Attending a Baby Shower for the First Time! By | December 29, 2015

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Last week, I attended my very first baby shower ever!

Ee wallah, I swear, first ever!

I grew up in Kuwait during the time when new mothers held their receptions at home, I don’t know about you but in my time a new baby meant the new mother stayed at her parents place in  ground floor room and people arrived bearing gifts day in and day out for forty days straight, the Nifas period as its called in the Middle East. Then by the time my peers started becoming mummies, the baby reception was for a day or two at most in a private hospital or after the Nifas period in a baby-less celebration where the lady is all dressed up as a yummy-mummy and in either case, women arrive bearing gifts.


Then came the “showers” era… I don’t think its been around for too long, five years?  Maybe seven? Perhaps its been around for a decade but if its been, it wasn’t that popular and was mostly between groups of girls who went to private American or English schools. By any means, none of the friends my age had any bridal or baby showers when they got married or had babies and now that the younger generations are taking it for granted, they are either too young to invite old me or simply out of my circle of friends.

Then I was invited my dear friend PinkGirl invited me to her sister’s baby shower! And you’d think at the age of 35 that you have seen it all but it turns out that life is full of surprise and whomever decided to thrown that first shower that caught fire until it became a stable, thank you! Showers are much less formal than receptions and are so much fun! I had such a good time, I’m now glad to chalk it up as one of the few new things I’ve enjoyed experiencing in 2015!


So how does it go? I know that you most likely know, but let me tell you how this one went. There was a table that Pink had ordered from a local business with customised baby-shower themed items… little knickknacks filled with popcorn, cotton candy, Vimto drink, and the works. There of course was the baby shower cake with a little baby feet protruding from the womb and also little giveaways. All very cute with lots and lots of balloons.



Now, the fun part was really all about the games! Endless games, I don’t think we really had time to play all of them and because I relied on my SnapChat to document the evening everything is now all gone, I forgot to take backups! But I shamelessly stole the pictures off PinkGir’s baby shower post, I hope you don’t mind Pinkya!


There was the first one, writing down wishes for the baby and the one with the funniest wishes as determined by the mother to be wins a prize! There was a lot of laughing that night, especially with the baby shower bingo! There are not enough baby-related things to fill out a bingo card, I tell ya!



Now there were many other games, we spent the night running from one activity to the other, but I almost never won! Then again its just my luck, I never win anything. That was my luck that night until the play-doh competition. Players were requested to make a baby-themed figurine from play doh and I made a little yellow duckie! That’s the one on the right there 😀 I WON!


The night was memorable on all levels! There were plenty of really excellent food, girls I adore, lots of laughter and endless activities! I’ve heard many women complaining about the “showers habba” or trend and how silly and unnecessary they are but frankly I beg to differ! So what its something done abroad and now here? The same goes for a pair of denim, invented and worn abroad and everyone wears them now and I see no one complaining! The showers they’ve been to must have been either too over the top or extremely boring!

I enjoyed every single moment, and that was a baby shower, somewhat a more grown up and mature shower! I wonder how things go at bridal showers! Too bad almost every girl I know is married already and the ones who aren’t are too young to want me in their showers. Alas, I might throw a shower myself for a friend getting married or having a baby, I’ve enjoyed attending one so much, I wouldn’t mind throwing one on my own!

I went back home loaded with baby shower giveaways! Thank you PinkGirl and Fatooma  for inviting me to my first ever Baby Shower! Allah ygawmich bel salama you and little Barhoomi <3


P.S. If you want to know where the baby shower items are from you can check PinkGirl’s post. Also, just before we go, there was this innocent-looking rice krispies cake on the table. Now, if you know me you’d know I’m not one for rice krispies but I had taken a slice home and there was something about the chewy density of those krispies mixed in with lotus spread that made me exclaim out loud gleefully, chewing with my mouth open and my fingers smeared in lotus spread! The cake is from @Nena_sweets_kw and believe me, this is not an ad, its a way7a qalbi moment and worth every mouthful <3


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