English Breakfast Bagel for Breakfast

http://iccpaix.org/wpblog/get-involved/calendar/action~agenda/tag_ids~55,62/request_format~html/ By | December 8, 2013

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There is nothing like a good English breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, all smothered in gleaming baked beans with a side of crunchy toast and a good strong cup of tea. I woke up lazily late on Friday morning and as I lay in bed savouring the warmth of my blanket and the softness of my pillow I realised I was craving two things for breakfast: bagels and cheese plus English breakfast. Torn between the two, I decided to combine them in one by making myself an English breakfast bagel. Read more »

Au Bon Pan Bagels for Breakfast…

By | April 4, 2010

It was the middle of the nigh… 2 AM to be precise, i was watching ER when a lady on the show had some bagels over for staff breakfast… it was bagels, fresh OJ, and coffee… and at that very moment my stomach began having a somersault and i wished i could blink and it would early morning -ok earlier- so i would get me some Bagels with cream cheese…

I thought about the bagels… the last time i had some was in 2003 from Casper and Gambinis but i heard that they don’t do them anymore, neither do TSC… i began thinking where to get them from when i remembered Ansam’s Evil Breakfast Post -yes hon ur evil! :p- on which she had some Read more »