Au Bon Pan Bagels for Breakfast…

exiguously By | April 4, 2010

It was the middle of the nigh… 2 AM to be precise, i was watching ER when a lady on the show had some bagels over for staff breakfast… it was bagels, fresh OJ, and coffee… and at that very moment my stomach began having a somersault and i wished i could blink and it would early morning -ok earlier- so i would get me some Bagels with cream cheese…

I thought about the bagels… the last time i had some was in 2003 from Casper and Gambinis but i heard that they don’t do them anymore, neither do TSC… i began thinking where to get them from when i remembered Ansam’s Evil Breakfast Post -yes hon ur evil! :p- on which she had some bagels from Au Bon Pan!

I thought that since they serve bagels for breakfast, they must have some bagels available to sell for take away! I pass by on Friday to see if they had some and Viola! The do sell them by piece! There were sesame, Parmesan, plain and something else so I chose 2 plain bagels, each 500 fils, and took them home… and couldn’t wait for breakfast to come!

The next morning it didn’t take me long to set up my breakfast! The bagel was huge but still chewy, i cut it in half and toasted it, some light Philadelphia cheese, prepared the coffee and poured the OJ…

The best part of the breakfast was actually spreading the Philadelphia cheese… i felt like i was in a TV commercial or something 😀

And i was done! All i had to do was to shred my bagel into bite size pieces since i can’t bite with my teeth now… it was so worth the wait and very yummy <3

My husband however had other plans! He wasn’t so keen on having bagels at all… when i said bagels he went ‘Bagels!? Laish?!’ but by the time i was done spreading my cheese i found this on the table…

It was a bit smelly if you are a vegeterian who hates the smell of turkey and mortadella but then he was toasting his bagels and i was curious to see what he would be doing…

OK so it was colorful and very messy to eat… but he loved every bite! Such a huge difference between my plain bagel and his catastrophy!

and then came this on the other  half…

Again too messy and colorful… i personally think mine was better… simplicity is beauty…

Would you rather eat my kind of bagel topping or Butootee’s kind of garden topping?!

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17 Responses to “Au Bon Pan Bagels for Breakfast…”

  1. Q80BOY says:

    i hate veggies so i’d definitely go with ur simple one .. but bu tottee’s one looks yummy .. soo i think ill just pass on bagels 😛

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  3. Dalal (om 3azoz) says:

    mmmm…. Denderma.. you reminded me of my London Days!!! There was a place where I worked which sold a selection of begals and choices of cream cheese!!! Cream cheese in cheddar, cream cheese in herbs… cream cheese w/ roasted veggies and many more!!! I used to go to the place twice a day for breakfast and lunch!!! Amazing! drooling now ;p
    Now I’m going to copy you for next weeks breakfast! ;p Yes… men are strange with their taste in food :(

    • danderma says:

      Ah u used to work in london?! Ma wedich tabcheen when you remember it? ana min a7ad ya6rele london ga3da itdame3 3yone

      Where is that place? apostrophe?! I am still going to copy the choco french toast :p

      • Dalal (om 3azoz) says:

        It was a whole different life… *sniff*
        It used to be in Baker sq. but it closed now…. :(

  4. Queen Nusy says:

    i would have the clorful one but lose the tomato 😀

  5. FourMe says:

    yala 9ba7 khair laish bu toote la7am mn e9b7 :/ his pasta still haunts me

    i go for yours

  6. BNDQ8 says:

    your breakfast looks so colorful and delicious!! we will try it out soon for sure :) kind of reminds me of Mugg & Bean… :)

  7. ZaboOo6a says:

    i wudnt mind trying bu tootee bagels shakelha yummy , wud keep me stuffed for a long time minus the cucumbers though 😛

  8. ansam518 says:

    Ansam’s Evil Breakfast Post -yes hon ur evil! :p <— I take such comments as a compliment 😉 Thanks dear o bel3afiaaaaaaa

  9. swera says:

    I’d go with ur husband’s decoration, it looks tempting :)