Succellent Kuwaiti Strawberries from Wafra Farms!

Baki By | April 28, 2013 sksfwf-001-1

On Wednesday I arrived home and found a packet of strawberries in the fridge. The label on the box said “Kuwaiti Strawberries”. As I washed and placed them in a bowl, I could see they were excellent, ruby red, very ripe, and extremely juicy strawberries. Their delicious scent was so strong, I could almost cut it with a knife as I cut off the strawberry stems.


I bit into my first strawberry and I have to say in all my life, I’ve never had such good strawberries before except once in the UK and they were British strawberries picked during the strawberry season. I had a little bowl of melted chocolate waiting by the side of the strawberries to make the fastest chocolate fondue ever but as I was dipping my strawberries into the chocolate, I realized those strawberries were much sweeter than the chocolate itself!


I went back to the co-op later on that day to get me more of those heavenly strawberries. I, err, couldn’t let go of the bowl. I had them for breakfast at work last Thursday and I’ve been feasting on them all weekend long, still in disbelief that these candy-like red gems were farmed and harvested from the soil of Kuwait, a desert’s soil!


I knew Wafra farms in Kuwait produced strawberries, I didn’t know they produced such excellent strawberries! There were no more details on the strawberry boxes regarding the exact farm name though. I’m wondering if I could drive to Wafra and perhaps go strawberry pickcing? The same way its done in Europe during the strawberry season, where you are given a basket and you pick strawberries and weigh them? It’s a very fun activity, one I’d personally make the two hours trip to the Wafra farms for.

If you know of any farm with good strawberries that allow strawberry picking in Kuwait, please do share. I’m looking forward to the day where we can go Alphonso mango picking in Kuwait as well.

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  1. me says:

    where is the Jam3eya you got your strawberry from ?