LoFat Diet – Day 2

Gressier By | February 7, 2011


For day 2 of the LoFat diet i got my beloved Chinese Noodles and Corn & Beetroot Salad. I have tried both of them before and they tasted just as great the 2nd time as they did the last time!

My husband got the new stuff… Rocca Salad & Chicken & Mushroom Sauce

He enjoyed his salad very much… his chicken came with mushroom sauce and the portion was quite tiny. He said it was ok… the chicken for sure was made from frozen breast but it was ok. The potatoes and brocolli were just boiled.

For dessert we finally got the Oreo dessert and it was exactly like the custard trifle but with Oreo crumbs instead of vermicelli crumbs. My husband enjoyed it.

For breakfast i received Zaatar Fatayer & Fruit Kebab…

So here is our eating plan for Day 2 with LoFat

Breakfast: Tea with Milk + Labna & Z3tr Saj + Fruit Kebab

My Lunch: Chinese Noodles + Beetroot & Corn Salad

Hubby’s Lunch: Chicken with Mushroom + Rocca Salad

Snack: Oreo Dessert

Dinner: a bowl of boiled chickpeas

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