Bs 3ad! Enough Already with Instagram Competitions…

By | July 8, 2012

Since 3/4 of Kuwait are now on instagram, I’m sure all of you had encountered the infamous, most annoying comment of last week: Please like 9orat el3o6or ele eb profily.

Dear companies, we realize that the use of Social media outlets have been great for your business. I personally salute you for being modern and on trend. I don’t blame you for holding out competitions at all but please, for the love of god, I beg of you DO NOT have competitions where people with the most number of likes win. PLEASE!

First, its unfair. Some pictures are truly horrible, simply an eyesore that lacks any creativity. Yet horrible pictures win because the person who submitted it is either very popular, have a huge extended family, or simply a shameless beggar who would stop at nothing to harass people, over an over and over and OVER again, for a like.

Why don’t you choose the best pictures yourself? Its not hard, gather the pictures, have 3-4 people from your management vote on them and announce the winners instead of having us, the poor instragrammers, ruing the day you have decided to hold a competition and counting the day until the competition is up.

And you, you beggars, have you no shame? No dignity? Really wallah? You think your horrible picture deserves to win what exactly? A bottle of perfume? Can’t you go and buy it yourself? Its not a Rolls Royce, or a Park Lane penthouse. Have you no regards to other people’s feeling? A bottle of perfume is the price for your own dignity, now that’s it?

If you’ve been annoyed by those instragrammers asking for votes, don’t be shy let it out here.

Ten Things I Hate About Kuwaiti Exhibitions

By | April 23, 2012

Kuju 1- The Salamat: The cause of 90% of the crowding in any expo! Two women with their entourage meet in the middle of the narrow aisle and start kissing and saying hello and exchanging the gist of their past 25 years since they’ve last met while people are trying to walk around them to no avail. You have to wait until they are done. Plus, try and talk to a seller for a complete 5 minutes. You can’t because at every minute and so she will stop, say hello, and chat for a while, then come back and you have to explain what you want all over again. Urrghhh! 2- The Babies: You know an exhibition is already crowded with stampeding women. Why on earth would you bring kokash yahal with you? Its hard enough trying to walk between all these women let alone push your baby in his pram. Also, why do you need two maids for one child? Pushing and shoving the crowds so the baby is safe and unscathed? Can’t the two maids entertain him somewhere else? Bs kafi elnafas on the poor child!

3- Elseller Elmayga: She sits there displaying her stuff but she looks at the crowds with the aloofness of a queen. Whenever you approach and try to make eye contact she pouts, fishes her phone, and pretends to be distracted. Erm why are you here then if you don’t want to sell to customers or interact with them?

4- Eldewaniya Booth: Some sellers will invite their friends and/or family over. Gather inside the booth and turn it into a mini dewaniya: sowalif o 7abb o chai. If you say “law sama7tay” they all stop talking, turn their heads over to you slowly with killer looks, how dare you interrupt their “salfa”. Elsharha mo 3lekom, el sharha 3lay ele bashtere minkom.

5- The Recycler: She buys stuff from all around Kuwait, IKEA for example, knit a crochet net on top of it, and sell it for 10 times its original value! We know it’s available in IKEA for 1 KD! Or a piece of cardboard thay you cut as a door handle and you can do in your local markaz 6ba3a for 10 KD!!! Eshda3wa! I’m all for supporting creative business but some things are just too much.

6- The ATM: Given that we have one million exhibitions held in Kuwait already I wonder why they don’t facilitate payment by Knet or a one stop payment or something. The ATM line is always too long on the lone ATM machine! Maybe they can have a service where they collect your purchases to a collection point where you pay before you exit and take the bags at once. That way you don’t have to carry your bags around b3d, mo?

7- Elmalgoofa: She is a fellow customer who has no respect whatsoever to the conversation you are barely having with the seller. You would be talking and she would interrupt “law sama7tay law sama7tay hatha shinooo” or “ebchaaaam” or 3adi jedan she acts be 9amt but she grabs whatever you are holding or whatever you are standing next to. Why the hell don’t you wait your turn like I’ve waited mine? I always let them get their way because otherwise I’d make a scene and quite possible strangle elmalgoofa ele ma ta9ber!

8- ElMo7aqeq: She stands by your side patiently waiting her turn, thank god for that, but then she kills the time by holding a mini interrogation session: Sheybe3oon? 7elween moo? Esh sharya? Entay min bentah? Metzawja? 3ndich e3yal? Wain teshta’3lain? Dasha ma3rath ana wella ta7qeeq? Esh hal legafa intay b3d? Wallah 7reem elQ8 could do well working as interrogators!

9- The Stinky Booth: Elnass yayeen embakhereen em3adeleen emzahlegeen, o 7arr, o crowds, o khanga, o you pass by some food booth that cooks the food by the fryer or 7ameesa or displays something so smelly “fish?” that your eyes water and you curse yourself for passing by. Can’t you have done your cooking at home or operated an delivery business mathalan? 9oba’3na!

10- The Parking: Elmoshkila el azaliya everywhere in Kuwait. There is no parking when you try to get in. When you do find a parking you spend an hour trying to get out of the expo. If you go with Valet parking they take one hour to get your car while you are standing there in the lovely weather with your purchases and heels if you are wearing them. Mako fayda :(

What about you? What do you hate about the exhibitions in Kuwait?

The Man Who Came Knocking on My Door to “Check the Water”

By | April 17, 2012

My husband bid me good buy and went out to meet his friend on Sunday night. I put the news on and snuggled into my warm bisht at home. A few minutes had passed when, at 9:05 PM, an urgent pounding came on Read more »

The “Neighbor” Who Came Asking for Money!

By | April 13, 2012

Yesterday evening we were sitting outdoors in our tiny corridor/make shift tiny garden. Drinking tea and enjoying the post rain weather when a white car pulls out in front of us in the street and the driver honks to grab our attention while Read more »

The Creepy Woman who Knocked on my Door

By | March 16, 2012

I had planned on spending a nice quiet Thursday evening at my new apartment alone. My husband went out to meet a friend of his. I had put on a nice DVD “The Lake House”, Settled in on the couch browsing 6alabat trying to place an order for dinner from Salad Boutique, put the iPhone away and on silent when suddenly I heard a knock on my door.

Just so you can get a picture of how invasive the encounter I am about to till you is, I have to describe my new apartment. Its a ground floor apartment with a little yard and a metal gate that we keep closed -but not locked-. In order to open it you need to extend your hand inside the gate and open the latch. Then you have to walk about 3 meters until you reach the front door. The front door has two big windows that we keep covered with a curtain.

Anyways, I heard the knock and I was startled. Who would be visiting me unannounced? I wasn’t expecting anyone and my husband has just left -and he has a key!-.

I get dressed quickly, opened the door a crack, and peered out. A young woman in her mid 20’s wearing a 3baya who didn’t look like a Kuwaiti. She spoke perfect Kuwaiti though and asked me about “How are you living here?” and “How much is your rent?” and “whose the owner of the building because I want to move flats”! She even had the audicty to tell me that “You are showing through your curtains by the way, but I thought I am a woman and you are a woman so its ok!!!!”

Excuse me?

How on earth does someone have the nerve to extends his own hand through the metal gate of someone’s house, push open the gate, walk all the way to the front door, and peer in through “the curtains?” but think its OK because she saw a woman sitting innocently in her own living room and she is a woman fa its OK?

How dare you stand there after you trespassed through my yard and opened my gate and peered through my windows to interrogate me about my living arrangements?

Is this normal? Could she possibly be a woman who was simply too curious o overly malgoofa? Or did she have another agenda in mind? Like check the place out and come back for another visit?

And how could I have been so stupid? How could I open the door to this stranger who simply had no boundaries and no shame? What if she had others hiding with her and they grabbed me? Or pushed through me to the apartment?

After I curtly answered her quesions and asked her to go ask my next door neighbors I locked the door and adjuted the curtains. Heart pounding I almost hit myself for my stupidity! When I told my husband he was furious! He said I had no business opening the door to a strange woman who just opened our gate and trespassed through to interrogate us.

Should I be more careful? It didn’t occur to me before. I’ve heard -and seen- crazy women who would barge in houses pretending to be a neighbor and ask about money but even those women rang the bell properly! No one ever had the guts to just wander inside our yard like that!

So what am I going to do? 1- Get a “Beware of the Dog” sign and hang it on the metal gate. 2- Lock the gate for good and 3- Look for a self defense martial arts class 4- Visit the shooting range more often and look into getting permits to owning a gun for such occasions!

Needless to say my evening was tainted with fear and incredulousity! I wonder if I should have called the police for her instead?

Have you ever encountered something similar before? What would you have done?

The Boy Who Cried at the Movies

By | February 28, 2012

During the National & Liberation day holiday we decided to go to the cinema and watch the highly acclaimed “Woman in Black”. The woman in black is a horror movie, period. As we settled in our seats we heard “Gaa gaa aghoo” as always. Some mindless parent had decided to bring their infant into a horror movie. We just hoped he would shut up and not gurgle while we were watching.

Then in the middle of a very very very scary part of the movie we suddenly hear “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH EYKHAWEEEEEEEF”. Apparently a kid below the age of ten was scared out of his mind with what he saw. He began crying -very loudly, drowning out the sound of the movie- and the audience started laughing at his bawling. You would think his mother would leave her seat and take her frightened child outside? Noooo. She didn’t even bother to shush him. The most important thing was for her to watch the movie whether or not the child was traumatized for life and to hell with the goats sitting around her trying to watch. They will manage.

Isn’t there a rule against letting babies inside the cinema? How was this child allowed inside a horrific scary movie that I, a 31 year old woman, kept my eyes closed with my palms most of the time? What kind of mother are you, taking your child to an hour and a half of horror? Lets say you were stupid enough not to check what the movie is about before it started, when you saw it was a horror movie and it scared your child, why didn’t you leave? Why would you stay put?

Its about time movie viewer ratings were enforced in this country. Not every movie is suitable for all genres! If the people are too stupid to choose the appropriate movie then a law should be made to force them to keep the children away from such movies until eventually they learn and start respecting the law! Its not rocket science y3ni!

When a man takes a tinkle in the middle of the street!

By | February 19, 2012

In my 31 years of living on the face of the earth, specifically in Kuwait, I’ve never ever seen something as outrageous as I’ve seen last weekend!

As a matter of fact I did once, last year standing in the Qa6ar St. and Salem Al-Mubarak St. traffic light in Salmiya I saw a young man, 15 maybe, giving the cars his back and doing the deed. At least he thought he was hidden by some construction site -but he wasn’t- and we didn’t see anything except a person’s back. I chalked it off to being young and foolish. Maybe he was in a bet? After all Marina Mall was less than a 100m away!

But this weekend? Going out from Ikea and wanting to check a furniture store next to Souq Almeera, in the middle of the meera parking, without any cars surrounding him and with a full view of the main road, stood an old man in a winter dishdasha. I saw him with his dishdasha half way through his legss and I told my husband “El 7ajji eshfeeh rafe3 deshtashtah?”

Usually when I see an old man I coo and say y7leelah so I was looking at him and he looked back at me with a puzzled expression. As in why is that woman looking at me? Then my husband started yelling “Don’t look don’t look” at the same moment I registered a long yellow stream flowing out of him and right on the parking floor. I started screaming in shock! A man is relieving himself right there in the middle of the road surrounded by nothing to hide his modesty! In full view of the entire world! O mo 3ajba ini ga3da a6al3ah b3d!

After screaming then a fit of retching -never approaching a puddle of “liquid” on the floor again g63- I was angry! So angry! How dare this man think he can take a tinkle in the middle of the street? Where are we living? He is five minutes away from a big supermarket surely stacked with bathrooms! Why wasn’t he at least trying to hide? Or do it with his back to people instead of standing there in full view of passersby?

Malat 3leeh g63! I should have called the police for him! Then again is there a law against taking a tinkle with partial frontal nudity in front of people? Would they even bother taking him to the station? Does this happen often or is it a new thing? G63 g63 g63 g63!

Have you ever seen a man doing it in full view of everyone g63!

-P.S. I just remembered that I’ve seen a worker doing it on the wall of the building where Pick You is located two months ago, at least his back is to people, this year! What is happening? Why is everyone suddenly doing it in the street?

Does Your Married Friend Hide From You When Seen With Her Husband?

By | January 15, 2012

How many times did this happen to you? You are in a mall or in a restaurant or even the Co-op. Alone, or with friends, or your family, or your husband. Then you see a married girl friend of yours walk in with her husband, sees you from the corner of her eyes, then either she walks away hurriedly or pretends she didn’t see you and walks right by!

You are sure, 100%, that she had seen you. You also know she avoided you just because she is with her husband. The next time you see her husband free she will be all over you kissing and greeting you like the friend you are supposed to be.

Eshda3wa! Ma7ad 3ndah rayel ‘3airich? Eb naklah? Your actions say one thing and one thing only: you are insecure! I have no problem encountering women with my husband. I have no problem introducing him to my girl friends and saying this is flana and this is flana. You know why? Because I have confidence in myself, my marriage, and most importantly: my husband!

Do you think your husband is blind? or that if he saw a friend of yours who is a woman that he will suddenly cheat on you? What kind of a relationship do you have with this man? You call this a marriage? Where you are afraid of every woman who walks the face of the earth? What about your house keeper? Isn’t she a woman too?  What about your sisters? What about his unmarried girl cousins? What about his female work colleagues?

You can’t stop your husband seeing other woman. If he is going to be unfaithful to you, he will be unfaithful even if he lives in the land where no females walk on the face of earth. If he meets your girl friends it tells him you have utter confidence in him. If he has to run after you while you flee every female who might say hello to you eventually he might rebel and want to show you that he can and he will cheat on you with another woman if he wants to, just because he could.

Your action just make us laugh incredously at you and pity you and your limited mentality. So grow up. 3aib 3leech. Have confidence in yourself woman! For the love of god believe in yourself and trust your life partner!

What do you think? Did this happen to you before?

Do you have a friend who like all blogs except yours?

By | January 5, 2012

Lets say you have this friend, she is an avid blog follower and knows more about what is going on in the Kuwaiti blog scene than I do. She talks about the blogs all the time discussing their topics and latest news. Right up my alley you’d say. What a good friend.

Except she doesn’t read my blog. Or follow me!

Of course there is no reason for people to follow or like your blog just because you are friends with them in real life. People are free and have different tastes. But its been bothering me a bit. I can’t help but have the question “Why not my blog?” jump  out whenever she goes on about blog X and blog Y. What makes blog X so much better than mine that you rave about it all day long while you wouldn’t spare 2 minutes glancing at my blog? What is missing? Is there something missing?

Its not so much the fact that she doesn’t check my blog. Whats bugging me is that every time she talks I begin to doubt myself, my blog, my posts, my choices. I hate that. Really hate that. Eshda3wa ya 7afoth?

I know I shouldn’t really care but on some level it hurts. Its just like saying I am not good enough or something. It makes me a bit blue!

So dear bloggers: have you ever had someone close to you not liking your blog but liking almost every other blog out there? If you do, do you think its OK to doubt yourself? Is that normal? I am really confused here.

The T-Shirt Sums it All Up!

By | December 26, 2011

Saw this T-Shirt in Diesel’s store the other day and it really made sense! Totally, absolutely, and strongly agree!

Don’t you agree?

Help: What Would You Do If…

By | December 24, 2011

Lets say that there is a movie that you’ve been waiting forever to see. Its finally released, you finally get tickets, You make it to the movie just in time for it to begin.  The theater is booked full. You are equipped with your favorite snack and drink. The show begins.

Suddenly… there is something tingling around your nostrils. An odor so bad it fills your eyes with tears as you suffocated trying to gulp for air. Its from the person sitting right next to you. They smell horrible, they must have just cooked their lunch and come. Something garlicy and spicy and very smelly indeed.

Then the odor intensifies. There is a newer odor. Something temporarily but lethal coming from the same person. You rue the day you came to sit in this chair watching this damn movie for one and a half hours. You want to leave but then you have to convince people to leave with you. You will lose your tickets. You might not have a chance to come back and watch this movie you really want to watch. Yet at the same time you are dying slowly and you no longer follow the plot of the movie because you are busy trying to breathe for your life.

So what did I do? Cursing, I wrapped my entire face except my eyes with my 7ejab which is scented with dehen oud. Even though I was fully wrapped my neighbour’s “temporarily” odors kept creeping back into my nostrils. Bloody hell!

What would you do if you were in the same situation and if leaving the movie was not an option? Tell her off? Ask the management to kick her out? Bring a mask just in case? Even nachos do suffocate people sometimes… good grief!

A String of Bad Luck?

By | December 19, 2011

Something weird is going on and I cannot put my hand on it.

A few days ago my Blackberry died on me. Every single piece of information or data was wiped forever from the device. All my contacts, emails, applications, passwords, images, phone numbers, messages, everything was gone in a blink. Nothing was left. Nada!

So I make do with what little data I could conjure up from my memory. Things go smoothly again until yesterday when my Blackberry dies on me again! This time it simply won’t open up! It has been on the charger -which is fine btw- for over 24 hours and no matter what I do it won’t work.

Surprise of all suprises the Blackberry is NOT the only thing that is not working. Suddenly, on the same day, my landline phone dies on me as well for no apparent reason! It just sits there like a piece of junk without any response!

So its just the Blackberry and the normal phone? No! The dvd player! The brand new  glossy Samsung DVD player stops dead in its track while showing a movie and that’s it! On the same damn day! We turned it off, on, plugged it out, shook it, blown into its, plugged it again. No response, nothing, NADA!

How is it possible for three of my favorite electrical devices to die unexceptionably on me on the exact same day? Just like that? Is it a surge of electricity that maybe fried the circuits? Or something more creepy? or a 3ain? or just a string of bad luck?

Has anything like this happened before to you? Its so weird!

Habba Alert: 7ejab Bu Tarchiya!

By | November 22, 2011

I first noticed this 7ejab style when I was in the airport this last Eid holiday. A Kuwaiti lady with her children were rushing in to check into their flight and she had this look. Its not the turban look no. Its a cotton 7ejab wrapped exactly like every one else except that its folded at each ear in a way that the entire ear shows. Of course on each ear lobe there was a huge gleaming earring. Showing the earrings is the purpose of this look after all.

I dismissed it as one lady with that look. But then over the Eid holidays in the malls I’ve seen more and more women wearing that exact same 7ejab style! Cotton, covering everything except the two ears peeking from below the two folds on the side, and huge earrings to decorate the ear lobes, reminding me of the old song in fereej el3atawiya “Tarchiya weya Tarchiya 9arat Tarachee el sha3biya!!!”.

The look is weird and I don’t like it. I’d rather people stick with their turbans if they wish to show off their ears. O ykon a7san if they take off that little piece of cloth and toss it somewhere else. Ya tet7ajeboon 3adel ya malah da3i hal halagat.

Next thing we’ll see is two horns peeking min t7t el7jab. Y3ni new look!

No-No Moment: A car that took 2 handicapped spaces

By | October 3, 2011

You can’t really get lower than this. I was in Jabriya Co-Op a couple of nights ago when I saw this driver who not only was he parked in a handicapped parking, he actually was parked so that he took up two handicapped parking spaces!

Why? Why why why? What gives you the right to allow yourself this action? What does it take for people to understand that this is a handicapped parking and that cars are supposed to take one parking space per car! Why is that so hard to fathom?

If I had the authority I would have revoked his driver’s license! Sadly life goes on and this kind of behavior will go on while the rest of the nation weep over their tea estekana’s about why we are still behind as a third world country and why can’t we be more advanced like the civilized world. 7esbya Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel!

The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work

By | October 2, 2011

Every day when on my way to work we get held up for a long time in the Jabriya exit to 5th ring road. Rude drivers usually attack other drivers standing in line waiting for their turn to get out, therefore a police car and a group of traffic cone were set up to help organize traffic and stop the angry rude drivers taking others turns.

How successful was that? See for yourselves…  Read more »

Vulgar Trash in our Street for a Week!

By | September 21, 2011

For the past week or so I’ve been seeing the very civilized scene above every time I get in or out of my car. Every day I come back home wishing i had disappeared. Every day I see its still there, if anything its getting worse because more trash is being added on top.

We live in Jabriya, which is supposedly an OK area to live in without disgusting trash residing for a week besides our home. Every time I see that mess I wonder if it was washed down with clorex or dettol before being taken out of service to rot in the street. Why isn’t anyone picking that up? Why is there no more “proper” rules and punishments against this type of vulgarity? You get fined if you throw this kind of trash outside your house in the UK. Why can’t we get that kind of punishment here?

Do you know a number I could call to come have them take this trash somewhere? Anywhere? La3at chabdi tra g63 ma 9arat!

Weird Email Asking for Money on My Contact Form…

By | September 14, 2011

Every single person with email on earth must have received a scam email at least once where a person with an internet and email access is posing as poor and in need for money. Usually those spammers are pretty easy to point out and ignored at once.

However I had received this very weird email from someone who didn’t email it to me directly. They went to the contact form on my blog, filled out their information, and asked me for $1500 so she could finish her last year in college to become an architect because she is an orphan and can’t work anymore to put herself through college because she is too tired and school is so demanding and she sold out all her jewelry!

Did anyone else get the same on their contact form? This is no generalized email sent by some auto bot sitting somewhere. This is an actual person who went to my blog, looked around for the contact form, and decided that I have $1500 to give out. It scares me a little. Also it angers me. Yet it also produced some guilt in my chest: what if its real? She is a real person in need and here I am accusing her of being a thief?

What do you think?

The Thieves of Our Neighbourhood

By | September 13, 2011

It amazes me that at this time and age I am writing this rant. But it is there and its happening and its pissing me off! Simply unbelievable!

The most basic thing that happens when someone knocks on your door to deliver something is to check who is it for, right? If it is not for someone you know in the household then you won’t accept it. Or if its taken by mistake you try and contact the sender to take it back to be dilevered to its rightful owners. Basic human ineraction.

Unfortunately we are plagued by a neighboring house who is constantly mistaken for ours since both our houses are in the same street with the same number. Many many MANY times we have gotten their deliveries, magazines, invites, or food noqsas by mistake. Every time we redirect the deliveries to their house. We do not accept and indulge in deliveries that are not meant for us.

Once the delivery person had moved on before we directed it so my mother called all the neighbours to try and get their number to let them know that their “Frozen Ramadan Kubba” was at our house. Only to have a raging woman scream at her that we are causing all this trouble for them and we should go to the baladiya to change our house number. My mother calmly asks the lady to go to the baladiya and change their house number if they had to, and that if they want their frozen kubba -two days before ramadan- they should come and collect it.

Guess what? Many have told us that they delivered this item or that item to our house, only to discover it had never made it. Not once, not twice, many times! They simply take our deliveries for themselves. How could they? I don’t know in what world are we living in but its simply called stealing! People who steal are called thieves. This is neither very ethical nor very neighborly at all.

I guess some diseases are not curable, one of them is the lack of manners in our stealing neighbors. What can we say or do? My parents have a strict “neighbors are a red untouchable line let them be” rule. Even though they steal our stuff maykhalif yeraan o yeraan! Ma9arat yeraan! 3tawyat el freej mo yeeran

7esbya Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel! Mako ella chithee! Maybe one day they’ll move o neftak minhom! With neighbors like these who needs enemies?

Do you have bad neighbors? How do you deal with them?

My Husband’s Crazy Culinary Ideas!

By | June 28, 2011

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you would recognize the strange purple pasta above. No I didn’t make it, my beloved husband Butootee made Read more »

Help: How to knock a finger into place?

By | June 15, 2011

Ten days ago as I was preparing for the book signing I went to a nail parlor where I had a manicure. I was watching friends, eating a cookie, enjoying being pampered when the lady who was doing my manicure decided to massage my hands after the manicure.

As she was massaging my right hand she made a circular motion with my fingers then pulled on them hard. very hard. Too hard in fact that I felt the finger right next to my right thumb come out of its socket. It hurt for a moment and then it went numb and it just bothered me. You know the feeling when you want to crack your knuckles? I kept feeling like that all day long…

Ten days on and that feeling just won’t go away. I feel there is something wrong with my finger. Since its an important finger I use to write, tweet, bbm, shoot with my camera, click on the mouse, and type on the keyboard with i keep using it all day long and it bothers me more and more with usage. Two days ago it began hurting me even if I am not using it. The pain is increasing every day and I keep cracking its knuckle just so it might just heal but the pain is only increasing and its getting harder to use and flex :(

I don’t want to go to Alrazi. I don’t want to see a doctor in the first place cause what would I say after waiting an hour to see him? My finger hurt but its not broken or blue? Most likely they’ll tell me to crack my knuckles again or wait it out and see.

I just want to know if you have ever experienced something like this before and if you know of a method to put the finger back to where it belongs? A stronger form of cracking the knuckle for example? Help plz?

Oh and this is EXACTLY why I hate people touching me… they are just too defasha and I am too fragile. Hmph.

The car damaging accusations…

By | May 30, 2011

My dear VW Touareg was taken to the service on Saturday. My husband came home with some paper he gave me and asked me what exactly was I doing with the car?

Apparently the blue marks on the Touareg’s body in the picture above are all hits and bumps? and that they were inflicted by my driving? How strange. I don’t remember hitting anything, or seeing any of these things.

Apparently the VW guy was baffled but then why my husband told him that its my wife’s car he understood and began cracking jokes! How rude!

I am a very good very calm driver. I don’t speed. I don’t hit stuff. The only thing “bad” that I do is that I don’t brake before speed bumps. That’s it. No more no less. Eshda3wa…

Hmph. Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do before?

Finding underwears in the streets

By | May 22, 2011

When I was in the Bairaq Mall last week and as we were about to get into our car I saw a weird thing underneath the back wheel of the car parked next to ours. I did a double take and got closer only to Read more »

Summer in Q8 Means: Brai39i Time :S

By | May 20, 2011

We are still in May, yet when I came home a few days ago I found this disgusting gray brai39i perched on the wall besides the front door waiting, biding his time g63!

I am afraid of all animals, but the brai39i in particular makes me sick to my stomach. Its just too slimy and too gray… Isn’t it a bit too early for Brai39ia now? Don’t they come out in July or something? G63!

Oh and Butootee couldn’t kill him, he ran away! I suppose he is lurking around the outside of the house somewhere… brrrr

Why these questions? What’s it to you?

By | May 4, 2011

I am amazed by people who, if you tell them about a new business or a new place in town, would ask you ‘Who is the owner?’ before you could even continue your story about the place. Their excuse actually being ‘I don’t buy from a place without knowing who the owner is!’

Why? What difference does it make if you know who the owner is or not? What criteria is used to determine if this shop/restaurant/business is worthy of your blessed acceptance? Why do you care?

At annoys me to no end when some one makes a big deal. Laish el legafa y3n?. Can’t you accept things as they are and live and let live?

New Liban Flavoured with… Garlic!!!!

By | March 30, 2011

Two nights ago i was grocery shopping in Jabriya Co-Op when i encountered this *New* product!!! Who on their right mind would out of their own free will pick up a bottle of Liban flavoured with GARLIC! Garlic? Of all flaovours to add to a liban in this world, they chose GARLIC!!!

Is it because of the current infatuation with Vampires?! They think it’s going to help in warding off any if it turns out to actually exist?! Seriously!? Garlic?!

Would you try this garlic flavoured liban?!?