The Video of Project-X Bloggers Cookings Competition

purchase prednisone for dogs By | July 11, 2013 bccipx-160

If you’ve been reading my blog for more than a year you might remember that we participated in a bloggers cooking competition under the name of Project-X last June (post).  I teamed up with my favourite Pink Girl and together we made the spiciest, weirdest, and frankly not that appetising dishes in the competition and came last :p I’ve almost given up on seeing the videos but lo and behold, a year later and they are finally released for the world to see. Read more »

The Kuwaiti Film “Asad Al-Marma” About the Late Sameer Saeed

By | August 12, 2012

I received the link to this video by its director Ahmed Hajji Ali Yesterday afternoon and I have to say the moment I read “Sameer Sa3eed” my eyes started watering at once. I can still remember Al-Arabi winning the Amir Cup in 1992, me eating spaghetti with cheese and watching Sameer Sa3eed running around the football field in sheer happiness, the commentator screaming ya ghazal ya ghazal. One of the moments that never gets erased from your mind.

RIP Sameer Sa3eed. Allah yer7mk o y’3amid roo7ik eljanna. Thank you Ahmad Hajji Ali for the video and the effort.

Video: The Kuwaiti Section in King Fahad Academy During the 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

By | July 26, 2012

Given that today is the 26th of February which coincides with the 22nd anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion, I thought I would share with you this documentary shot in London during the 1990 Iraqi invasion on Kuwait of the Kuwaiti School Section in King Fahad’s Academy.

This is a rare video and many of the students and the teachers appear in the video. I hope you guys, whether you were in London, Kuwait, or students in the Academy, like it… Enjoy and 3ashat el Kuwait 7urra Abya!

Video: Celebrating Social Media Day

By | June 30, 2012

Today, 30th of June, we celebrate the Social Media day! Thanks to social media, we are all glued to our tech devices all the time, connecting with everyone everywhere on planet earth. Knowledge is power, and social media made access to knowledge as fast as a click of a button.

In honor of this day the social media club released the video where different people with different experiences in the social media field talk about this day. Your truly is one of them appearing somewhere -I’m too afraid to watch- as well as many of my fellow bloggers like Ansam, His & Hers, Blog 37, Q8 Stig, and Q8 Path. So without further ado watch the video and have a happy social media day -ironically Instagram is down but we can still enjoy it nevertheless-.