The New Al-Marai Lemon Ginger & Honey Juice

buy gabapentin 800 mg By | December 2, 2012

In Keifan Co-op the other day I found this new limited edition juice by Al-Marai. New Lemon, ginger, and honey juice which in theory is the perfect protection against the flu and common cold. Perfect timing from Al-Marai to have this product out just in time for the flu season because of the change in weather, most of the people I know are either sick or falling sick.

Would it really help? God knows. In my case if I get sick nothing really helps and if I drink lemon, or honey, or tea, or anything else I just throw up. I didn’t try it myself for I’m not a fan of honey but my husband did and he loved it. He says the honey taste is very strong and the combination is very nice and well balanced. So if you are interested in a little protection before the flu attacks, keep an eye out for this new and limited edition juice.

3 Responses to “The New Al-Marai Lemon Ginger & Honey Juice”

  1. malinda says:

    Awesome Drink !!!

  2. T2 virus says:

    Unfortunately its articially honey i checked out the ingredients on the bottle:((