To Buy or Not to Buy: Vintage Clothing?

By | July 12, 2010

There is a lovely store in Carnaby St., London, where a collection of amazing vintage fashion items are sold… You cannot deny the beauty of those items, nor the lovely shapes/colors/fabrics/designs, and the attention to detail is simply AMAZING… nothing like the mass produced clothing items we find every where now adays…

Same thing in the Basement Floor of Top Shop, and several other locations. Vintage is always a treat to the eye and an upgrade in the fashion sense… but i could never get my self to buy something worn by someone else, even if it was more than a decade ago. I tried, i really did, i said it looked unworn, i would take it to Laundry… but i could never do it! If it is not new vintage, which is hard to find, i can’t buy it!

Could you buy vintage items and wear them? If so, how come?!