So where have I been those past months?

buy Clomiphene 150mg By | July 24, 2016

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Would it suffice to say I was wallowing away on my couch with the remote control in my hand?

No? Wel that’s not entirely accurate either. I don’t know, I was around, I always am, would you believe me if I say not one day did pass without thinking about writing in my blog and actually composing posts in my head? And talking to you, my dear faithful I don’t know why you still stick around since I was barely there reader?

So where? It’s complicated. I wanted to try something out, I had my suspicions, and I was right. I also, no it will be a bit much but.. erm, well in March or April I was watching the movie the A-Team and then I thought to myself ‘Why not watch the original A-Team series since I have the dvd boxset and everything? Just one episode?’ and that one episode stretched into a watch the entire five seasons-back-to back- TWICE in the span of three months… yes I swear! I don’t recall anything from the 80’s aside for Mr. T and now I’ve watched it I was smitten with H. M. Murdock, HOWLING MAD Murdock, the crazy hilarious ex-thunderbird pilot who was, rather disturbingly, abused mercilessly by Mr. T. Anyways, it was good TV, the kind we’ve grown up with and will barely come across since TV shows these days are saturated with agendas, swearing, violence, nudity and the likes. Many of the actions scenes I’ve seen in movies throughout the decades actually did appear, and I suspect did appear first, on the A-Team and I could bore you with the details but I think that’s enough mania for now. The A-Team was my escapism, and I did hear its getting to be remade in 2017 but they will turn one character into a woman and I swear if it is Murdock, I’m not watching. Leave them be, I am a woman and a feminist and I am not offended by four all men military unit! Leave them be.

I haven’t stopped talking have I? Do forgive me, I’ve missed you guys. I’ve missed having a voice, I’ve missed writing down my random thoughts to the point of having tears in my eyes. Do you know I’ve been blogging for almost nine years now? If that’s not a life time, I don’t know what is! Expect a lot of mushy posts from now on.

So what made me come back? Two things actually and I will write them down: the first being in an event, an opening of a bakery, when a sweet girl came up to me and told me that she was a reader of the blog and asked about my not writing for a while. She had good things to say, and I’m not trying to be vain or anything but in this loud and crazy world -oooh have you guys played Pokemon Go? have you? random I know I told you I’ve missed you!- in this crazy world, there are less and less interaction on blogs and more response to silly clownish SnapChat posts and you think to yourself what’s the point of it all. Girl, your kind words did lift me up and I considered going home right away and posting something about it, but the timing wasn’t right -I did go home to a full CD of A-Team episodes and a grilled cheese sandwich with strawberry milkshake, low fat I swear, my weight issues are making me miserable but I will bore you later with the details-.

The second being, and do note the irony did just dawn on me, was yesterday while I was taking a really lovely picture of a marshmallow milkshake -yes another shake and I dare complain about weight issues!- e7em… OK I was at a restaurant taking what was promising to be a really good picture of the shake when, with a pang so severe I almost keeled over and started crying, I realised how much I wanted this picture to go on my blog and how very much I did indeed miss my blog. One day I will tell you about the evils of the world and how they try to break your soul and all the things you hold dear, but yesterday the moment I returned home I plugged my memory card into my mac and prepared the pictures for the post. I hope you like them :)

Why am I rambling endlessly? I need to publish this before I change my mind. Anyways, do please come back in a day or two for I have a LOT to share with you guys, a lot a lot a lot.

Over and out. Brb.

2 Responses to “So where have I been those past months?”

  1. Mimi says:

    Hey! Its good to have you back and see posts in my feedly again!

    I need to look into the A-Team. (Despite being an 80’s child, I don’t remember much of it either, well except maybe MacGyver) Good quality telly is so hard to find these days. The majority is just so vulgar, scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with the storyline are thrown in for the sake of it.

    Anyway, keep blogging. We’re still here :-)

    • danderma says:

      It feels good to be back! I’ve missed the orange notification of comments more than I’ve imagined!
      McGyver was the one with the car? I recall the car, recall the cousins making a fuss because an uncle of mine apparently bought the same -or similar car- but I don’t recall anything else. I’m actually resisting reaching out for the box and watching the entire thing a third time around :)