Blast from the Past: Baby-Sitters Club and Point Horror Books!

buy Pregabalin cheap By | April 28, 2013

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I’ve been unpacking some moving boxes, something that’s about a year over-due but it’s better late than never I suppose. One of the boxes I opened was labeled “books” and what was inside? My old Baby-sitters club books!



The last I’ve seen of these precious old things were a bunch of which I have auctioned off in a garage sale in 2010 and they were sold in a blink (post). Those I found in the box are my favourite BSC books and I wouldn’t give them away for any price. I’m keeping those for the day I have children so they can enjoy reading them as I did back in the 90’s. I had three different editions of the BSC series with three different cover styles. I think the BSC books are out of print now.


My favourite BSC book ever was the one with Mary Anne’s makeover! When her father takes her to cut her hair and buys her makeup and new jewellery. I love makeovers and in that book, I imagined I was Mary Anne going for my brave dream haircut.


The BSC had the main series and a few side story-lines like the BSC Mysteries and special editions. I didn’t have many of these though, there were harder to find.




The last I bought of the Baby-Sitter’s club was the one where Mallory leaves into a boarding school. I think I saw it there, number 123? I stopped reading the BSC series after that but I kept my books for the future. Look what else I found in the box! Point Horror books!



My favourite of the point horror books was the Cheerleaders Evil series! There is this evil spirit that haunts one of the cheerleaders and kills off one of them in the first evil and no matter what they do, the bloody thing just won’t leave them alone! I remember thinking to myself as I read the series over and over back in the day how horrible must those cheerleaders how felt, I could almost feel their despair from the pages.


One last book I found was the Cocktail 2000 Egyptian series. These I collected as well along with Malaf Al-Mostaqbal and Rajol Al-Mostaheel though none of these I could salvage over the years :

As I fondly picked up and stroke each books, the lovely memories of the days when I was young and innocent with nothing to worry about except my homework came back to me. I remember saving my small allowance, KD by KD, until I made enough money to go to Manara bookshop of Family bookstore in Salmiya – both long gone now- and buy myself some BSC and Point Horror books. Nothing made me happier back in the day! I also remember buying the ones I couldn’t find from Waterstones or W.H. Smiths in London whenever I vacationed there during the summer. In fact, the last point horror book I ever bought was from W.H. Smith in London in summer of 1996 or 1997.

I flipped through one of the books and the distinctive smell of old paper wafted back to me. I love that smell and I can’t believe I now own books that smell that way! All those precious beauties from the past occupy one single shelve in my library and they will proudly stay there as a memoir for my lovely childhood English books until the day they become my children’s books.


I hear that the Point Horror and BSC books are now discontinued and out of print. Too bad, for the girls of the BSC were like my friends and I enjoyed their company through the pages. Do you remember the Baby-sitters club books and Point Horror books? Do you still have any of them lying around? Which ones were your favourite?

6 Responses to “Blast from the Past: Baby-Sitters Club and Point Horror Books!”

  1. OMG! This takes me to the 90s!!! I loved the Babysitters club books – I can’t imagine young girls reading them now though. Claudia the creative one, Kirsty the tomboy, Stacey(?) with diabetes, Mallory with red hair etc. I also remember goose bumps and Sweet Valley High!
    A channel was playing 90s music the other day – Back Street Boys, N sync, TLC, Whitney Houston- they don’t make music like they used to.

    • danderma says:

      Stacey with the diabetes yes! Ooh Sweet Valley High! I remember those! They were twins right?
      They don’t make anything like they used to do before. There is no innocence left to spare :(

      • Yep twins called Elizabeth (good twin) and Jessica (bad twin) lol and they had a brother called Steven. I remember they showed a few episodes of the Babysitters club on tv like early in the morning and they also used to show Sweet Valley High (I still remember the theme tunes) :$

        • danderma says:

          I remember watching an episode once on BBC or ITV? It was something about Stacey getting sick. I have their movie from 1996 if I’m not mistaken and I watched it many many times :) Good old days!

  2. Hafsa says:

    You really bought back memories!… I was one MADDDD fan of BSC books…I also used to have a collection which passed down to my sisters and I have no idea where it is now but looking at you books I wanna read them all over again! My fav character was stacey and I used to play pretend games being funny and carefree days!!!

    • danderma says:

      Loool! Hello fellow BSC fan :)
      Why don’t you locate them and keep them for your children? Maybe one day when you have a little girl she will want to read it. The old cartoons and books are way much better than whatever those children are interested in these days!