3ash Shor6eena 3ash… 3ash El Qanoon 3ash!!!

Āron By | April 9, 2009

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-for non arabic readers, 3ash = viva and sher6e is a policeman-

If u get out of ur house in Jabriya at 7:00 am, you know you will wait in a loooong line for ur turn to get out of Jabriya into 5th ring road.

Every single day, we stand patiently in our lane. Waiting to reach the exit, or rather, the street leading into the exit to get us out of Jabriya…

Every single day, there would be two kind of drivers…

Kind, polite, law abiding drivers who stand in their own lane waiting for their own turn in an orderly fashion…

and then there are those who think of themselves that they are too important to stand in line like every one else. That is is “sha6ara” to get out of ur house at 7:15, zoom in the opposite lane past all those people waiting, get to the begining of the line, o jump at the poor drivers, cutting off the chance for the first driver in that line who have been waiting for ever… and passing…

Every day i watch in frustration, as the number of those inconsiderate driver increases…

Every day i wait longer and longer to get out of Jabriya, because of people too impatient and think themselves too important to queue for the exit… and i feel more frustrated and sad and begin to contimpulate what went wrong in Q8…

Until this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, though the line was a little bit longer, but the cars were streaming in a nice pace towards the exit!

and no one was zooming by!!!!!

I start to wonder how come? Has all those people gone earlier to work today?!

until i saw the flashes of the police car at the exit… making a lane for us while blocking any zooming driver from jumping on our lane and the other people’s lane!!!!

I am sooo happy!!!! Now i know no one will zoom by this morning 😀

U think? Right?!


wel, a car zooms by, a lady with her son, she sees the police car, stops in the middle of the road, and now wants to cut infront of me!!!

My na7asa switch is on full gear! Bring it ON LADY! HELL NO! Ur not passing infront of me when i have been waiting 10+ minutes to get here, so i lurch forward, almost hitting her, defending my precious minutes and my waiting time!!!

now the lady behind her, a girl in an audi jeep, decides to go forward anyways… as in the police man might let her go through… testing the water! HAHAAAAAAA

Fat chance! He stopped her, o made her wait! By the time we reached her, i see her talking to the Police man and smiling at him inah khalnee amor… lakin noooooo…

3ash shor6ena 3aaaaaaaaash!

now … the last cherry on top of this GLORIOUS morning…

a guy in a purple 2000’s clk, ‘3etra o 7ala, zooooms by… he can see the AUDI standing o the police man talking to her… of course 7athrat il VIP doesnt care o zooms by… when he reaches the police man… the officer gestures to him that “turn around, go all the way back, and get in line!”

he made the man make a Uturn right then and there, infront of me… of course my na7asa switch is still on… so i GRIN in his face o starts clapping o saying “Heeeh heeeh Heeeh HEeeh ”

Barad Chabdi allah yebared chabdah insha2 allah!

Allah ya36ek alf 3afiya! Ga3ed min fajr Allah o ib hal 7ar 3shan hal ashkal!

Allah yekhaleek 7g omaimtek o yezawjek 7g bent il 7alal ilee Allah yesakher.ha lik… o itha kint metzawj Allah yes3edek o yehaneek o yarzegek ya RAB! Walla inik testahal 1 ltr KDCow strawberry ice cream!

 Hatha il Police Man wella balash!

3ad il sher6e 3aaash! 3ash il moroor 3ash! 3as il Qanoon 3ash!!!

8 Responses to “3ash Shor6eena 3ash… 3ash El Qanoon 3ash!!!”

  1. q8bride says:

    walah i hate those VIP people madree shnoo 3balhom , ahaam shay enich 6al3tay 7artich :)

  2. Daddy's Girl says:


    Eee loma il feshela chan ba6alt il jama o 6l3t ilsanee 7g bu il CLK o gelt nyah nyah nyah nyah nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… sej barad chabdi!

  3. intlxpatr says:

    Daddy’s Girl, we have a weapon, as we wait in our law-abiding way to make those left turns, we have our cameras! I take photos! I sometimes make it flash, just to make sure they notice! Nah, there’s no place I can send the photos, but I LOVE love love making them sweat, even just for a second or two.

    BTW, your last six sentences are beyond me, but from the context I am guessing you were saying nice things about law enforcement. Send a letter to General Al-Dousari saying how wonderful this was. We need to encourage him. :-)

  4. atoona says:

    loool… 3aash ! :)

  5. 3aaaaaaash mr. sher6y man 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!! =D

    ambaih ambaih i have the hugest grin on my face ya danderma!

    ana dawamy bljabriya oo kil youm nafs elroutine!

    bs ana 3aksich blna7asa ana kil youm my na7asa gear is on! lma ashoof a7ad who thinks ena hes too cool oo 3la rasa reesha oo yegdar ydesh jeddamy jst cz hes too good to stand in line and wait, 3aaaaaaaaaady ad3am sayyarty oo sayyarta 3shan la ymer oo i make a point! =D

    mr.sher6y 7adda barrad chabdy ana ba3ad hatha oo i wasnt even there! 3asa raby ya36eeh el3afya oo ysahela omoora =D


  6. eshda3wa says:


    3ad inshallah yred again oo its not a one time thing!

  7. Daddy's Girl says:


    lool i would need a whole blog dedicated to all the freaks i see daily 😀

    the last six sentences were me praying to god to make him happy in llife 😀


    intay waaaaaain!!! ihnee? 3sa bs enjoying ur time 😀


    Ana 7asaa ib ur grin!!! i had a similar one that morning

    kha6ar a6g isbe3 o a6g irqoba!!! i was that close!!!


    Laaaa insha2 allah every single day!!! o in mayabooh ra7 adag deg 3la 777 agolohom yeboooooooooooooooooh plzzz

  8. Those people who don’t wait in line are the source of traffic jams.

    Those who, for example, are driving on one of the ring roads and then want to take a “far3i yemeen” kinda thing, to the bridge ya3ny, you’d find loads of people waiting in line and maybe the right lane of the ringroad is jammed with all those people waiting, and no, they don’t just wait in line, they keep going on the middle lane and actually stop right before the right turn, so that they can cut through and leave, which results in the middle lane being blocked, and then even though the street is kinda jammed because only the left lane is still going, some idiot doesn’t wanna wait in the middle lane, no they wanna go on the left lane and decide to stop right there so that they can cut through the middle and right lane and get to their turn!

    The result? everyone gets late for work or college while waiting for that traffic jam to cool off.

    Hope that people can learn to be more reasonable already.