Blast from the Past: The Goonies on MSX

Shache By | March 25, 2013 bftptg-002

Scarsdale The Goonies game on MSX was one of my favorite and most special games back in the 80’s. One reason being was that I actually did complete the game back then and it might just be the very first game I’ve ever completed! The Goonies was based on a very popular 80’s movie by the same name everyone I know from my peers used to rave about it. When I played the game I didn’t know it was about the movie and I never got the chance to see the movie until the mid ninties, I saw it once and I can barely remember anything about it.


One special thing about the game was when you were given a keyword at the end of each stage -there are seven- and you can enter that keyword to start from the stage it belongs to rather than play the game from the beginning every single time. When the game first starts you press CTRL+K and you are asked for the keyword. Mr SLOTH was the keyword to start the second stage of the game.


In each stage you had to collect keys and use them to unlock green prison doors to retrieve one of your seven siblings while trying to dodge lethal skeletons, jumping skulls, and colored villains that took a shot at you or sang something and their sound waves went after you. You also had to wait for the water from waterfalls and faulty pipes to stop running or else you’d get hurt.



When all seven of your brothers are collected you will find that the big blue door with a danger sign on is open and waiting to take you to the next stage with the next keyword. Of course before you start the stage a theif comes and hits you then steals away your seven brothers again and its up to you to save them one more time.

Do you remember the Goonies? Where you a fan of either the movie or the game?

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