Book Review: Landline by Rainbow Powell By | September 13, 2016

Peranāmpattu brlbrr

I’ve heard so much about Landline, and I’ve looked for a long time for a copy as well and only recently did I manage to find one and settle down with.
To say Landline latches you on the story from the first pages is an understatement, I love how the story flows, easily and with just the right tempo, not too fast and not to slow. Continuing with the trend of flitting between past and present story lines, Landline is the perfect example of how not to annoy your readers going back and forth between time zones! Landline is steadily rooted in the present, but in a blink you find yourself in the past with a story of some sort then bang you are back on track, not lingering for one unnecessary moment too long!
The story is original and pretty much spelled out back, but its sweet and cool and refreshing read. Although at some point I had to flip through three pages of a toddler saying meow on the phone. Also, by the first half of the book many hassled working moms could identify with the day-to-day struggling Georgie, by half the book Georgie’s phone calls to her husband takes on a bit of a teenagery-love and you want to scream at the husband to answer his wife already and stop sulking…

Then comes the ending, was not a surprising one and I was not that impressed with to be frank but overall when I was done I was left with this silly smile on my face and a warm happy feeling, like someone draped you in a fluffy blanket and gave you a cup of hot chocolate… Its sweet, light, and worth the read if you are looking for a pick me up.

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