laden replacement to white rice therefore I Read more »

Recipe: Vegetarian Okra Stew (Maraq Bamiya) with Vermicelli Rice

By | March 26, 2011

Though I’m not a fan of Kuwaiti rice based dishes, maraq bamiya is a different story. Ever since I was a toddler I adored maraq bamiya. I always thought it was very hard to make until I tried it myself. Now whenever i long for maraq bamiya I make it and within one hour it’s ready on the table. It takes 20 minutes to make but 40 minutes to cook slowly on the stove o “yetsakar” so it would Read more »

What weird food combinations work for you?!

By | July 5, 2010

I slave over the stove trying to make the perfect vermicille rice, i was craving a meal of vermicille rice and KDD low fat yoghurt… 2 hours later my rice is done, steaming and fluffy… Butoote asks if it’s ready and i say yes…

I then find the dish above… apparently my dear husband believes that adding green grapes to vermicille rice and topping it with yoghurt is the culinary delight (NOT)!!! Why would he do that WHY! He ruined my perfectly fine rice! He swears by this combination though there is no way on earth i would have it!

Would you try that combination? Do you have any weird food combinations that disgusts others but works perfectly for you?