Attack of the Cookie Monster… By | September 6, 2009


*Warning* U r viewing this post on ur own liability… Danderma is Not responsible if you start craving cookies badly… too many yummy pictures involved!


My friend eleventhst. is simply a tame cookie monster! She and I have cookie adoration in common… and she was kind enough to share a new cookie recipe with me…


This morning i was itching to try this recipe… i knew it would turn out to be Fab! so i left work early… went to the Co-Op to get ingredients… i had some new flavors in minds… and went home to work…

Ingredients Assembled

Ingredients Assembled

Add a cup of sugar to a mixer

Add a cup of sugar to a mixer

Add a cup of Muscavado Sugar

Add a cup of Muscavado Sugar

Add a stick of soft butter left for 30 min at room temparature

Add a stick of soft butter left for 30 min at room temparature

Mix until fluffy

Mix until fluffy

Add eggs... one at a time... break them into a bowl first

Add eggs... one at a time... break them into a bowl first

Add Vanilla Extract

Add Vanilla Extract

Beat Until Smooth...

Beat Until Smooth...

Add 3 cups of flour gradually... and mix

Add 3 cups of flour gradually... and mix

Batter is now ready for the different chocolates and fillings :D

Batter is now ready for the different chocolates and fillings :D

First Flavor: Kinder Chocolates!

First Flavor: Kinder Chocolates!



Second Flavor: M&M's!

Second Flavor: M&M's!



Third Flavor: Bounty!

Third Flavor: Bounty!





Fourth Flavor: Toblerone!

Fourth Flavor: Toblerone!



Fifth Flavor: Maltesers!

Fifth Flavor: Maltesers!


Sixth & Last Flavor: Oreos!

Sixth & Last Flavor: Oreos!






43 Responses to “Attack of the Cookie Monster…”

  1. FourMe says:

    Dammit woman gemt ama6ig!! Bl 3afiya..

  2. SHOOSH says:


    teslm eydech 9ara7a

  3. dandoon says:

    yum! how many eggs do u need, how many minutes in the oven o how many cookies do u end up with?

  4. big byrd says:

    how many eggs did you use? and dont u add any baking power?
    did they come out soft? im such a cookie monster myself…im so tempted to go try out your recipe hehehehe :)


  5. Q80BOY says:

    ashwa ina chift il post gabil il f6oor ib 5 min .. shu8ul 3adil ya daddy’s girl !!

    an exclusive product to ur breakfast shop haa .. dont forget 😉

  6. chika says:

    Ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam 100 100! chef derderma :p SEND ME SOMEEEE PLS!

  7. Daddy's Girl says:


    Tha7aktenee walla 3la ur comment!!! Etha tabeen ma yeredich ella ilsanich ya khaytee…


    Allah yesalmich than you *blushing*

    Dandoon & Big Byrd

    El wasfa kama yalli…

    Makes 48 cookies (if u make them small yeseron 72)

    2 eggs, one stick butter at room temp for 30 min, one cup white sugar, one cup brown muscavado sugar, 2 tea spoons vanilla extract, half tea spoon salt, o 1 tea spoon bicarbonate soda (baking soda) dissolved in 2 tea spoon hot water (add them after the vanilla and before the flour)

    b3dain u need 3 cups all purpose flour… but i wish i recommend using only 2.5 cups… for the last half cup shofo il 3yeena if too stiff dont add the last cup…

    Preheat il over to 175-180 C… o shofaw il cookies… after baking for 4 minutes check them… they need between 2-4 more minutes … y3ni max max max bake them for 8 minutes… 6 is optimum for mini ones o 7 is optimim for normal ones but hatha 3la 7sab my oven

    o awal ma you get them out of the oven, leave them to cool slightly then immideatily keep then in an airtight jar or container wella ayabsoon… even if they are a bit too soft when out of the oven they will firm up later

    oooh and they are very very VERY chewy!


    Yummy too 😉

    Q80 Boy

    y3ni lazim in7e6 lik cake wella baskoot 3shan u appear? shino zrzoor?

    Ensha2 allah allah yesm3 minik bs khalis derastik 😀


    Where on earth have u been?!
    Bajee ishwaya… which flavors do u want? send someone or come by o i will give u 😀

  8. um-mit3ib says:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;p

  9. itsallg000d says:

    So you are competing with choowy Goowy by using all their new toppings + extra ones … Bel 3afiya

    Just summarize the ingredients somewhere ‘coz I’m not sure how many eggs you used 😉

  10. Daddy's Girl says:


    Um mit3ib o bal3a… 7arayeq california mo bs naar :p


    Hmmm didnt know Choowy Goowy had exclusive rights for cookie baking in Q8y kitchens!!!

    I used two eggs… let me update the post with the recipe!

  11. The Spanian says:

    now that really worth leaving work early :p

    bs chenech la3abtay bel machlaa eshwayaa?! .. hatha emyame3ta mn el gerge3aan?! :p

  12. says:

    I like your new twist on my simple recipe!! Looks amazing!!!

  13. Daddy's Girl says:

    The Spanian

    Eee wallah 6ool mana bel dawam o ana at7alam bel recipe 😀

    Ama 3n il ingredients… la it6ale3 isha3at… kil ashya2na fresh out of arfoof il jam3iya :p


    Thanks my little cookie monster for this recipe… you made a lot of people happy today :**************

  14. Sn3a says:

    they look yum yummy

    3alaikom bel 3afya & teslam eedch

  15. Al-Dosseri says:

    umm sorry bs shenw mascavado :$?

  16. Zabo0o6a says:

    OMG Danderma amaziiiiiiiiiiing!
    I hid it in my handbag and shared it with my friend kan hjoooooom!
    I loved the kinder one the most, mo l2ana the others weren’t tasty bs l2ana it’s the first time i try something with kinder!
    Tislam eideeeej :**

  17. addictioneer says:

    Simple, yet yummmmmmmmmy
    la gemt as3bel

  18. Turkwaz says:

    They look yummy mashallah ^^
    but how many eggs do we add??

  19. f7ee7eely says:

    madre bas a7es kel elle gallaw yummmy and stuff 7ad’hum eyjamloonech basss ma tha77akny kether ta3leeeq um mit3ib…NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR — LOOOOL –eeeewa ashbak enta

  20. Daddy's Girl says:


    allah yesalmich hon… they were yummy 😀


    Muscavado sugar allah yesalmich brown sugar bs imlazeg… hatha oho roo7 il cookie.. itlagenah 3nd markaz sultan… bs when u buy it khesheeh in an airtight container wella ayabis…


    :******* allah yesalmich o 3leech ib alf 3afiya
    basawee 6 new flavors insha2 allah tabeen?

    o thanx 3la il lovely dish 😉


    Tra ma yabelhom wala shay… 20 minutes bel mixer bs!


    el7een a7e6 il recipe foog



    Y3ni shino tabehom yegolon? We3 aylawe3 il chabd shino hal laqawe9?

    O b3dain khal ayjamlonee ma feha shay… Nass shafaw il sowar eshtehaw… wayed ako awadm min il sora yetkhayelon 6a3am il cookie o yegolon Yum…

    Walla lo thaygenah o yekhare3 o galaw 7elo gelna yejamlone… bs nass shafaw il sowar ya3aw keifhom!

  21. f7ee7eely says:

    ok lemme put it this — I just hope that they do taste a whole lot better then they look…….

  22. f7ee7eely says:

    y3ny some of those cookies look severly deformed…

  23. Daddy's Girl says:


    Yezak Allah khair… im astonished at ur zaraba sra7a!

  24. f7ee7eely says:

    uffffffffffffffffffff ufff la2 la2 puh lease dont get me wrong I truly am sorry if za3altech wella shyyy I thought u would gladly take a criticism and appreciate a candid and a blunt opinion….khala9 khala9 ur cookies r the best and they look yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasef eww 7aggech 3alay

  25. Daddy's Girl says:


    Dude u weren’t offered any ok? Deformed or not my cookies my blog my pictures shel salfa?

    Laman etro7 dewaniyat a7ad o itshof.hom 7a6een akla itkhare3… ma a3teqed itro7 itgolohom “w3 shaklah mo 7elo o ile ygol 7elo ga3ed yejamlik”… ma7ad 6agik 3la eedik galik jamel… el blog 7alah 7al il beit… lakin inik itsafeh kil hal awadm ilee galaw yummy o it7e6ne ana shakhsyan o it.henne min soba7 allah khair o fe nahar irmothan?

    ma gool illa allah y3een mortik 3lek… sawa2 mawjooda or fel mostaqbal!

  26. f7ee7eely says:

    eb hathy 7eel I agree with 100% sij sij allllllllllllllllah ey3eeeen elmagroodah elle ebtakhethny…………..enzain matwaqa3t enna elsalfah bet9eer drama…3umooman I have nothing to offer at this moment but my apologies….so i reiterate them and bid u a good day mam.

  27. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thanx alot for making my day!

  28. f7ee7eely says:

    great thats just what i needed a guilt trip —

  29. Zabo0o6a says:

    Another paaaaaatch!
    Count me in! 😀

  30. Gina says:

    The best recipe i ever try,my family love it.Thank you

    this is the result 😀

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  32. zuz says:

    DAMN 😮 shakla mu 9iiiijjj!! Bel3afiaa

  33. ansam518 says:

    teslam el ayaadi! 3alaich bel3afia! When it comes to cookies I usually go for chocolate chip (original) – white chocolate macadamia – or oatmeal!

  34. fettucinii says:

    There’s this one post about your husbands mom allah yr7amha, where’d it go? i’ve been looking for it for like an hour now! Don’t tell me you deleted it:o

  35. Daddy's Girl says:


    bacher morray take some from the new patch o something else b3d 😉

    Elegant Chic

    Allah ye3afeech 😀


    Khalas your jar wella lail7een :p


    Allah ye3afeech 😀


    Hon u must must try the kinder ones o the fererro ones…!


    Ayho? No i didnt delete any? Tell me the subject o ill post u the link

  36. Zabo0o6a says:

    many rai7a eljabriya elyoum :(
    agdar amer on wednesday?

  37. Amy says:

    the bounty cookies look amazing :O!!

  38. Gina says:

    hahaha men zamaaan 😛

    try to bake it with,HERSHEY’S Chocolate for Baking..tara 7elow waayed 😀

  39. Noor says:

    i tried the recipe w kanaw el cookies wow 7adhum lathethen w sawait twice lanah ib 1 day 5ala9 kilah w jarabt ashya thaniya ghair el oreo w chthy bis 9ij bdoon mojamlah 😉 kanaw soooo good w a7la shay the smell w taklenhum 3ugb ma a6al3enhum mn el oven

  40. Daddy's Girl says:

    You like bounty?! I <3 Bounty! O it goes really well with the cookie dough…


    Malait min Hershy's and Nestle's… gelt a'3ayer


    3lekom ib alf 3afiya 😀 Shino your choolatat?

  41. Batool says:

    no exact ingredient amounts =(