Scoop a Cone’s New Alphonso Mango Gelato

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Since my blog’s name means ice cream its only natural that I love everything ice cream related. Therefore, when Scoop a Cone informed me they are officially opening up their new branch in Dasma area with a gelato serving drive-thru gelato with a seasonal new gelato flavour I knew I had to go and try it and I am happy I did!


The new scoop a cone branch is also the nearest one to Kuwait City and is located in Dasma’s Area 5 Co-op branch. The best thing about it in my opinion is the drive-thru! Which is also bad news for me given insatiable appetite for ice cream.


The branch is also a nice place to have a quick bite. They serve gelato in all types and concoctions plus they also serve drinks, beverages, and sandwiches. They have a pleasant outdoors seating area as well.








As for the special limited edition gelato flavour, guess what it is? Alphonso mango! I adore Alphonso mangoes, I love gelato, so an Alphonso mango gelato is not something I can resist!


There is the Alphonso mango gelato and the Alphonso Mango frozen yogurt. There are also the little gelato bonbons and gelato sticks in Alphonso mango flavour encased with alphonso mango coating. Also, I know its a matter of taste but the Alphonso mango gelato tastes better than the Alphonso mango frozen yogurt.





The bonbons are for sure my absolute favourite. Small in size, big in taste, and totally addictive! 






Thank you Scoop a cone for your invitation and congratulation on the opening of Dasma branch. Keep up the good work. The Alphonso mango gelato flavour is available in Al-Dasma branch for now and will be available in all their other branches starting Monday 1 April 2013. If you are a mango and a gelato fan, you don’t want to miss it.

For more information and to order the bonbons you can call Scoop a Cone on 23930607, check their website (link), check their facebook page (link), or follow them on instagram (@Scoop-a-cone).

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