Blog Update: Instagram Badge Added to Side Bar By | January 17, 2012

Look to your right, yes right there, on the top of the 1st column or what is technically called first side bar. You’ll see there is a Followgram button followed by an instagram Badge, both for my instagram account.

If you click on the Followgram button you will be re-directed to an instagram page of mine on line. To get your Followgram button click here (link).

Bellow the Followgram button there is an instagram account badge with my 3 recent pictures and my stats. I’ve been torn between using this Badge from Badge Plz (link) or an using an instagram widget downloaded here (link). I actually went first with the instagram widget then changed my mind because the Badge Plz offered me  the option to resize and recolour my border which I did.

So now you have no excuse. If you read my blog and have an instagram account, follow me! I am aiming for the target of 750 followers 😀 If you have an instagram account, saw this, and still didn’t follow me then eshda3wa ya 7afoth? Why not?

To recap: if you want to add a followgram button on your blog you can do so here (link) or if you want to add an instagram widget click here (link) or an instagram badge click here (link). Remember to backup first!

2 Responses to “Blog Update: Instagram Badge Added to Side Bar”

  1. thanks very useful- I just added the badge to my blog :)