Celebrating A Year in the Life of Gilmore Girls #GilmoreGirlsRevival

buy Pregabalin with paypal By | December 2, 2016

Pa Sang yitlogg04

At this moment I’m sitting by the open window, a dark cloud is looming in the horizon and thunder has been rumbling on loudly for about ten minutes now. I’m the dictionary definition of a pluviohile, I literally open my eyes wide and begin to operate on an entirely different level when it rains, rain charges my soul the way Superman charges by the sun, hence this post that has been playing around again again in my mind.

I’ve also decided that perhaps I should have pursued a career in book-publishing. Why didn’t I? I don’t know, perhaps because it doesn’t pay too well? Perhaps I’m going to one day but until then I will stick to writing whatever comes to my mind in my little blog and you, my readers, will be the lucky ones to suffer through :p Read more »

Watching Ramadan TV on Your iPad with Shahid.Net

By | July 26, 2012

One of the Ramadan 2012 serieses I’m watching comes at the time where I’m suppose to be out in the evening visiting relatives or running errands. So the other day I was reading Jacquie’s post (link) regarding Shahid.Net’s iPad application that enables you to view episodes of the Ramadan serieses shown on Read more »

What are you Watching this Ramadan?

By | July 24, 2012

Did you cry watching Saher 3’s episode yesterday?

Masha2 Allah today is the 5th day of Ramadan! Days do fly fast indeed. By today most of us have said our hellos and its time to settle down and enjoy a few Ramadan nights, outings, ghabga’s, and Read more »

The Danderma Operette :)

By | May 19, 2012

Good Saturday morning! Its been a while since I’ve posted a breakfast post but today I have something better. I found an Egyptian operette from god knows when which has two versions: an old one and an animated one. Name? Danderma :p

Basically they are singing about Eldandorma, and its making me very very happy so I thought I would share it. Wenees :p And just in case you still do not know what Danderma means, I think this should hit home!

Now I have a dessert shop, a baqala, a Ramadan tv series, cupcakes, a perfume, and an operette :p

Have a very happy Saturday :)

Blast from the Past: Quantum Leap

By | May 3, 2012

When I was a child in the early 80’s, and back then KTV2 showed the latest blockbusters in a timely manner, there was this show where a guy, Sam, used to live in the shoes of someone from a different time and different problem and try and solve their problems.

The only thing I remembered was the guy’s name was Sam. I remembered the other guy who either timed him or enabled him to go from one place to another, and I remember loving the show to bits. Years later as I began to speak and understand English I remembered the show, the fascination that engulfed me while watching it, the different stories and lives and experiences.

I wanted to watch the show again, I really did, but I’ve searched high and low for its name to no avail. I always confused it with the show “saint” which also was shown at around the same time. Not until I was watching the latest episode of DHW that I recognized Bree’s lawyer as Sam from the show of my childhood! Only much older and more winkled!

Thanks to Google, 2 minutes later and I got the name of the show, Quantum Leap! Sam’s real name is Scott Bakula and his most noted role was actually that of SAm’s in Quantum Leap!

Needless to say I’m going to waste my entire weekend watching one amazing retro show insha2 Allah. Thank god I found it for I had been missing it terribly.

Do you remember Quantum leap?

Blast from the Past: The Circus on MSX

By | April 18, 2012

One of my favorite games on my MSX was The Circus! This little cheery clown jumping through hoops of flames or balancing over a rope with a smile on his face! My dream was to reach the ending of Read more »

The Client List TV Show

By | April 14, 2012

I had nothing to watch this afternoon so I decided to watch the pilot of a new TV series that we’ve just downloaded called “The Client List”.

I didn’t watch any trailers given that lately they’ve been more of spoilers than trailers really. We just had it on and watch it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is back as a happily married mother of two celebrating her footballer’s husband’s birthday in an All-American sunny backyard party.

The husband has recently busted his knee and lost his carrier and it is up to his wife whose job is a masseuse to make ends meet. Only the Spa she recently joined apparently have a “VIP client list” where she could give some “extras” and they will pay generously. She needs the money but her morale stops her from degrading herself and stooping too low.

The pilot was really good, it aired last Sunday 8 April and the way its filmed is very refreshing, just like a movie. It is based on a TV movie that in turn was based on a true story of a scandal in Texas. Anyways if you are looking for something new to add to your series list this could be it. I wonder why they started in April though, is it just me or is the US TV serieses timings are all messed up this year?

The new show, GCB, rocks!

By | March 13, 2012

There is a new ABC show that debuted on 4 March 2012 and that someone nagged me to watch judging by the amount of good reviews it had gotten in its less than 9 days of being run! Today I have downloaded episode one and two and have just finished the pilot episode which left me laughing out loud and nearly hooting!

Its not surprising that people are going crazy over it! It is good and so funny! 2012 is indeed a good year to watch new TV series! After Once Upon a Time comes GCB which stood for Good Christian Bitches then later was changed to Good Christian Belles!

Now excuse me while I go watch episode two. If you want to laugh I recommend that you start watching GCB :)

Once Upon a Time is AMAZING!

By | March 5, 2012

Forget PAN AM and Revenge, Once Upon a Time is a show to watch! I’ve been meaning to watch it but since it fluctuates between reality and fantasy I thought I would wait for a while until I am a bit free and can concentrate to follow the story properly. Guess what? I just did and I am so sorry I waited this long! It is so good, so original yet so interesting. So familiar yet intriguing. We are holed up, me and Bu Tootee, on our couch watching one episode after another and devouring the story up!

Highly HIGHLY recommended! Don’t miss it! If you are looking for an awesome show  to watch then this is it.

Help: Shows worth watching?

By | January 24, 2012

In November I wrote about finding two shows that are worth following again: Pan AM and Revenge. I loved the idea of both and I was hooked.

Now that Revenge is halfway through I can say its sounding a bit ridiculous in some points. Is it just me or am I watching something like Kill Bill? A Japanese “revenge” instructor and people getting away with arson and murder without the possibility of being caught? When did Japan become the brand name of Revenge exactly?

Revenge is getting a bit ridiculous. DHW is past its expiry date and its ridiculousness is unheard off. Every season there is someone being killed, criminals attacking no one but the ladies of wisteria lane, and secrets being unraveled. Bs 3ad.

Pan AM is still beautifully written and as the episodes go on its becoming even more interesting.

I want to check out Once Upon a Time, Drop Dead Diva, New Girl, and some sitcom that had been advertised in the UK as a hilarious top number one of some crazy woman -not new girl-. Any thing else you might be watching and think its worth checking out?

“Things 2 Get 4m London: HMV’s Box Sets

By | December 28, 2011

Even though people download their shows I still prefer the old school method of buying DVDs. The best place to purchase DVD’s is to buy them from HMV as they usually have box sets of entire TV serieses or movies and sell them for amazing prices too! For example I got the entire series of the popular 24 show for £49 only and the entire series of LOST for  £49 as well! I also got the entire collection of Harry Potter Movies from 1 to 8 which includes the Deathly Hollow 2 for £32 and the entire Fast & the Furious movie collection including Fast Five for £29. The planet of the Apes movie collection from old to new cost me only £10!

And I am still not done :p What can I say, DVD box sets gives me more pleasure that clothes and khalajeen!

Finally Some Shows Worth Following!

By | November 29, 2011

After LOST had wrapped up it left a huge gap in my sitcom addictions. I love my couch and my TV and when a new episode of my favorite series is on I can’t be any happier, I don’t even need to get out of the house anymore!

Sadly its been a while since any good TV shows were on TV and even the old ones that are still shown (DHW, Smallville) are just so bad it turned me off the TV all together. I would watch from time to time just to catch up but then again I don’t feel that pull where I am excited all morning in anticipating of the next episode with the butterfly feeling in my stomach when I am sitting on my couch wrapped up in my favorite blanket and cup of coffee watching my favorite show.

However, things seem to be looking up again! PAN AM came on the little screen and I was hooked. The clothes, the confidence, the stylish fifties, the prospect of new adventures. It is a good show! A really good show. But they say its been cancelled or going to be cancelled :( 7safa I wish that’s just a rumor!

The second being the show “Revenge”. I saw the pilot the other day by sheer coincidence and ever since I was hooked! It is a good mysterious story filled with a jumble of emotions and a vague past! My kind of show! Lets just hope it won’t get cancelled as well! I’m also hoping this streak of good show luck is going to continue for a while.

What about you? If you are a show person, what shows are you watching that are actually worth your time? No vampire recommendations please!

Do You Remember This Cartoon: Forsan Al-Kawkab (Captain Planet)

By | November 18, 2011

I think it was 1992 when Captain Planet took us by storm. We first saw the Arabic version (Forsan Al-Kawkab) in KTV and fell in love with it (Captain Planet was called Captain Faris). That summer when we went to London my father Read more »

10 Actors I didn’t Recognize as Children

By | November 17, 2011

You know when you watch an old movie and you realize isn’t that little kid familiar and then you go oooh this is XYZ? Let me give you my list…

1- Amanda Seyfried: Who starred in Red Riding Hood and In Time. I was watching Mean Girls and my husband insisted that the third dumb girl was her. I googled her and he was right! She looked different !

2- Taylor Lautner: Or Twilight’s Jacob. I was watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and the little neighbors boy interested in the naughty girl looked very much like a young Jacob! 3ammo google confirmed it, he was!

3- Elijah Wood: Better known as the hobbit Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. I was watching a 1994 movie North yesterday when there he was, Frodo with his big innocent blue eyes! Y7leelah he didn’t change much since then!

4- Sean Astin: If you saw and liked the goonies you would know he was one of them. He also is Frodo’s companion Sam in LOTR. He still has the same solemn expression, just became very fat.

5- Kirsten Dunst: She starred in Spiderman. Then I saw Jumanji and there she was, all tiny with her hair in plaits. Her face didn’t change at ALL!

6- Kristen Stewart: Or Bella in Twilight. I was watching the Panic Room on DVD the other day and the kid looked familiar, a bit blonder that Bella but google confirmed it, it was a young Kristen Stewart all right!

7- Hilary Swank: Academy award winner. I was wondering who in his right mind would cast her a role in a movie. Then I saw the old movie The Next Karate Kid and there was a very young and much prettier Hilary Swank! Now I understand.

8- Angelina Jolie. Who doesn’t know Angelina. One day there was this very old -and bad. and cheesy- movie, Love is All There is, about two Italian lovers to be separated by their families and there was Angelina, young, fresh faced, with cheeks! How cute!

9- Christian Bale. Or as I now call him the broody Batman. I saw a very little broody boy with the exact same expression in pictures of the 80’s movie Empire of the Sun. His expression never changed ever since he was little! Wow!

10- Paul McCrane: Or better known as Dr. Romano in ER. I loved Dr. Romano and hated how they ended him role in ER. Then I watched the 1980 movie Fame and there he was, exact same face but a with a full head of orange curls! 24 years later and poof its all gone!

I Want: PAN AM Orion Bag

By | November 14, 2011

I don’t know if you’ve been following the new TV series PAN AM but I am a big fan. I love the story line, the clothes, the fifties era and I am glued to my seat every Sunday to watch it.

I began noticing this travel bag held by the plane stewardesses as they walked around the airports and I thought to my self it looks so retro and lovely and would make a great travel companion. Lo and behold I went online and there it was! Already available to purchase online from Panam.com (link)!

Just a little bag history: back when PAN AM was in business the Orion bag was given for the first class passengers of PAN AM and being seen holding a PAN AM bag was actually very in style and dictated the holder of belonging to a certain class. Nice!

I am so getting my self a blue orion bag. I am going to be brandishing one proudly the next time I go on board an air plane. E3jbatne!

Would you buy and hold a Pan Am Orion bag? You can buy one from here (link).

How Do you React In Front of a TV Camera?

By | October 22, 2011

The other day when I was asked to stand in front of the news camera I knew I shouldn’t I am not really an off the top of my head talk in front of a TV crew person. I always blabber and say nonsense in front of the camera, or when publicly speaking to a crowd in general. There is a famous family joke that dates to my teens when I appeared in Faker Werba7 and said something so unbelievably shameful in an answer to a question that my family still taunts me to this day x_X

I don’t know why! Some people have no problem standing with a microphone in front of the TV camera and talking. Others are even more hopeless than me! I wonder if there is some training or exercise that you could take to help you talk better to the media, fashla in the age of youtube and I am still blabbering y3ni.

What about you? Do you do well in front of a TV camera or do you avoid it like the plague?

Do You Remember This Cartoon: Al-Shanakel

By | October 14, 2011

Back in the mid 80’s and right after the huge success of Al-Sanafer, a new cartoon was introduced called Al-Shanakel. I liked it a lot and used to watch it even though they had very weird names “fanaa9, ‘3awaa9, 2oo6a?” and that octopus pet the had was really stupid. I also remember them eating brown bread hamburger like sandwiches with lettuce inside and me imagining eating that same lettuce burger and wishing it existed. Now I think about it I think its most probably a sea weed burger which is kinda disgusting.

I also think that the show was taken off the air before it finished, given the fact that I don’t have many recorded episodes on the lone tape I had of them which is long lost now 7safa, why? God knows :(

Do you remember Al-Shanakel?

Event: Tora Bora’s Premier Night

By | August 24, 2011

A few days ago I received a personal invitation from  C Sky Pictures  to attend the premiere show of the Kuwaiti movie Tora Bora. Last year if I am not mistaken it was announced that the series Tora Bora was going to Read more »

10 Nemayen We Always Find in Every Ramadan Series

By | August 21, 2011

1- Lazim a couple can’t get kids and they hide that fact from each other and either want to marry another woman or want to have the woman leave by treating her badly.

2- Lazim fee a poor bad father who is abusive and hits his wife and kids 24/7. They all live in an old house with a 7oosh.

3- Lazim fee a submissive wife for the father in #2 who will say nothing and won’t stand up to the father’s abuse.

4- Lazim fee a handicapped person. Either they become handicapped or they are born handicapped. They are always the best most angelic person in the series. Parkinsosn and MS are very popular diseases now adays.

5- Lazim fee a crazy jealous wife or husband who follows their partner 24 hours and turn their lives into hell.

6- For the jealous partner #5 they must be matched with an angelic overly patient loving partner who would take the abuse gladly and repeatedly announce “I love you I love you” and doesn’t have enough dignity to leave. Especially the wife when the husband is repeatedly accusing her of having an affair. Mako karama?

7- There used to be a cheating husband. Now its either a cheating husband or a cheating wife having an affair or both. Must keep it modern and match the tempo of the world.

8- Lazim fee a kid who is lost or abandoned or orphaned and people take pity on him and try and raise him. Someone should always yell within his earshot that he is a burden and must be left to die in the street or something so we would shed a tear or two. Ele ysm3 ygool el yahal grow on trees!

9- These days lazim fee someone ey3areth wayha o yetsalaf floos. Most likely they get turned down rather rudely and they won’t utter a word to defend themselves. 100 KD is a popular salaf amount by the way.

10- Lazim khala om rayel kawliya o most likely she is a widow excessively using the term ebgara now adays. Laish inzain mako 3am obo rayel or obo mara moz3ej or eybared el chabd? ta’3yeer y3ni? Malaina!

10 Things that Doesn’t Make Sense in Mosalsalat Ramadan 1432

By | August 13, 2011

1- Profanities! Malat 3leech/3leek, chalb, etc.! When did it become OK to use so many profanities in the shows? 3aib 3lekom! A bit more class please.

2- Bgara! Every mother in law calls her channa Bgara! Are there women who call their channa’s bgara and they don’t even retaliate? Nor they neither their husbands? Wain ga3deen? It is not OK for a mother in law to call her channa any name, period.

3- Speaking of mothers in law, in two serieses the channa is actually the daughter of the sister of the mother in law. You would think there is a better way for aunts to treat their channa/nephew in this society. Ay shay mo?

4- Eating! Throughout the episode they eat lunch 500 times! Ma9arat! Don’t we have any other activities in Kuwait to show for besides eating lunch?

5- Lunch is always machboos dyay. Every single mosalsal, every single lunch, its machboos dyay! Mako shay thani we eat? Maid? 9boor? M6abag Zbaidi? Marag Bamiya? Machboos la7am inzain? Min kither makalaw machboos dyay I began craving it over futoor!!!

6- In more than one series wives must feed their husbands while they are eating lunch. Every single meal. the mother in law would be watching and BAM she goes off in a fit of profanities! I never feel the urge to feed my husband, the love of my life, while we are eating lunch and if I do I wouldn’t do it in front of my parents o ana atga9a3! Wain ga3deen? Is it just me?

7- Maram is always a jealous wife o elsan.ha metbaaree minha, and the husband bends backwards to prove his never dying love to her! Erm Maram what’s your secret?

8- The excessive emphasis on money is just ridiculous! In every mosalsal there is one millionaire who people want to suck up to and the rest of the cast are poor and look for ways to exploit money off their millionaire relative. Ma 9arat!

9- Every millionaire is mean, rude, and spitting profanities all the time especially when poor relatives who are angels walking on earth ask for money. Also, the poor people seem to have no dignity at all, they take the abuse, bow their heads, and keep on as if nothing is wrong! Laish 3la Allah?

10- Every cool guy is hugging the phone at night whispering with his beloved girl. Don’t you know that people now a days use facebook, twitter, BBM, and other types of media to communicate? Le meta ey’3azloon bel telephone ballah?

Sawele Baith o 6ma6 7e6ele fogah bo6a6… maqo :p

By | August 6, 2011

Abekom te3tarfoon, cham wa7ed fekom min sm3 this jingle o lelyoom bs ga3ed o y’3ani sawele baith o 6ma6?

At home we can’t stop singing it, waking up in the morning, daykhen before futoor, 3la il futoor, after futoor, when the ad comes on. We even sang it for my baby cousin and she liked it o began dancing away to it!

Whomever came up with that jingle should be heavily rewarded. Spot on! Good ad Quality net…3alaqna 3leeha!

Sawele baith o 6ma6 7e6ele fogah bo6a6… maqo maqo maqo maqo maqoooo baba 😀

Ramadaniat: 3bdallah el Barri o 3bdallah el Ba7ri

By | July 20, 2011

I think it was in Ramadan 1993 when this show came on. I don’t remember much except that someone was looking for medicine and they go into adventures together trying to find that medicine. For 30 days we watched that silly show, every single day, while eating cheese qatayef and drinking tea. But we loved it still. My poor parents watched patiently with us even though it must have felt like torture to them.

Do you remember 3bdallah el Barri o  3bdallah el Ba7ri?

Ramadaniyat: Fa’9a2yat

By | July 19, 2011

It was Ramadan 1997 when this aired. I remember studying for my Physics 2 exam, having a bowl of boiled sweetcorn only for futoor, and then watching Fa’9a2yat with my family and my two cousins who were staying over because their elder brother was sick and his parents took him abroad for treatment. I would hold my baby cousin who was mere months old and dance him around on the theme of fa’9a2yat and he loved it.

Now he is a grown up man who is older than me! It feels like yesterday! Has it been 14 years already? Wow, time does fly fast. Anyways that show was a great big hit back then, it made us proud to have such a Kuwaiti hit show whose popularity was spread all over the middle east. Wallah ayam.

Do you remember Fa’9a2yat?

Video of the Book Signing on the News

By | June 9, 2011

Adri athetkom bel book signing bs here is the news broadcast about the book signing yestrerday. 7safa ana mo 6al3a feeh wayed bs I was on the news for my five minutes of fame 😀

Elee yah o mashaf el akhbar ams can see it now… dawraw roo7kom :p

Blast from the Past: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

By | March 28, 2011

I wonder what happened to Mellisa Joan Hart?! I used to adore sabrina… i always wished i had the abilities she had… and i loved that naughty black cat Salem 😀 Whenever he had a chance he would try to take over the world! Hated Harvey her boyfriend though…

They don’t make the shows as good as they used to 7asafa :(