Home Baked Pizza with HomeSlice Ready Pizza Dough

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There is nothing I adore more than baking pizza at home. It reminds me of my childhood, when I used to sneak to the kitchen and grab handfuls of grated mozzarella cheese while the pizza was being prepared. I usually almost always have pizza ingredients ready in the fridge but the one thing that’s always missing is fresh pizza dough. I don’t have the patience or the skills to produce an excellent dough so I usually bake pizza at home once a year only.


Two weeks ago, I was in the Supermarket and I found myself standing at HomeSlice’s Pizzeria stand selling their pizza dough, tomato sauce, garlic bread, ready pizzas, and salads. I gazed at the pizza dough and though to myself ‘Why not?’. So I took home two to try, one white dough and one whole wheat dough. Both cost me about 800 fils.

An hour before I prepared the pizza for lunch I took the pizza dough out of the fridge and kept it, unopened, in room temperature. As I washed and cut my vegetables, pre-heated the oven to 230 C, and grated my block of cheddar cheese the hour was almost over.


Setting up my dough…


All I had to do is sprinkle a hint of flour on the table, cut open the plastic package of the dough, and then knead the dough a bit. I then used the wooden thingy to spread the dough out and try and shape it into a round pizza base.

Not bad eh? Almost round! I placed it on my pizza baking dish. OK it looks deformed but I’m not selling it!
Next it was time to bring out the tomato sauce!

As I said I usually have a jar of home-made tomato sauce in the fridge so I can have Spaghetti Pomodoro whenever I crave it (recipe). However, I do update the tomato sauce a bit so it would be more suitable as a pizza sauce. I use the hand blender to mix it until its smooth, add a bit of ketchup, sometimes a dash or two of tabasco, and plenty of dry herbs like oregano and thyme. The velvety smooth pizza sauce would also go into another jar saved for pizza making -on dough, on toast, on tanoor bread, you name it-.

All I have to do after kneading and shaping my dough is spread some tomato sauce on top. A generous amount for me, I like my pizza juicy.


Looking goooood!


Next, spreading my pizza with my ingredients of choice. I like my pizza with red and greed and yellow capsicum, fresh mushrooms, green olives, and sweet corn. Sometimes I add red onion slices but I didn’t have any that day.


Next comes the best part… cheese! I use packaged grated mozzarella which adds the stringy quality to my pizza plus I grate a block of yellow cheddar cheese to add some flavour as mozzarella alone can be a bit blah. Then top the collection of cheeses with some dry thyme and dry oregano.


Sprinkling away…


Et Voila! My pizza is all prepped up and ready to go into the oven as I clean up and set the table while the aroma of baking pizza wafted to every corner of my home.


6 to 8 minutes later inside a pre-heated 230 C oven, and I ended up with this beauty.


Do you think it looks good? You should taste it! Hands down it’s the best home-made pizza I’ve ever made. I could eat this delicious pie every day of the week for lunch, dinner, and breakfast too! 30-1

Great job on the ready-made dough HomeSlice! I didn’t think it would taste that fresh and soft but it did. I liked the white dough better than the whole wheat one though, the white was softer in comparison. I’m happy to have the option of just grabbing a ready-made dough -and a really good one- whenever I feel like it, turning it into a favourite home-made dish of mine. I would totally recommend it to anyone who like home-made pizza or want a fun fuss free pizza night gathering for example.

P.S.: I paid for the pizza doughs myself, from my own money, an entire 800 fils. In case you were thinking this is a paid promotion or something, rest assured it’s not.

6 Responses to “Home Baked Pizza with HomeSlice Ready Pizza Dough”

  1. Ansam says:

    I want! Make me mushroom pizza min eedich el7elwa (emsa7al) LOL! It looks delish! Yeah I spotted their stand a while back too, and they sent me a pizza with a brown dough later to review – I know how you feel when you want to distinguish between paid an unpaid! Its getting ridiculous! Oh and the wooden thingy is called rolling pin LOL sij Danderma mo malat kitchen

    • danderma says:

      Sure! Come on over any time with the dough and we can have fun in the kitchen! A rolling pin 9a7! I desperately need some B12 pills, I am having difficulty remembering names, faces, and apparently common English terms! I called it “elekhsheba” in Arabic the other day!

  2. S says:

    gr8 idea, i make pizza dough from scratch all the time, but i will definitely be looking for this dough on my next trip to jam3iya :) i could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner too!

    • danderma says:

      A fellow pizza lover! When you try it let me know if you like it! It’s so easy :)

  3. Hafsa says:

    I am always baking pizzas at home, Every thursday our lunch is pizza..I have an old tried and true pizza dough recipe…which makes 3 pizzas for 2 ppl each..I always make one and freeze the other 2 dough portions for the following weeks…but this is also a good option to buy and keep just in case!
    btw, how many ppl can eat from one dough portion?

    • danderma says:

      This is very much faster and you don’t have leftovers at all.
      Depending on the people’s appetites I’d say a man can have an entire one for his own and two women can share in one. Try it and see :)