My Estekanas from PBF are Here…

By | June 20, 2012

Most of you by know have either encountered the lovely designs of “Pieces by Farah” or already purchased them for your homes or Ramadan. After receiving my PBF bowls (post) I waited patiently for my PBF set of esteknas -tea cups- to arrive and they finally did a few days ago.

The moment I’ve seen the estekana’s when I ordered them in the exhibition, I was in love. I fell in love all over again as I unwrapped them from their protective purple paper they arrived in.

I was so happy to see my lime green ones. However, I was surprised to see the yellow. I could have sworn I ordered lime green and fuchsia pink? I looked for the order receipt but I found none so I suppose it was my mind playing tricks on me. Thank god this yellow matches my living room too.

I couldn’t resist to use the new estekanas so I got out my tray and my bowls.

I have lime green and orange bowls. The bowls come with removable wooden bowls so I swapped the wooden ones with silver ones I had and they fit like a glove!

My bowls are so pretty <3

The bottom of the estekana is embossed by PBF logo.

I’m so happy with my new set. Still can’t get the neon yellow color out of my head though. I will wait as there seems to be more items coming out in the collection to get that neon color. I’ve already had a dinner party in my new tea estekana set’s honor 😀

You can order those gorgeous bowls and more gorgeous items online from Pieces by Farah’s website (link).

4 Responses to “My Estekanas from PBF are Here…”

  1. Jacqui says:

    Looks lovely walla 3alaich bl 3afya o enshalla you find more pieces to enjoy! 😛

  2. وايد حلوين
    عليج بالعافيه