June’s Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa

By | June 29, 2011

I wanted to post this list on Thursday but since its a holiday I don’t think anyone would even check blog. Now lets see, the last time I composed this list was in May and it made quite a fuss around the Kuwaiti Blogsphere. Now I am composing it again, including all those blogs that I missed last time, and to measure the progress of blogs during the month of June.

Some blogs did well, some blogs were set back. But then again it was finals time and summer travel time so the difference is understandable. Now I have to disclaimers here…

Disclaimer One: The blogs that made it to the list are blogs about Kuwait whether originating from Kuwait or not or whether they are by Kuwaiti nationals or expats living in Kuwait. That’s why I said KUWAITI blog.

Disclaimer Two: I still believe the Alexa rank is way overrated, easily manipulated, and highly volatile. It is not a real measure of how a blog is popular but it doesn’t hurt to check it every once in a while as some sort of measure. Its the only semi-reliable measure I can think of. No fighting please.

Disclaimer Three: If you know of a blog I missed or a new blog that is gliding up the top in rocket speed please let me know :)

1 Q8 Ping 164 Same Rank
2 Meenakon 186 Same Rank
3 il Sul6ana 193 Same Rank
4 248 AM 235 Up From 6
5 Abo Flan 243 Down From 4
6 Frankom 261 Down From 5
7 Ent Ya 341 New
8 Chraimba 349 Down From 7
9 Hi Kuwait 468 Down From 8
10 His & Hers 488 Same rank
11 Blog Laish 617 Up from 26
12 Danderma 631 Up from 16
13 Pink Girl 646 Down from 11
14 965 Malls 666 Down From 12
15 Banana Q8 675 Up from 17
16 Omarker 740 Down From 15
17 Hornett 743 Down From 13
18 360 Dewan 817 Up From 21
19 Kuwait Music 864 Down From 18
20 Kumail Plus 975 Down from 14
21 Ansam 518 999 Down from 19
22 Crowsy 1112 Down from 9
23 Cake o Bake 1327 Down from 20
24 P0ach 1460 Up from 25
25 Me Blogging 1701 Down from 22
26 Habbat Q8ya 1800 New
27 blog.student-vibe.com 1917 New
28 broadcasti.com 1979 Up from 31
29 7ajidude.com 2018 Up from 38
30 kaifan5.com 2106 Down from 28
31 Kuwaitiful.com 2107 Up from 41
32 alblogy.com 2333 Down from 24
33 landeni.com 2354 Up from 37
34 tafjeer.wordpress.com 2394 Same Rank
35 q8blend.com 2396 Up from 52
36 zhgaan.net 2549 Up from 67
37 q8allinone.com 2637 Down from 29
38 salatmaiwa.com 2645 Up from 40
39 bowadh7a.wordpress.com 2654 Down from 27
40 Im Geek 2700 New
41 walladah.blogspot.com 2820 Up from 71
42 tryingtobefahad.com 2883 Up from 79
43 fereej.com 2895 Down from 33
44 tidbitdujour.com 2974 Up from 59
45 kuwait10.net 3007 Down from 32
46 bndq8.blogspot.com 3027 Up from 64
47 qortuba.org 3095 Up from 66
48 4thringroad.com 3164 Down from 45
49 13cups.com 3194 Same Rank
50 sandoog.blogspot.com 3200 Up from 54
51 auto965.com 3253 Up from 53
52 q8path.com 3266 Up from 73
53 chayaltha7a.blogspot.com 3310 Down from 42
54 3ateeja.wordpress.com 3449 Up from 98
55 Buzberry 3461 Down from 44
56 Jebla 3506 New
57 Al-Zain 3635 Down from 36
58 Z District 3683 Down from 55
59 Babble Q8 3696 Down from 35
60 Q8 Black Market 3739 Down from 57
61 Lady B 3741 Down from 56
62 T7l6m 3782 Up from 100
63 Q8 Lens 3789 Up from 88
64 Blog 37 3828 Down from 50
65 Trendy Girl 3880 Down from 46
66 Social Slave 3885 New
67 Yousif 11 3995 New
68 Buzfairy 4009 Down from 39
69 Q8 Red Flag 4054 New
70 Bel Q8y El Fa9ee7 4118 Down from 60
71 Almost Blog 4155 Up from 85
72 Crazy Yet Wise 4177 Up from 81
73 Shit We Come Up With 4213 New
74 Na3emat Al Hams 4231 New
75 Beet Al-Zain 4233 New
76 Hamad Al-Hamad 4328 Down from 75
77 Up Till One 4373 Up from 90
78 18 Seven 4412 New
79 Aklat Bent Eldeera 4447 Down from 63
80 Khaleejesque 4491 Down from 61
81 Grape Vine Kuwait 4528 Down from 30
82 Q8 Rain 4539 Same Rank
83 Slashed Blog 4558 Up from 84
84 The Side Talk 4593 Down from 62
85 Zqrt Q8 4682 New
86 6umasha 4803 Down from 65
87 Couch Avenue 5036 Down from 80
88 Bint Al Kuwait 5160 Down from 58
89 Ladies Who Lunch in Q8 5209 New
90 Feryah 5379 Up from 92
91 New Q8 Bride 5391 Down from 78
92 Confashions 5545 Down from 47
93 Nezhawya 5572 New
94 Some Contrast 5752 Up from 99
95 Thouq Blog 5879 New
96 Designer W 6249 New
97 Why Not Q8 6380 Down from 51
98 Bint Al Shamiya 6427 Down from 69
99 Duqati 6634 New
100 7achy 6916 Down from 48


90 Responses to “June’s Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs According to Alexa”

  1. Tranquility says:

    “www.withsummerlove.wordpress.com” should bee on the list, too! She’s an amazing blogger! & her posts are quite intriguing!

    • danderma says:

      Summer is one of the bloggers I dearly love. I really wish she would be more popular to make the list next time, she deserves it!

  2. Landeni.com says:

    يسلموووو .. مشكورة ما تقصرين

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  4. swera says:

    Hallelujah 😀 that’s an achievement!

    Thank you very much darling for this post :*

  5. يعطيج العافيه على هل مجهود الطيبه

    بس اذا فتحت البلوق الحين متى راح انحط وياهم :)

    • danderma says:

      الله يعافيك
      ماله شغل في ناس خلال 3 أشهر تنحط و في ناس صار لها 4 سنين و ما تطلع على حسب البلوق بصراحة

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  7. EntYa.com says:

    Thank you again Danderma, thumbs up for the good work for everyone & I hope this brings a bit of challenge between all of us to bring all Kuwaiti Blogs to a higher level.

  8. Piscean says:

    Noooo :( I’m 22 spots down!! Why Whyyyy?

  9. 965malls says:

    Mabrouk Danderma and well done. Persevere.

  10. Mona says:

    Congrats for making it to #12! And thank you so much dear for this post to let us know we made it on the list. Not bad for a new entry to get the 66th spot 😉

    • danderma says:

      Not bad at all… you don’t know how you will be doing in 2 and 3 months… maybe even the top 10 😀

  11. sara says:

    you missed tomotiki.com its a new growing blog, very nice.

  12. Q8Ping says:

    ماشاء الله عليج .. مجهود جبار بصراحه

    مو شي بسيط ١٠٠ مدونة

    اتمنى للجميع التوفيق يارب العالمين

    ومشكورة ١٠٠ مره على هذا الجهد

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  14. Dr.Tj says:

    Can u plz post the link of the source ?

  15. مدون says:

    اهلا اختي العزيزه الاحصائيه مع شديد الاحترام لكي هي خاطئه 100% ولا أعلم على أي اساس اخترتي هذه المدونات
    ففي موقع اليكسا توجد مدونات اعلى من الموجودات بالقائمه ولم تذكرينهن
    مع جزيل الشكر

    • danderma says:

      خاطئة 100%؟ معنى كلامك انه ولا مدونة من هالمدونات تستاهل تكون من المئة الاوائل
      معناته اكو 100 مدونة كويتية محد سمع فيها و لا درى عنها لكن تقييمها اعلى

      ممكن يكون في مدونة مدونتين يالله 10 مدونات مو مذكورين.. لكن هذا لا يعني بأي حال من الأحوال انه القائمة و ترتيبها 100% غلط! لو سمحت تحرى الدقة في تعليقك

      و مثل ما كتبت في البوست اذا تشوفون انه في مدونات ما أعرفها لأني ما أعلم الغيب يا ريت تبلغوني فيها عشان ادخلها بالحسبة

      • مدون says:

        أهلا اختي خاطئه 100% لاتعني ان كلها خاطئه لكن قصدي ان الخطأ موجود وبنسبه كبيره على

        عموما نسيت شي واحد وهو كلمه شكر على مجهودج الجبار في جمع كل هذي المواقع وترتيبها وتصنيفها

        • danderma says:

          أمية بالأمية يعني أمية بالأمية مالها تفسيرثاني, علميا نسبة الخطأ أمية بالأمية تعني انه كل واحد من هالمدونات الأمية ما يستحق يكون باللستة

          و أذا تشوف نسبة الخطأ كبيرة لو سمحت عدد لي المدونات اللي نسيتها عشان اللستة الياية
          و العفو مشكور ما قصرت

  16. you missed my blog OWAAAA OWAAAA :((

    • danderma says:

      I am terribly sorry for that. It should have been there. I have added it to July’s list already :)

  17. made in q8 says:

    goooood wala nice :)

  18. e7na malna ne9eeb hel marra? ;p

    • danderma says:

      lel asaf your ranking bel UAE bs? wain ra7 el ranking malkom in Kuwait madry!

      • LOL! Alexa yest3be6? shloon chethee?

        • danderma says:

          Ee wallah 7eta chayaktah 3la mada katha yoom o akthar min marra bs em3anter ella inah bs 3ndokom rating bel UAE?

          • EntYa says:

            It display the country which generate the most traffic to the website and it’s updated daily, my website displayed as a Saudi website last month.
            However, you can still check your rank in many countries as long as those countries generate enough traffic to get you listed.
            As of this moment eb6ainiya.com rank in Kuwait is 7,869
            Hope to see you high up in the list next month

          • danderma says:

            They used to have traffic in both Kuwait and UAE but for some reason during the few days up until 29 June the Kuwait’s traffic was wiped off!!!!

            I am glad they got it back though, that’s why I say Alexa is too volatile!

  19. WOOOOW i’m on the list for the first time 😀

    93 Nezhawya 5572 New

    great news danderma thanks alot dear 😀

    • danderma says:

      ee 7adah 7adah bs you made it! Insha2 Allah next month you will go up and have a better ranking 😀

  20. Om ALzain says:

    شكرا أختي الفاضله على :
    1-هالمجهود الجبار
    2-تعريفنا بالمدونات الأخرى اللي كنا نجهل بوجودها
    3-على التوضيح الوافي في بدايه البوست
    4-وأخيرا اضافتنا للقائمه

    • danderma says:

      مشكورة حبيبتي تسلمين… و منها للأعلى إنشاء الله

  21. هورنت says:

    شكرا لكي اختي على الترتيب هذا
    عرفتينا بمدونات ما كنت اعرف عنها شيء
    مجهود جبار ورائع منك المتابعة هذي
    والله يوفق الجميع لما فيه فائدة للقارئ

    • danderma says:

      العفو أخوي ما قصرت… و منها للأعلى إنشاء الله

  22. Bo Sa3d says:

    كل الشكر دندرمة على إضافة المدونة واتمنى نكون عند حسن الظن

    • danderma says:

      لو ماكنتوا تستاهلون جان ما وصلتوا القائمة إنشاء الله منها للأعلى !

  23. Chuknum says:

    Great post .. Chuknum.com is our new blog but it’s already gotten thousands of views 7imdilla.
    Inshallah we will be on the list someday. :)

  24. im-geek.com says:

    شكرا على هذا المجهود الرائع :)

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  26. t7l6m says:

    شكرا مجددا على الجهد الإضافي هذا الشهر.وشكرا على نصيحة
    الشهر الماضي.كتبت بوست بهذالخصوص.
    بس عسى ما يزعل أحد من العنوان.
    شكرا أختي وتمنياتي لكم ولكل المدونين التوفيق

    • danderma says:

      إنشاء الله الشهر الياي تكون مرتبة أعلى بعد! العفو إشدعوه!

  27. Jacqui says:

    Hehe at least I’m still in there and well it’s not that bad of a list.. thanks for your aweseome efforts 😀

  28. Kuwait Music says:

    Nice Update here Danderma :) Love the “Mtv-ish” column about how the blogs have moved either way ! Keep it up .

    I agree that although ALEXA is not a standardized method of ranking a blog because its ranking algorithm is based purely on 2 extrinsic factors- 1) How much traffic you bring to their site (yes, the more links you send to alexa, the more your rank goes higher- go figure!), and 2) in bound traffic from outisde websites. Thats it. Nothing more , nothing less (I know this because I worked on a project with ALEXA when I lived in Chicago).

    Why is Kuwait Music not #1 on this list then? Simple. I don’t believe in it.
    I am of a strong opinion that if we want to rate and rank blogs in Kuwait, we need a system like TechnoRati.com where ratings are based on quality of comments, english/ arabic grammar , creativity in communicating the message, frequency and of course stickiness of the site.

    But shucks, the problem with alot of advertisers in Kuwait is that they dont understand this and believe that ALEXA is a standardized ranking reference.

    I highly recommend that all bloggers replying to this post register on Technorati.com, the world’s best and most reliable Blog Rating platform. The true, efficient and really good bloggers will then be showcased instead of being hidden on the 17th page of Google.

    • danderma says:

      Wow! That’s great info!

      Now do we have to actually subscribe to Technorati in order to make the ratings or can it include ratings of unsubscribed blogs?

      • Kuwait Music says:

        Actually they have a 2 – 3 month approval and rating process, so not all blogs make it to their list. But you can be sure that the ones that do are evaluated subjectively and are quality blogs.

        First you need to go to http://www.technorati.com and create an account, then you have to claim your blog and add the code that they give you onto your blog. After that you sit and wait. No harm in contacting their tech support every now and then to find out about the approval status.

        This is ours and it gives an idea what we are considered internationally: http://technorati.com/blogs/www.kuwait-music.com

        The good thing is that once your ranking improves on technorati, you get an authority level, and if you make it to the top 100 blogs you get traffic from their website. This is specially good if you have a niche blog.

        All the best!

  29. شكرا على الجهد المبذول صراحه تشكرين عليه

    القائمة مو سهله الواحد يسويها كل مره ربي يعطيج العافيه

    وأتمنالج المركز الأول خل يطيحون بعض الناس :)

    • danderma says:

      لعفو أخوي ما قصرت
      لوووووول ودي أقول الله يسمع منك بس يكسر خاطري كويت بنج

  30. Shireen says:

    Hi all, wanted to invite you to blog about Cancer Aware Nations’ Photography competition. It ia much needed to raise awareness in our society about cancer prevention through healthy food choices.
    1st prize KD 1,000
    Kindly visit my blog for details:

  31. yosif says:

    مشكورة يا دندرمه
    على المسابقة انا يوسف 11
    ارتفع عدد الزوار
    بسبب المسابقة

  32. Ramez says:

    What are these numbers next to the blogs names?

  33. Kuwait Music says:

    Hi Danderma,
    Just to give you a quick idea of what Im talking about and just to show all the bloggers here how it works- In just 5 days, I took KM ranking from 864 to 453 right now :)

    Magic? No. Deception. Yes :)

    Hey all, Technorati all the way!
    Kuwait Music

    • danderma says:

      Loool ! Now people would want to know the art of deception!
      I did subscribe to technorati 😀 Waiting for them to approve my blog!

  34. Slashy says:

    Thanks for the hard work baby! Ya36eech alf 3afya 😀


  35. iBlooogle says:

    how exactly do u pull out statistics for Kuwait off of Alexa? if you could show a “how to” guide it would be most appreciated 😛

    • danderma says:

      you enter your blog URL in the Alexa and when the ratings come you see the rating per country with a flag next to it.
      For several blogs you check them one by one and compare. That’s it there is nothing much else to it.

  36. Au Natural says:

    What about us Danderma?:)

  37. Babble says:

    To be fair, we dropped from 35 to 59 and that was without any posts AT ALL! LOL
    I’m still pregnant :( sicky, busy, oodie getting bigger and BoKhalid was on a 2 month course but WE ARE BACK!!
    Thank you for remembering us Danderma, we WILL be back up to 35 or better asap!! :* :*

    • danderma says:

      Insha2 Allah :* Don’t worry its good ur still at 59 especially given that there are MANY new blogs out there :)