Book Review: The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango

Bodø By | August 22, 2016

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A deceptive husband and respectable novelist, whose entire life is built on a web of lies, is basking in his own fictitious success and leading a double life without a care in the world. It is only when his affair doesn’t go according to plan and he decides to take matters into his own hand that his lies start unravelling one by one, for he made a terrible and grave mistake that cannot be undone no matter how hard he tries. 

The story is fast paced, there is not much an introduction nor dragging around to lay the bricks of the story. You open the first page and you are there with Herr Henry, almost running over the pages trying to keep up and learning about his past and what lead to his disastrous decision as you go along. One action pulls another, and somewhere in the mess that is Herr Henry’s current life situation you realise that he would stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to keep the stream of secrets from spilling out and spreading.

Interesting and fast paced, if a tad heavy with too many unnecessary details. I didn’t care much for the ending though, it left with too many loose ends and too many questions unanswered. A BBC sticker on the cover said it was a “Book at Bedtime” and it was indeed the one very memorable companion during the week I’ve read it through.

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