Sugar Overdosing in Chocolateria San Churro By | June 8, 2014

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generic cytotec online Because I’m still editing the pictures of my #Room753 bloggers trip to Australia I tend to be working on an instinct base rather than a logical or a time base for editing. After editing and posting about the star-studded skies of Mount. Tamborine I began editing the pictures for one of my favourite chocolate cafes in Australia, Chocolateria San Churro, which is a place I’ve been to almost on daily basis whenever I got the chance for I couldn’t get enough.


The first time I saw a Chocolateria San Churro was in Brisbane south bank area. It was night time and we’ve just had our first dinner in Australia complete with desserts when we decided to walk to Sofitel Brisbane where we were staying and explore the area on foot while we were heading back. When we passed by Chocolateria San Churro, the little store was full of life and laughter, with every single table occupied even the ones on the pavement and you could tell it was the place to hang out and enjoy your time even thought it was late in Australian standards -almost 10 P.M.- and every other restaurant was either closing down or preparing to.


We so wanted to grab a table and enjoy what’s left of the night but we were too full and we had a busy day the next morning so we had better get going and come back another time. Somehow, whenever in Brisbane we tried to go San Churro something would happen and we wouldn’t be able to make it. On the last night there, we made a point of not having dinner before going to the play “The King & I” which is a five minute walk away from Chocolateria San Churro.


However, by the time the awesome play was over and we made it to the San Churro the store was closing down and they only allowed takeaway so we went home in a taxi because we needed to pack and get going. However, on our first night in Gold Coast we stumbled upon San Churro again and when we did, we wasted no time at all grabbing a chair and sitting down and we continued to pass by almost everyday until we went back home. That’s how fun and good and delicious it was.


We made up for lost time in San Churro surfer’s paradise, but it was only on the very last time we were there did I take proper pictures using my camera and not horrible ones using my iPhone. You never get used to the fact that you are ordering something from the “winter” menu when its all about summer back home but the last day of May was indeed the last day of fall in Australia and the first day of June is the first day of winter, whatever season it was, the menu was still irresistible and for the last day we decided to say farewell with a pang!



The lovely thing about San Churro, or actually most restaurants and cafes in Queensland, Australia, is that they have big floor-to-ceiling windows that open up, allowing people who dine inside quite a lot of fresh air and the feeling of being half in and half out of the restaurant. You could have a window “bench” complete with squishy pillows to recline on and enjoy the fall breeze as you stuff your face with chocolate. You could also choose to take almost everything they have on the menu, and they have plenty, for takeaway or grab some of the goodies they have as souvenirs or gifts to enjoy back home but nothing beats sitting down and enjoying the hubbub and happy spirit brought on by consuming chocolate.



Whatever you fancy, sugar related, Solo Churro would almost always have it! They have fine chocolate, macarons, cakes, cookies, truffles, fine chocolate, drinking chocolate, coffee coffee coffee, chocolate fondue, ice cream, and of course churros!




Back to our last time at San Churro, we knew it was time to order the “Chocolate & Churros Tapas” for two which comes with, well, a miniature fondue with strawberries and brownie pieces, truffles, chocolates, churros, and fried truffles!


How good does that look? Zooming in…


Zooming in some more, to that pot of milk chocolate in the middle…


Because it was the last day we had to say good bye to the macarons as well! Salted Caramel, cookies & cream, Raspberry chocaron, and lemon chocaron! A chocaron being a macaroni dipped in chocolate btw.


In case you were wondering, they are so good we actually took some back home for the trip back home and ate half of them before checking out of the hotel and the other half on the plane and no they never made it back to Kuwait, or even out of Australian air space for that matter.


And because there were too much chocolate on the table, we opted for some coffee to go with our chocolate and churros instead of chocolate drinks, which can be as thick and delicious as chocolate soup btw. My favourite drink at San Churro was the Spanish latte made with condensed milk, so very good <3


The best thing San Churro had on the menu? The churros! Thin and crunchy, with just a hint of a chew, and doused with cinnamon and sugar, just the way they are supposed to be.



No wonder I came back to Kuwait with two extra kilos added to my weight! Can you blame me though?


Is there anything I didn’t like? Well yes, the Red Velvet ice cream had a weird rough texture to it which I didn’t like and also this little fried truffle though absolutely delicious was too heavy on my 30-something old stomach. If I was a teenager I would pop these good greasy things like pop corn but not now, not anymore.


Gleeful, that’s how I felt going through the doors of San Churro and that’s how I’m feeling now looking at the pictures all these miles away. I would get on the next plane back to Australia just to have some churros with a cup of Spanish latte one last time. I really and truly miss Chocolateria San Churro, can’t anyone bring it over here? Pretty please? Enough burger places already :'(

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