Zafaf Magazine Ramadan Gift

energetically By | July 27, 2012


A few days ago I came home to find a big white bag from Al-Ostura waiting for me. Read more »

Bo Throos’s Day with Danderma…

By | May 27, 2012

Bo Throos is a very cute cuddly toy that’s been making a lot of fuss on instagram lately. His mama, alnoury, lets him spend each day with a different person, and last Friday was my day :) His visit started by Bothroos shyly arriving at our doorstep. It took a while to get my husband to coax him inside the house. He was very shy indeed, check the picture above. Y7leelah. Read more »

The day Bu Tootee entered what looks like a Far3iya by Mistake!

By | April 7, 2009


Last week Bu Tootee was invited to a wedding…


The groom is one of his college friends. He is a sweet guy who called Bu tootee several time personally to invite him. The thing is about his wedding, is that it is a Read more »

Upcoming wedding Delimma… need to lose 3KG+ fast

By | October 22, 2008

Sha7leele before shahar ramadhan… i had a nice nice badla 😀 o ready o all… the wedding was postponed till Mid october, then pushed further to Early november… Ramadan came… and mom is nagging me to try my badla after ramadan… o to see what jewelry to go with it o how to do my hair…

So yesterday, although i noticed i look like a mini elephant, i tried the badla on… and i changed my mind.

I look like a full adult elephant that is overweight!!!!!

Thats aging for you, the metabolism slows down as you approach 30… evey year i have to give up something in order just to maintain my weight… last year i swore off croissants for good (make u hungry, fattening, and no nutritional value but fat!)… then this year i swore off any pasta that is made by anyone that is not me, and i do not get to do it that often, except london pasta. Meaning if i go to any rest. in Q8, i will not take a look at the pasta section… perioud. It ain’t worth it. No one knows how to do it properly and its full of unneeded fat. I broke that rule twice only, once in Prime & Toast and it was worth it. o one in Napkit o i regretted it till this day …

Oh well so … bema inah il badla itgool ge6eenee ya daddy’s girl.. ur so fat you shouldnt be allowed out of the house aslan… a criminal offence against human eyes… g63… fa here is my new diet… starting 2day

  • BKFST: 2 toasts, cheese, lettuce, tomaotes, cucumbers, Ice cold coffee
  • Snack1 (noon): apple and water
  • Lunch (5 pm): Grilled giant mushroom with some cheese and sundried tomato paste. Pepsi Max
  • Snack2(6-7 pm): Tea + piece of fruit
  • Dinner (9 pm): KDD low fat leban, some red grapes, o some pinapples to burn what i ate all day long

I must also take 15 minutes of cardio on my wii fit… true it has been gathering dust int the corner… but if i want to lost those 3 fat kilos in two weeks and counting… i must play on it daily… im hoping the weekend will also help me burn calories with all the renovations planned…

Wish me luck…