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Since I started today’s post with a healthy streak I thought I’d continue from the last post. Another trend that’s been going on in Kuwait for the past few months is the “detox juice diet”. One of the providers of the diet is a new business called Re and they set you up with a few day’s worth of different drinks naturally pressed and filled with nutritions and minerals that need to get you going. I didn’t care much for the detox program to be frank as I’m not a big fan of juices and would prefer water. But on the first week of Ramadan I did received a few bottles from Re and they weren’t part of a detox program, they were four of their new Ramadan flavoured healthy drinks.


During Ramadan we tend to drink a lot of liquids during and after the iftar meal. Once I bread my fast I usually turn into a fish that needs water, then tea, then coffee, then sometimes tea. Years ago I’ve stopped drinking the famous and very popular Ramadan drinks like Qamardeen, Jullab, and Vimto but occasionally my resolve crumbles and I binge drink on something, remembering how good it tastes and how bad all the sugar and colour is to my health, and then I’d quit cold turkey until it starts all over again. Story of my life actually.


However, the juices I received as a Ramadan gift from Re all had something in common: natural ingredients, freshly squeezed, sugar free, healthy, packed with nutrients, and are actually good for you.


The first one I received was the Qamar Deen or Qamer Al Deen, a very popular Ramadan apricot based drink. Usually it’s texture is heavy and is quite sweet but Re’s Qamar El Deen wasn’t sweetened at all therefore it was as sweet as the actual fruit itself. For an extra kick and for the heavy consistency the coconut water was added but it didn’t taste coconut-y at all. Personally I loved it and I wanted to cook with it, might do so soon, but if you are looking for a syrupy sweet juice then this is not the one for you.


The second drink I got was another popular Ramadan drink, Sharbat Baithan or Almond milk but with Re they called it Almond blossom. It’s almond milk with a hint of orange blossom and sweetened with Agave. If you are a fan of baithan you should try this healthy alternative.



Next came a bottle of Pineapple Ginger juice. I don’t know about you but I love pineapples. It’s actually a weight loss secret of mine -and Salma Hayek’s btw-. If I eat fresh and natural pineapples on daily basis I end up losing weight. To received a litre of unsweetened fresh pineapple juice was a very good thing to my health. The ginger gave the pineapple juice a spicy kick which worked very well and opened up my sinuses every time I drank a cup.


One thing to look out for is the effect it might have on your stomach, if you have a very weak and sensitive stomach like I do you the drink might be too strong for you. However, if your stomach is fine and you have the flu do give the juice a try, it will help you out for sure.



Last but not least, the salted chocolate almond milk! Yes you read that right, salted chocolate almond milk. Fresh, dairy free, and chocolate based! At first I thought it was chocolate salt and almond added to fresh dairy milk but then I realised it’s actually almond milk. It didn’t taste any different from real milk by the way.




Other combinations on Re’s menu that I’m planning on trying are the “Mango papaya”, “Strawberry Lemonade”, “Watermelon Mint”, and “Berry Almond Milk”. By the way, these are not detox juices nor are a part of Re’s certified cleansing plan. These are natural juices that you can order to drink instead of soft drinks or other juices or things like Vimto especially during Ramadan. Thank you Re Juices for the Ramadan gift, the juices were fresh and delicious. Mubarak 3lekom el shahar o 3asakom min 3owadah :)

To view the rest of Re Juices menu and to order you can give them a call on +(965)-99115662, email them at, or follow them on twitter (@Re_KWT) or instagram (@Re_KWT).

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