Why don’t you Ride your Bike to Work?

capitularly By | April 2, 2013

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I saw a man heading to his to workplace today on a motorcycle.

The weather was gorgeous, warm with a cool breeze. Traffic was horrible even as early as 7 A.M. Roadworks didn’t help much in the traffic department. Drowsy car drivers almost slumped on their steering wheels -at least I was- waiting for the traffic sign to go green, and then there was this motorcycle slipping through traffic, not taking much space at all, and he made it to Read more »

Shino Qrayshkom ElYoom?

By | July 19, 2012

There is a 50/50 chance that tomorrow is the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, mbarak 3leko elshahar o 3asakom min 3owadah. Therefore, people around Kuwait are all having their qraish -Qraish is the last breakfast/brunch muslims have before fasting for Ramadan-. We had our graish at work yesterday but today I had a mini graish of my own. Nothing fancy, some KDD milk and a mini pizza from the cafeteria washed down with a medium Turkish coffee.

What I really wanted for Qraish though was some Zaatar w Zeit’s white cheese fried samboosa with some sweet mint tea. The comibinatoin, especially if the samboosa is bubbling hot, is mind blowing. I could have 20 of these and never get enough, they are simply divine <3 Sadly I’d rather have it for breakfast at home instead of inside my cubicle.

Maybe I’ll have it tonight for su7oor, or tomorrow for breakfast if its not Ramadan. What about you? What was your Qraish?

What is your retirement date?

By | May 6, 2012

One of the things that help me get through the Sunday morning blues is thinking about my retirment day. In the olden days women had the chance to retire after working for 15 years. Sadly by the time we started working the law of retiement has been adjusted so a person can retire at age 50 or more.

This morning I went to the “Ta2meenat Ejtema3iya” website -don’t know the name in English and found a calculator that you can use to check the exact date of your retirement day. My retirment day insah2 Allah etha Allah 3a6ana 3omor is 17 July 2030! Not so bad, 18 years, 2 months, and 11 days left to go till my retirement insha2 Allah. Plus, lo and behold, its on the date of my 50th birthday! I hope I am alive, healthy, thin,  surrounded by people I love the most, and very happy by then. Insha2 Allah ya rab!

So, my retirement date is 17 July 2030 and I’m already working on my retirement plans. What about your retirement day? You want to calculate it to pass the Sunday blues, click here (link).

Picture of the Week: I Hate You!

By | April 9, 2012

I hate you.

No, let me rephrase that. I loathe you! You always yank me out from my warm snug oblivious trance, you dream interrupter! You always scream for attention with your insistent shrill voice, signalling the end of my most relaxed state ever. Once you start ringing I know it will be the start of a long day filled with chores and driving and work and god knows what. I hate you because when you ring it means it is still a work day and I would have to be out of the house in 20 minutes.

I hate you, and that’s why I never allow a peep out of you during the weekend. If I could I would chuck you in the bin and then retrieve you back on Saturday night but that would be too gross. I hate you and I wish you were never ever invented.

Don’t you hate your wretched alarm clock?

Rise and Shine… Vacation is Over!

By | November 13, 2011

What do you know, the lovely long vacation did fly by in a flash -kinda-. Its already Sunday and we are already at work counting the hours till next Thursday.

How did you receive the sound of the dreaded alarm clock waking you up this morning? I wanted to hurl the damn thing against the wall and hide underneath the covers until new year’s day :(

Miss the vacation already. I hope you had a much better vacation than I did and enjoyed it to the max.

The Traffic Cone Massacre en Route to Work

By | October 2, 2011

Every day when on my way to work we get held up for a long time in the Jabriya exit to 5th ring road. Rude drivers usually attack other drivers standing in line waiting for their turn to get out, therefore a police car and a group of traffic cone were set up to help organize traffic and stop the angry rude drivers taking others turns.

How successful was that? See for yourselves…  Read more »

The Cure to the Work Commute Blues

By | September 28, 2011

I was lucky enough to have a car with a DVD player and a screen to watch DVD’s. In order to fight my depression driving from and to work every single morning insha2 Allah until I am all old and wrinkled before being allowed retirement, I figured I might as well make the most out of the drive. It is time out of my life after all.

Ever since I started listening to plays on my way to and from work, the road has magically felt shorter, I laugh all the time even if a crazy driver had just cut infront of me. I am more tolerant of my fellow drivers because I am happy and relaxed. I actually began to look forward to longer drives because I get to listen to a little bit more of the plays every day. My current favorite is Bye Bye London and so far I have rewinded it twice already! Its just too hilarious!

So if you have the work commute blues, do the same thing I do and see how your miserable time on the road will improve. Highly recommended 😀

Help: What Dishes to Order for Work Qraish?

By | July 24, 2011

Every year at work we have a great big Qraish for the entire company where everyone brings something. This year however every department will have its own designated table and the departments will be competing against each other as the best -most delicious- available dishes on that table.

So I’ve been thinking, really hard, all day long. I want something fairly new, if possible a fantooga that looks irresistible, something extremely delicious, something that could serve a crowd and be a good crowd pleaser. Maybe more than one thing.  Dessert, appetizer, salad, main dish, ele ohoo… and I want to place the order tonight or tomorrow at most.

My mind is completely blank yet and I really want our table to win!

What are you getting for your work or gathering qraish? Any ideas please? Please tell me and share with me, much obliged 😀

P.S. You might be the 15,000 commentor, Just saying 😉

10 Things You shouldn’t Be wearing to work…

By | February 20, 2011

  1. Henna Gloves!!! Imagine trying to explain a presentaion or deliver papers to your CEO or sit in a meeting with a group of foreign business men! Would you wear a glove like that to work!?
  2.  A blinding neon toy watch. It just screams “childish”. Wear it as much as you want after work… but when you see a professional woman wearing it during work hours… well not so professional anymore right!
  3. Sweats and tracksuits. Gray ones are absolute no no… those are GYM clothes! Especially if they are body hugging and tightly fitten. 3aib! You might as well show up in a bathing suit! and no Juicy counts as a track suit as well whether you like it or not.
  4. Black leggings… with a short blouse that doesn’t cover your behind… especially if you weight more than 50 kilo! Would you want to sit in front of your boss or male colleauges in your leggings and your thighs flowing everywhere?! 3aib tra…
  5. Swaroviski crystal. Especially if you wear a 3baya… besides… whats the point of wearing a 3baya if you are going to glitter like a disco ball and attract the attention of every creature within a 4 km radius?
  6. Open toes glittery high heel shoes. Or any shoes you would wear to a wedding. They belong to the “Party Shoes” section of your wardrobe and not to your “work shoes”… even Ginas are a tad too much!
  7. Sheer blouses, especially colorful or rainbow colored ones, belong to a night dining out in the Avenues… they do not work well in the office no matter how pretty or stylish they are…
  8. Superman hoodies, or any hoodies, are out of the question. They look bad enough on teenagers roaming the avenues! Let alone in the office! Wain ga3deen?!
  9. Party makeup. If spend more than 15 minutes in front of the mirror every morning applying makeup and end your session by adding fake eye lashes… you are putting too much on. Tone it down please. and lose the cleopetra eye liner.
  10. Party clutches. We know the price tag on these little cute things is very high and you earn enough to buy those… but if you wear a glittery funky clutch to work, what do you wear when you are invited for a party?!

What else?! There are many more to be frank… what do you think shoudln’t be worn to the work place?!

Bad *Doggy* Morning!!!

By | October 19, 2010


Ever woke up and felt you had gotten up at the wrong side of bed?

I went to bed at 11 P.M. and woke up very late for work. Work starts at 7 i woke up 7:50 -yeah i know-… i had the worst nightmare and apparently i didn’t wake up because i was enjoying being scared from that nightmare :S

I scramble to change and go to work… i am already late… i finally battle the morning traffic and reach the work gates by 8:30… and what to i see?

A dog, i don’t know what kind, like the one in the picture above… same color b3d… trotting past the gate in front of me… past the security guard who tried to run after him… the dog was faster… the gurad let him be and off ge goes to the parking!!!!

So now i park. I sit in the car. Too afraid to get out. I hate all types of animals, esp. dogs. All animals scare me to the core. He might as well be a very hungry stray dog. He could eat me! or Maul me or run after me tearing my clothes. A stray dog at the crack of dawn roaming the parking lot you have just parked in is NOT something i would care for… thank you very much.

and it isn’t like someone was there to help me out. Feeling scared and jittery… i grabbed my bag, got out of the car and all but ran all the way to the entrance of the building, heart thumbing!

I didn’t encounter him thankfully… but what if i DO encounter him on my way out? That thought alone is making me anxious right now!!! Why are there stray dogs on the streets? Who would raise a dog, have them produce off springs and throw them in the streets? Dogs are NOT like cats. Dogs ARE dangerous especially when hungry! What am i supposed to do? Camp in my office all day?!

So who had a better dog free nightmare free morning? I hope you all did!

Help Needed: What Wakes you Up in the Morning?

By | August 4, 2010

For the past few weeks i have been having a hard time waking up. I tried every thing: I slept earlier, i slept after eating a very light dinner, i changed my wakeup time several times,  i have one alarm clock blaring far away and my phone alarm right under my ear, both wake me up on time but i would just get up, shut off the far alarm, and hit snooze on my mobile and go back into deep sleep! Hence i arrive to work very late and that’s not pretty at all! I have to be at work no later than 7:30 yet every day i stroll in after 8!

How do you force yourselves to wake up and actually get out of bed in the morning? My old techniques do not seem to be working anymore! Help?

Do you Stare At People Who Brush Their Teeth?

By | August 2, 2010

I am at work, i take my tooth brush and tooth paste and go to our bathroom, which sadly is shared between two departments, i squeeze a little paste on my dry brush and start brushing vigorously, looking around, trying to finish up fast before someone comes in…


Bayga booga? 3amla 3amla?

People in Q8 have the weirdest reaction to people who brush their teeth “outside” their homes! Some people glance, disapprovingly, out of the corner of their eyes at your reflection in the mirror… some stand, mouth gaping open in amazement and your audicity to brush your teeth right there and then, some snicker at you, very few people ignore you… and then you overhear two yapping girls dissing you behind your back for “brushing your teeth at work” with a couple of “waaay ambeeeh” and a sprinkle of laughter…

Fact 1: Ma ho 3aib, wala 7ram, walaho dangerous, wala smelly, wala disgusting.

Fact 2: SHE and HER and YOU must be brushing your teeth at work after having breakfast.

Fact 3: I am not baring skin, or doing something hideous like shaving my legs in the bathroom. It’s just a simple hygienic practice intensified by the fact that i wear BRACES and that half my teeth are decayed and the other half is falling off… i really cannot afford NOT to take care of my teeth.

Fact 4: Kaifi! Ok? KAIFI!

If you are someone who stares at an innocent person brushing her/his teeth in a public bathroom… tra ma 3ndokom salfa. It’s teeth brushing, not smoking pot!

Did someone ever stare at you for brushing your teeth outside your house?

At work? Need a break? Order this from Kakao!

By | November 18, 2009

We were facebooking while on a break from work on Sunday morning when we saw Kakao ‘s group on facebook… we decided to order their sample 1.5 Kilo of chocolate box for Monday morning and bring along some arabian coffee… Look how pretty Read more »

Breakfast @ Work from Salad Boutique…!

By | November 1, 2009


dndbkfst2 I recieved a message from Salad Boutique on Facebook announcing that they have began serving breakfast. One of our friends at work is having a long extended leave which means we had to have a good wholesome breakfast in honor of her vacation 😀

Salad Boutique it was! Read more »


By | February 19, 2009


7:45 am… i am just sitting on my desk. I am just sipping my coffee that tastes a bit like fairy liquid because i just washed the cup and seems like it didnt rinse thoroughly…

Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Read more »