LoFat Vegetarian Diet – Day 26

Lunéville By | January 9, 2013

Lökbatan lfnvdd26-002

On day 26 of LoFat’s vegetarian diet breakfast was Zaatar fatayer with fruit skewers, low fat laban (buttermilk), and coffee.


Lunch was wheat flour spaghetti with artichoke with beetroot, orange, and feta salad.


The spaghetti with artichokes was very good. Even though I’m not a very big fan or artichokes.

The beetroot, orange, and feta salad was nice and sour-sweet. I like the idea of oranges with beetroot.


Dessert was chocolate muffin with white tea. The chocolate muffin was nice, I wish it was available for breakfast though, it would have been very nice with a cup of black coffee.


Dinner was chickpea chowder with rustic tomato and basil soup.


The soup was fine as always, but the chickpea choweder looked very runny and quite tasteless. I’d rather eat hummus or plain chickpeas instead of the chowder which came with baby food consistency.


Day 26 is gone, 2 more days to go!

To learn more about LoFat’s diet menu plans you can call them 22250650 on ,check their website (link), like their facebook page (link), follow them on Twitter (@LoFatGroup), or instagram (@LoFatGroup).

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