Why don’t you Ride your Bike to Work?

Mosbach By | April 2, 2013

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I saw a man heading to his to workplace today on a motorcycle.

The weather was gorgeous, warm with a cool breeze. Traffic was horrible even as early as 7 A.M. Roadworks didn’t help much in the traffic department. Drowsy car drivers almost slumped on their steering wheels -at least I was- waiting for the traffic sign to go green, and then there was this motorcycle slipping through traffic, not taking much space at all, and he made it to his workplace before I reached mine. I saw him zooming ahead and I thought to myself that I would really be riding a bike right now to work if a) I owned one and b) I knew how.

Why don’t guys in Kuwait ride their bikes to work, or to run their errands, more often? I don’t believe the industrial countries invented the motorcycles so they can use them to cruise the beaches or drive recklessly? A bike is a transportation vehicle and in our current case of deadlock traffic in Kuwait, I think it could be one way of helping ease the traffic by getting that shiny Harley out of the garage and putting it to use. Why not?

If you have to wear a Dishdasha to work, perhaps you can leave one in the office? Or wear a suit? Everyone wears jeans and trousers in Kuwait, why is a suit any different? There are many men who actually wear jeans and Tshirts to work to start with, I don’t think their attire will crumble while riding? We have maybe until the end of May where the weather is OK to ride in the morning so there is still time?

If only I had a bike and I knew how to ride, I would’ve gotten parked the car in the garage during the good weather days and driven my bike everywhere. If you had a bike, would you ride it to work, and why?

12 Responses to “Why don’t you Ride your Bike to Work?”

  1. D. says:

    bel3ax, i reeeally hope that habit doesnt start; u have no idea how many crazy motorbike accidents happen in Kuwait, even if they wear a helmet and protection and drive slow minding their own business, wallah they still get rammed by a car oo yt6asheron!
    Im very against bikes belkuwait, I just saw so many young men crippled by them..

    • danderma says:

      Really? Perhaps its because we don’t have designated lanes for bikes or bicycles and they’d have to go between traffic. Interestingly one of my family members have a theory about not having a tiny car to drive -I wanted a smart car for as long as I remember-. Its that with a tiny car people could run you over and hurt you badly while at least with a bigger car they’d respect your space and even if anything should happen god forbid there is more metal and more protection. I think this could include bikes as well.

  2. Willy Nilly says:

    What we need to see more of is people car pooling to work, hitching rides and pillion riders on every bike- your way of saying we care about the carbon footprints we generate.
    The best would be for increasing numbers of white collar professionals and people otherwise branded as too posh to use mass transit to actually start using public transport. Imagine you are traveling in an AC bus with you kindle, or listening to psychedelic music on your i-pod while drifting in and out of consciousness and a few stops before your final destination you can pull outt your make-up kit and be ready to face the office crowd. With men, they can even do their last minute shaving on the go while on the bus.
    Would suddenly make life more manageable if not actually, interesting!

    • danderma says:

      Public transportation would be ideal if the quality of the services provided were of much, much better quality. For one thing the bus stops are faraway from where people reside and there are no real walkways you can use to head there plus if you try to walk in the summer you’d simply melt. I don’t see anyone giving up their comfortable cars for the sake of a public transportation bus nor a metro if it ever gets implemented unless the metro stops were at every co-op branch in every area with proper walkways leading to it. Car pooling would work in Kuwait for sure, I remember when I was a child my father’s friend would take me, his children, and his friends children, and sometimes his brother’s children to and from school everyday. One car is better than four cars going back and forth!

  3. Ramez says:

    I am a Biker, and I would love to ride my bike all the days, but actually we can do that.
    First: People here are driving in an insane ways which is very dangerous on bikers.
    Second: People are not giving the enough respect to the bikers and that because of some idiots who rides their bikes without helmets, flirting, doing burnouts and doing very stupid stunts and very dangerous moves on their bikes.
    I wish the traffic dept. start pulling those idiots’s license and make a serious campaign to inform people about how to ride safe and cars drivers to look twice before changing the lanes, because bikes are smaller than the cars and most of the time wont be seen like those big cars.

    Third reason that u cant go to work with the bike is the heat due the summer time.

    Anyways I use the bike as a transportation method for work.

    • danderma says:

      When you ride a bike do you need a license of somesort or do you just get one and drive away, no questions asked?
      I agree with you on the bikers stereotyping in Kuwait. Whenever a biker is seen he is assumed to be either a reckless person trying to show off or flirt seeking attention. But I’ve seen decent bikers before and I hope that more and more bikers like yourself use the bike for transport. During the summer where no one can ride there are no schools so traffic is reduced for sure.

      • Ramez says:

        for sure there is a license for riding the bike and it needs the same procedures of the cars driving license.
        I love riding in Groups and there are a lot or Motorcycles Clubs in Kuwait which they were basically made to keep riding in Group with all the required safety gear and methods such as Kuwait Riders, Harley Owner Group, BMW Group, Ducati, Phoenician Riders and also Pharaoh Bikers which they are all cares about safety and going back home SAFELY.

        • danderma says:

          Plenty of groups masha2 Allah. Insha2 Allah one day the public’s perspective will change regarding guys riding bikes in terms of safety and that they are not only looking for reckless fun and to show off.

  4. Boozylicious says:

    Better than biking would be to use a bicycle to work- I am n ot suggesting you cycle all the way from home. A lot of us working within huge gated campuses and complexes can park at the entrance and take a bicycle to reach our work stations which may be like a kilometre or two from the entry port.

    • danderma says:

      For some reason I feel the bike is more secure than a bicycle. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s easier to get some speed if you suddenly encounter some danger like a car who didn’t see you. I can cycle to and from the co-op but there isn’t a proper place to park a bicycle safely or decent paths one can follow without being hit by a speeding car unfortunately.

  5. ahmed says:

    I have been riding for about three years and I can’t ride to work because of all the crazy car drivers specially the taxi’s. I have a Yamaha R6(a supersport bike) which I ride at 3am where there is no traffic. I just love riding. I don’t speed or do any stupid stunts. the real problems are the car drivers who switch lanes without looking or using the blinker and the idiot motorcycle stunt riders who ruins the image of us motorcyclists, and finally the careless teenagers who assume that if they see someone driving a motorcycle they would like to race..

    • danderma says:

      I have to agree with you. Today on my way to work a laundry van cut through my lane and forced me to stop halfway between my lane and the emergency lane which had flying cars running on it and it was simply a recipe for a disaster. I am in a huge car yet people push and shove me with their cars all the time, I can only imagine what they’d do to a motorcycle.