Do You Remember This Show: The Morph Files By | May 28, 2010


I was browsing the kids DVD section in HMV when i saw the DVD above that looked very very familiar. I picked it up and it hit me… i know this show! I didn’t know it’s name – now i do- but i remember it being shown on KTV2 back in the mid 80’s… i remember my self watching it… this little fellow made from clay was friends with the human owner and it was tiny, finger sized, and they had all sorts of fun together! I loved him so much i went to my mom one day and begged her to get one like him for my self to become my friend. I remember being disappointed for days afterwards because no one would bring him to me!

Do  you remember this show?!

0 Responses to “Do You Remember This Show: The Morph Files”

  1. Aws says:

    i remember watching it in london as a kid on summer vacation while having breakfast .. baytha 3yoon..

  2. F2o Designs says:

    Allaah ! Oh my God where did you find this?!