Movie Review: Jobs By | August 27, 2013

Eschborn mrj

When I knew Jobs movie was in the cinema I wanted to go see it right away but I was put off by the unbelievable amount of bad reviews and feedbacks I got. Some said it was the movie was boring, others said the movie was all shot in a boardroom, others hated Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, other thought it was a complete waste of time, etc. I was reluctant to go to be frank, but then I’ve always had a mind of my own and different taste than everyone else so I’ve decided to go see it and decide for myself. Read more »

Breakfast at The Farm Restaurant in Dubai

By | August 22, 2013


Each time I’m in Dubai there must be a list of newly opened places I’ve never been before to explore. On the top of my list was The Farm restaurant recommended by many people I know, doing so while gushing about the breathtaking scenery and the amazing food. Since I was there for the Eid holiday and the first breakfast after Ramadan is my number one breakfast of the year, I knew I it should be in The Farm. Read more »

Heavenly Pies from The Pastry Shop

By | July 25, 2013


It was during the Holy month of Ramadan of last year that I’ve come to taste the scrumptious pies of The Pastry Shop! Excellent pies, with fresh ingredients and a flakey light crust and overall melt-in-your-mouth after the first bite feeling. This year I’ve had the pleasure of being sent more pies from The Pastry Shop, freshly baked and just out of the over, and they’ve been grazing my after iftar tea table ever since their arrival. Read more »

My 12 Favorite iPhone Applications

By | December 26, 2012


One of my friends and the reason why I became a blogger, ex-blogger Yara, thought it was interesting to post a list of my favorite iPhone applications especially since she took my recommednations with the Sleep Cycle app and loved it. As 2012 is about to finish up, I’m looking back and Read more »

LoFat Vegetarian Diet – Day 11

By | December 24, 2012


On the eleventh day of my LoFat vegetarian diet trial I received a falafel sandwich with fruit skewers and Read more »

What to do When your iPhone Goes Missing?

By | December 18, 2012


I was exausted after a long day, hungry and on a diet, and my teeth hurt from wearing my retainers. All I wanted to do was to be home, change into my pjs and fall a sleep. I did reach home, however as I was getting out of the car my iPhone slipped and fell out, through the water drain to the sewers below!!!

In my panic I tried everything to get the iPhone out. My precious iPhone, the portal to my social media life! Only the iPhone was no where to be seen and after an hour of trying I gave up. I went inside, changed all my passwords and disabled my SIM. I cried all night long and I couldn’t sleep, knowing that I will be buying a replacement in the morning for my iPhone laying deep in the sewers two meters away from me.

This morning however a friend of my husband tells him that his brother’s iPhone fell through the storm drain too and he called the Ministry of Public Work’s hotline and they came and fetched it for him. Skeptic, he called the hot number 112 and he was transfered to a guy called Sameer. Within one hour of his call this morning workers from the ministry came to the drain, opened it up, fetched for the iphone and took it out! Its now sleeping safely at home waiting to be reunited with me once more. Big fat PHEW!

I am lucky my iPhone was retrieved. I feel so relieved and I think it will still be working since I kept calling it all night and it was connecting. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it again after submerging it in Clorex. In my case, one of my nightmares of losing my iPhone became a reality last night and in my panic I kept searching online on what to do. My worst nightmare would be if my phone wasn’t lost in the sewers, it would be if it was stolen by some thief. In anycase, here are the steps I found on the net -and I followed- to react in case your iPhone was lost or stolen:

  1. 1- Before you disable your SIM, you can go to or to any of your other Mac devices and try to locate your iPhone. In order to do so of course you should have enabled the Find My Phone feature and iCloud on the iPhone itself. If you haven’t, do so NOW. You never know what might happen in the next 5 minutes. I mean it, NOW.
  2. 2- If you locate your iPhone in a familiar place and you can retrieve it, fine, do so then. If you can’t or if it was stolen. Use the Wipe iPhone using the Use my iPhone app which will wipe all the apps and data from your iPhone and no one can use them otherwise.  You can retrieve your data from your iCloud and your backups.
  3. 3- Now call your telecommunication company and have them disable your SIM. After you’ve tried to locate it and wiping your iPhone clean. May I also suggest that you act swiftly and quickly in case you thought the iPhone was stolen? Panic will make you go lightning bolt fast.
  4. 4- Change all your applications passwords, starting with the iTunes one. Its a big drag but if you are serious about identity theft and don’t want anyone tweeting/instagramming/facebooking on your behalf, you should. Some applications like email allow you to revoke access you’ve given to the iPhone, do revoke all accesses when the option is given.

And basically that’s it, that’s what I’ve done myself yesterday. If you have anymore steps to add to the list please do share. May you never experience the loss of losing your prized iPhone or its peers. Big thanks to the Ministry of Public Works and to Mr. Sameer for their unbelievable swift service, I’m very grateful and deeply impressed.

The Sleep Cycle Application for iPhone

By | October 21, 2012

I’ve been browsing the App Store on my iPhone last week when I noticed The Sleep Cycle application. It had a high rating and good reviews and given my current state of sleep deprivation I decided to give it a shot. Read more »

Review: The Pastry Shop

By | August 13, 2012

A few days ago I received two big brown bags chock full of baby blue boxes from a new bakery in town, The Pastry Shop. Read more »

Diet Center’s Healthy Gergai3an

By | August 7, 2012

One of the healthiest Gergai3an’s I’ve received this year is for sure from Diet Center.

What’s inside?

Healthy stuff indeed: three jars with portion size and calorie intake written on top. One Mixed nuts and fruits, one date fingers, and one choco balls. All three have a calorie intake of 150 calories only, perfect for snacking guilt-free!

Plus, two apples.

Thank you Diet Center for sending me this healthy basket. Its really tasty and healthy.3asakom min 3owadah.

For more information about Diet Center you can check their website (link), follow them on facebook (link), follow them on Twitter (@DietCenterKw), or on Instagram (@DietCenterKw).

Picture of the Week: Cooking Suhoor

By | August 6, 2012

There is nothing more tantalizing than the aroma of boiling pasta promising you a warm hearty meal at the end of the road. Its so fulfilling! I love pasta so much I allow myself to eat only plain pasta with salt when I’m sick as comfort food, sort of like a guilty pleasure

A few days back I’ve been craving Spaghetti Pomodoro like mad so I decided to have some for my Suhoor meal and it hit all the right spots. I took the picture of the dry spaghetti noodles above while simmering the tomato sauce. That was one memorable Suhoor meal, Yum!

What was your most memorable Suhoor meal this Ramadan?

What to Do When Your iPhone’s Screen Breaks

By | June 25, 2012

Yesterday evening I was trying to shoot a video with my iPhone so I was trying to balance it on a narrow table when it fell, face down, on the ceramic floor. I picked up only to gasp when I saw the screen was shattered! Read more »

Review: Tidy Tilt iPhone Cover

By | June 19, 2012

About two weeks ago I received an email from a home business selling what they call “Tidy Tilt” iPhone covers. I wasn’t really interested until I googled it and realized its not your basic boring old Read more »

Diet Care’s Cute Zumba Invitation

By | May 29, 2012

Last week I received a tiny wicker basket that served as as a very cute invitation from Diet Care. Read more »

My Braces are Finally OFF!!!

By | May 17, 2012


Time to celebrate! I am metal mouth no more! Its been two years and two months since I’ve sat, unwillingly, on my orthodontist’s chair, Read more »

The Perfect Bite of the Perfect Salad

By | May 6, 2012

Let me tell you about a culinary obsession of mine, since its lunch time and I’m starving and dreaming about food. I don’t know how long this tantalizing salad has been available in 10.0h.8, probably since its opening but somehow my radar never landed Read more »

Owner of Comment 20,000 is…

By | March 19, 2012

Wow! I am well on my way to reaching the 20,0100 comment now :p Thank you everyone!

The winner of a brand new shipped from the states Apple TV is… Just a Bunch of Thoughts!

Congratulations hon! Hafsa & Jacquies were really close, really really close!

The Apple TV is an AMAZING device! Plug into your TV and it will open up a new world for you. I already take it with me whenever I travel :)

So congratulations Just a Bunch of Thought! Email me please to arrange for your gift pickup. There is a good chance I am going to celebrate the 21,000 comment now because its so much fun and the gift will be even better! Stay tuned and comment away!

Owner of the 20,000 comment is nearly here…

By | March 19, 2012

The owner of the 20,000 th comment is almost here! Your Apple gadget is waiting for you!

Today, tomorrow, depending on the commenting traffic, the winner will be announced! There is a good chance if you comment it could be you! Whose going to be the owner of the 20,000 comment?

Just to clarify, the comment should be…

1- It has to be a real comment. Nothing like Yay or Thanks or ;) . It will not be eligible.

2- Winners of the 10,000 and the 15,000 comments will not be eligible either. Sorry guys :)

3- This goes without saying but hate and rude comments will not be eligible either.

4- My ego is not looking for praise either. Comments saying how amazing I am out of no where won’t be eligible. Just comment normally people.

5- I won’t be mailing stuff abroad so unless you have someone in Kuwait to pick up the Apple thing I will not consider the comment.

So comment away and best of luck to everyone!

P.S. You cannot comment on this announcement!

Help! My iPhone is Eating Up my Emails!

By | March 19, 2012

Ever since I’ve crossed to the iPhone territory earlier this year I have been very happy! My iPhone is dazzling! I keep wondering why it took me so long to purchase one (it was the touch screen thing). The iPhone is like the super device that is not supposed to do anything wrong.

HOWEVER! There is one small minor problem which is unbeliveable! The mail client on the iPhone is crazy! BIG Time!

First I noticed that it didn’t retrieve my emails unless I prompt it to update and do so. Then I played around with the settings and push notifications trying to make it recieve an email the moment it is delivered to my inbox. No such luck. I would update the bloody thing and nothing will come up while my inbox does indeed have many emails waiting to be read.

I made my peace with that. So the BB would receive my emails a second before it would appear on the computer, the iPhone won’t. Emails are not everything on earth right?

Until one day it started.

I received an email that I’ve read quickly on the go. I remember being happy about it. I decided to get back to it later and read it thoroughly. Later on the day I’ve searched all the folders on my email, on the iPhone and on my pc, but I couldn’t find it. Not even in the Trash or the Spam.

It simply vanished. I couldn’t believe it, iPhone wouldn’t do that to my emails for sure right? I must have imagined I recieved it, there is no record of it coming into my inbox whatsover.

Then it happened again! And again! And again and again and again and again! To this date within 2 months of usage I’ve lost nearly 20 emails! I can’t have imagined all those emails arriving to my inbox! I am very careful when I open and close them because I am aware they might “vanish” into thin air! I searched for them carefully! To no Luck!!!

Is this normal? Is it only my iPhone? Is it every iPhone? I can live with the delayed mail delivery, but why on earth is it hiding my emails from me? This is a major catastrophic fail in an email client provided by a leading company like Apple! Do you have any solution for that? Help?

Vote for me on Blog@’s Al-Derwaza Competition

By | January 17, 2012

Our fellow blogger the Derwaza who also happens to be the creator of the Blog@ Apps in the Apple Store has a competition going on starting yesterday and until midnight today for the best blog’s logo, icon design, and best logo color combination. My blog is included and the first three winners get their own apps while the best 15 winners get their own tabs at the Blog@ update.

Since this is not a popularity contest I though if you found my logo interesting you might vote for me ma 3lekom amor? 4 hours 50 minutes left and who knows, maybe I will win? After all I did design my blog header from scratch on my own 😉

Here is where to vote (link). Wish me luck!

Blog Update: Instagram Badge Added to Side Bar

By | January 17, 2012

Look to your right, yes right there, on the top of the 1st column or what is technically called first side bar. You’ll see there is a Followgram button followed by an instagram Badge, both for my instagram account.

If you click on the Followgram button you will be re-directed to an instagram page of mine on line. To get your Followgram button click here (link).

Bellow the Followgram button there is an instagram account badge with my 3 recent pictures and my stats. I’ve been torn between using this Badge from Badge Plz (link) or an using an instagram widget downloaded here (link). I actually went first with the instagram widget then changed my mind because the Badge Plz offered me  the option to resize and recolour my border which I did.

So now you have no excuse. If you read my blog and have an instagram account, follow me! I am aiming for the target of 750 followers 😀 If you have an instagram account, saw this, and still didn’t follow me then eshda3wa ya 7afoth? Why not?

To recap: if you want to add a followgram button on your blog you can do so here (link) or if you want to add an instagram widget click here (link) or an instagram badge click here (link). Remember to backup first!

My olliclip pictures on Instagram

By | January 11, 2012

Today has proven to be a good day from the start! First I appeared in Bazaar Dining Guide. Second I woke up to find that my Instagram followers had reached -and passed- my milestone of Read more »