Pictures of Bern… My Favourite City in Switzerland! By | January 10, 2009

Tucuruí berncanton1


If s3d al-khalaf from Faker o Erb7 came up to u and asked “Whats the Capital of Switzerland?”… Do u think u will get it right?

If you thought “Shino? Easy!! Geneva of Course”… your answer is wrong! For many years i did think geneva is the capital of switzerland, up until a few years back i never knew my answer was wrong…

Bern is the capital of Switzerland! It is a magical place. Cosey, cobbled stone streets lines with old shops, the main shopping street ends up with a nice big pitch in the ground, look there and u will find a family of lovely brown bears looking up at you!!!!

I have been to Bern before, the train station alone is amazing! It is 3 stories high and has many many shops and restuarants you can spend one whole day inside it…

and the thing is, it doesnt get a lot of tourists. Which is a very good thing for me since i hate tourist traps. You walk around, and you see a 300 hundered year old bench used once upon a time by old shoppers, old shop displays showing modern stuff, and BAM smack in between the shops a little door with the Sign “Einstien House” on it. You can go inside and actually see his apartment, his clothes, his baby crip, and his furniture!!!

I will have two parts to this post. Part one is this one, from this winter, it was snowing and soooo magical u wouldnt believe it! and the 2nd from old ones…

One problem in bern though, they are not used to seeing people with 7ejab. This is the first time i went there with my 7ejab and every where i go im being stared at! some stare in interest, some in disgust, some in utter astonishment! Still, we are not being welcomed are warmly as before, but the treatment is no where as bad and bitchy as we recieved in Geneve and Montruex or the French part of Switzerland. German Swiss side is Waaaaaaaaaaaay better! Way more advanced, way more civilized, and their cities are more modern and interesting!!!! Ishjaab il teen lee il 6een?

Yalla the pix now.. 😀





This is the Zyteglogge… or the Grand Clock. It is ancient, and it is said that this is the clock that inspired Enstein to think of the relativitey theory he developed while living in Bern!



A bakery’s window display! They are very fond of this little doughy man… you can find it everywhere!





See El Tharaba? Bags for the dogs business to keep their country clean!

See El Tharaba? Bags for the dogs business to keep their country clean!

Now let me take a moment here and tell you how Starbucks is AMAZING in there! It has the best Toffee Nut Latte, the selection of food and desserts is mouthwatering, it has to so it would compete with the amazing pattiseries all around! We had a table by the window, overlooking the snow and the market, and had two amazing desserts… they are as every bit as good as their picture indicates!!!

Behold, the Caramel Pecan Brownie!!!


and this cupcake with a chewy dewy white center…



Bern at night

The tree infornt of their Parlimant Building

A yummy falafel sandwich infront of the Bahenhof (train station), It is a tiny turkish stand, but they have the most amazing falafels! The sauce they use is yoghurt instead of tahini… and believe me, it is gooood and much more lighter than when using tahini…


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