Shino ’3adakom Elyoom? By | December 8, 2011

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Thursday is here and the weekend is about to start! What are you planning for lunch? Eating in the office? Bel zwara? At home? Skipping lunch?

You know what I am craving? A BBQ! I want a shawaya filled to the brim with coal! I want to BBQ corn, potatoes, veggies, and paneer/halloum cheese skewers! I want to swat flies off while others are grilling their hamburgers or steaks. I want to smell smoke, eat carbonated burned food, and dust soot off my food. I want a BBQ. I am literally LUSTING over a BBQ. The feel of a BBQ, the gathering of a BBQ. The laughter and abundance of food and skewers of grilled food and salads and condiments and cold drinks drenched with ice.

Ma7ad yabi y3zemni 3la BBQ? Much obliged moqadama :p


6 Responses to “Shino ’3adakom Elyoom?”

  1. ali says:

    im not having lunch to save space for an upper crust dinner!!

  2. We are not open to the public yet. Stay tuned for updates:!/uppercrustkwt

  3. Zooz says:

    I had my Diet Delight tiny lunch:( it was more of a snack than a lunch.. finished both snacks and still have 4 hours to go b4 i can have my dinner :( i guess its hard being on a diet..

    • danderma says:

      Its very hard being on a diet especially in the winter, in Kuwait, and on the weekend!
      But its worth it when you get into smaller clothes! Stay strong!