The ten types of women I cannot Stand…

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1- The girl who is all over you when you have an upcoming family wedding/reception acting all sweet and friendly and your BFF… then when a family 3aza happens she disappears without even a 3atham Allah Ajrech

2- The girls ele when she laughs teg3ad tetka3ka3 ib a3la 9oot.ha regardless of her surroundings… laugh as loud as u like at home but bel 9ekka ako shay ismah 3aib…

3-The girl eletetshay7a6 24/7 about her designer clothes, designer jewellery, brand new car, and she must let you know how much her outfit costs at any given moment. 3lamich mo shayfa khair?!

4- Om Shallakh who tells tall tall tales that no one can believe just to get people’s attentions.

5- The girls who talks about nothing but how men run after her all the time and following her home and leaving her gifts and calling her number at the middle of the night and falling at her feet asking for her hand in marriage. La o she would be jaikara b3d.

6- The girls you don’t know who adds you on Facebook just so you would see o comment on her one million pictures and tell her she is wow etshaweq o wow etyanin o mowa mowah… shofoone ‘3a9eb 6eeb! Shasaweelich ana!

7- Botamba girls who insist on wearing the tightest clothes especially leggings and skinny jeans and the shortest of shirts so everything is bel 9ekka… la o foogha itkoon met7ajba b3d… el seter zain este7aw!

8- The sneaky girl who would befriend you at once, gets all chummy with your girl friends, then you find out they’ve been meeting behind your back. Then suddenly you are the pariah of the group!

9- Girls who scream at the help/salespersons/waiters and treat them like slaves. Dismissing their service  without even saying a simple thank you or please.

10- The girl ele when she is out with her husband would run away from you and act as if she didn’t see you even though your eyes have locked… eshda3wa ib nakel raylich? Min dara 3ankom?!

3ndi more bs b3d mali kholg… what kind of girl can’t you stand?!

44 Responses to “The ten types of women I cannot Stand…”

  1. Moody Pants says:

    loool thats soo true ! am right now suffering for the “laughing out loud” kind, if i wana list mine it would take forever, but i already mention enough in my blog 😀

  2. dailymail1 says:

    The girl who only calls you when she has nothing else planned, and who wants to b!tch about another girl….who she has just come off the phone with b!tching about u….

    • danderma says:

      thank you… i hate people who keep me as a last resort or only call me for trips to 3aza but 7azzat il wanasa o il hyata ma ydroon 3ni… cut off a long time ago…

  3. Chirp says:

    Girls that you met once or twice oo faj2a they are your best friends. ummm I dont know you!

    girls who befriend you to get to your friends 3ashan efargoon bainkum :)

    • Chirp says:

      Oooh ba3ad nesait! girls eli yargi9oon chenhum low class strippers eb 7aflat or 3roos! I dont care if its an all womens event! Carry yourself with some class!!!!

    • danderma says:

      Ee the bawagat il friends kind… had my fair share of those as well… i don’t know if they plan it in advance or if it just happens along the way but it really sucks!

  4. Where is #8??
    I hate..and hate is a big word for me which I don’t like to use a lot… the girl who says one thing and does another thing…the kind who is 7aram 3ala alnas w 7alal 3alaiha.
    I have someone like this in my life…and so many times I wanted to azredha belga3 w adoos eba6enha…la and she makes herself muthaqafa w tekalam 3an al3elm w elfalsafa w matdree what she is talking about exactly… laaaa w ba3ad et3aref kilman w ta36eech taree5 3aylitich w shino sulaltich w mino ye9eerlich…w a5bar alkuwait kila 3endha…w kil alfethaye7 eli alwa7ed yekish minha… allahom ya kafi!
    This is all in one person by the way ;p

    • danderma says:

      mako number 8? maykhalif mareetha o 3yoni iza’3leela… 3ad wayed 3ndi replacements :p

      loool a3otho be Allah can’t you cut her off? inzain in the end shino testefeed?

      • Salamtich sweetie…
        unfortunately I can’t cut her off completly but I withdrew her from my IT list of friends and relative… These kind of women are inscure…so yetshai7a6on w yetba36zon to fil the empty parts of them. Bas hal 7arakat ma tamshi 3alai ;p oooh…just don’t get me started I will not finish ;ppp

        • danderma says:

          Allah ysalmich hon…
          Ee wallah zain etsaween… el bab ele eyeek minah ree7 sedah o estree7!!!

  5. Kuwaitiful says:

    I didn’t know #6 even existed. What a pathetic attention wanted type of girl.

    From those 10 #7 is the worst for me. Mostly because it effects me as a guy. As they patrol the guys section everyday in University. I can’t help but get disgusted. El setter ne3ma ya banaaat! Use it, don’t abuse it.

    One from a guys perspective: The type of girl that sees you alone in a supermarket when no ones around and starts sending all those indirect signals, FOLLOW ME C’MOOOOON I’M SO HOT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

    • danderma says:

      in the supermarket 3ad!? Can’t she find somewhere else to send her signals!?
      ee wallah el seter ne3ma…

  6. Standy says:

    LOOOOL.. I cant stand all of them.. bas no.2 sometimes happenes when the group meets bas mo 3an qa9id lool.. We kinda tend to avoid puplic places coz we are loud lool

    oh i cant stand the one who comes to preach you about right and wrong o heya ma daryana ween el qibla!!!

    • danderma says:

      loool 7elwa hathe heya ma daryana ween el qibla!
      ele kil shay 7ram 3la il nass o 7lal 3leeha…

  7. Farah says:

    LOL – true that and they are all around :S there is also the girl who believes that everyone is jealous of her and acts with everybody based upon this belief.

    • danderma says:

      ee the paranoid… tamshi o tethawash weya il awadm laish wallah jealous from me… esh hal 7ala?

  8. Don't Dwell says:

    I can’t stand il two-faced girls,

    Ily mn jedamch itmoot feech oo ma it5aly wa7da ma t7sh feeha,

    Oo mn warach she does the same exact thing with others,

    T7sh feech wtmoot 3ala ily kanat 7asha feehm

    Ya3 ;/

    • danderma says:

      Ee i noticed inah ele ta36e wayh for girls o et7esh fehom min warach most probably does the same exact thing to you as well…
      Also ele etyeeblich 7achee o la’3wa takhez minich 7achee o la’3wa… hal ashkal ana at7ashahom mooleya

  9. noora says:

    girl 3, show-off, la 3ad lama eta7affath il catalogue o etye etkerlich ma3lomat.ha tseer tyanin etfati5! etfit gulbi
    o girl 9, mo sij? ya3ni jedam il waitress/sales person/physician eta7acha 3anhum chena mo mawjoden! o et3aleq m3ach ya3ni sharkeeni!! min sejha hathy mako e3tbar 7q lawadem!

    o il thaltha 3n 5a6ri, ily etesa2al ib shay may5e9ha, o shay beyond 7dod ur relationship m3aha!! mino galich 3adi or tmonen tes2eleen :@ 5EEER?!

    • danderma says:

      Ee om number 9 madry laish y3ni she thinks inha a7san min ‘3airha… even if she is talking to a non q8y professional like a doctor ham 6aye7 min 3eenha o 3balha yeshte’3el 3ndaha… laish mo mooga laish?

      ee ee ur #3 mafrooth a7e6ha on the list! Awal ma tet3arefain 3leha she DEMANDS inah you tell her your private life min A2Z or else intay anti social o ma test7een 3la wayhich o ma t36een wayh o mayga… ako 7dood!!!

  10. alnoury says:

    i find alot of number 10 malat
    and i also cant stand woman who calls me and asks ee shino ba3ad agoolaha walla mak troo7 ehy tgool ee madareety 5alty thak elyoom safartna surprise ana o 3yaly o et9adgeen rayly yably the 10000 cartier bracelate ,masheft the red car outside thats my grandfather baby gift for me
    and all her phonecall is to brag of hat people got her
    and i hate also people eeli say the prices of stuff o ana shaereet o ommi shartly o obooy eeli saffarna ya3ny mu bfloos raylha wala shay :s

    people aresick we go endlessly about them

    • danderma says:

      ee wallah number 10 wayed ako minhom allah yahdeehom! ma tboon a7ad yeshoofkom weya ryayelkom kheshohom bel bait eshda3wa baygeen booga???

      ama 3n ilee shareet o ma shareet ya akhty allah yhaneech… laish lazim you brag about it 24/7 ana mani fahma… u earn respect not beg it by showing the amount of money you earn…

  11. Om Lujain says:

    They are all annoying! But I DETEST getting calls from someone only when they are bored. I cut those calls extremely short with one excuse or another, I really have no time to talk to someone who ONLY calls because they have nothing better to do!

    • danderma says:

      True i am not a fan of phone calls my self… if someone calls me when they are bored just to fill up their time with mindless chatter i don’t think i will give them more than 5 minutes of my time!

  12. HF says:

    i hate elly they ask how much something costs… oo they know it’S wrong so yes2eloon someone else about something uu own. i.e. this lady asked my mother in-law 3an si3ir shabkity oo etha ehya sharat-ha or e7na oo wain skanooo… cham ‘3orfa oo cham 7amam!!!! like Come-OOOOONNNNNN!!!!! shakooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    wella elly tsalim 3alaich oo she scans uu min foog lay ta7at oo evaluates ur attire!!! based on which she determines how to treat uu…. oo kella 6ab3an moo 3ajib!

    • danderma says:

      haw eshtabee!?

      So she knew how much ur shabka cost… how is that going to benefit humanity exactly!?

      The starer… i hate these kind of women, who determine your worth by how much your outfit is worth… and half the time they are not even wealthy!!!

  13. Bella says:

    I can’t stand all of the 10 you just posted about, and what really gets on my nervous,
    is the girl who is self centered and self obsessed and thinks the whole world revolves around her and is obsessed with her beauty, and in every single gathering HAS to complain about how much her life sucks and how much she’s treated so unfairly and to top it all off, SHE BLAMES HER TROUBLES ON EVERYONE ELSE!!!!
    Oh and has to turn the gathering from up-beat and fun into depressive and sad..
    Whew :p got that all off of my chest 😀 (a)

    • Bella says:

      LOL major typo : Nerves, mu nervous!! 😀
      kent mendamja wana aktb :)

    • danderma says:

      the party pooper! Some women don’t know when to stop ruining someone else’s evening with their self absorbed stories!

      • Bella says:

        Not just a party pooper!! An everything pooper, seriously she goes on and on and on about how much her life sucks..
        *NEWS FLASH*
        WE DONT CARE :'(

        okay thats too mean, we do care, bas ya3ne khalas we discussed her issue over bbm, over the phone, in person, she just has to bring it up in every gathering :@.

  14. Rembie Kitty Monster says:

    i cant stand posers ! they get on my nerves !

  15. a says:

    The girl who is a compulsive liar mo bas tall tales. The girl who gives dirty stares o shyfa 3umrha, the plastic surgery min fog lay t7at girl (eshd3wa!!) and the ”monafi’3a”.

  16. Kinz says:

    Ok, I sometimes don’t pay attention if I’m in public when I laugh because in my country that’s not a problem. It’s so rare to find something funny nowadays I’m not about to kill it off in case someone is offended. Besides that, most of the types of behavior you are mentioning are annoying but not deadly. What is really difficult is the person who befriends you to take your husband, grab your friends, or cheat you in business. This is too painful.

    • danderma says:

      I personally do laugh in public but there is a big difference between a respectable laugh that comes as a response to something actually funny and a ka3koo3a a la a belly dancer in a cabaret over every little thing… the latter i can’t understand!

      That person you mention is #8 … the ones who set out to ruin ur life after you trusted them :(

  17. Lama says:

    How r u Girl ?!?! we miss u

    #2, I feel u you dear i know exactly what you are talking about

    I hate it also when someone try their hard to be the perfect person while in reality she is not and everyone know that. live your life girl. no one is perfect.

    • danderma says:

      Im siiiick :`(
      i thought i was better yesterday then at night i had a relapce… insha2 Allah tomorrow i wil come into work
      looooooooool 3la #2 😉