My Reviews In here you can find a few of my favorite things. Be it restaurants i enjoy, books i adore, movies i have seen, places i have been, products i am glad to have around, or memories from my past and childhood that i have cherished and still carry around. I hope you enjoy those things as much as i did and still do…

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  1. Agnes says:

    Hello, I am Agnes, I am from Hong Kong and am now bringing very nice design of wedding dresses to girls here in Kuwait. Our shop name is Farahy

    I am inspired to bring to the modern ladies in Kuwait, wedding dresses that are nice, western style, good quality, best service, and at reasonable price. So far, there is not a boutique that is fulfilling all the above for the ladies here in Kuwait, that;s not fair :) (except us, Farahy)

    The boutique is in Salmiya Amman Street. I would like to invite you to write about us in your blog.

    Should you have any details that you need, please dont hesitate to email me, I could provide you photos of the shop, dresses, designs, customers, price range etc.

    This is my facebook link

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Ins says:

    Hi – I dont know why…but the link to ‘Stores & Services’ is not working!