Atmosphere Lounge at Burj Khalifa… The highest restaurant in the world

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When i heard about the opening of the highest restaurant in the world last January in Burj Khalifa i really wanted to try it. The Atmosphere restaurant requires reservation and so i emailed them. The only available opening was for afterneoon tea in the Atmosphere lounge at 3 PM which was perfect for me so i made the reservation.

The way to enter the restaurant is through Armani Hotel itself. As we were walking from Dubai Mall towards the hotel we met Mr. Jassim Al-Khrafi coming out of the hotel and the men went and said hello. As i stood back Mr. Jassim Al-Khrafi turned to me and said hello to me! What a gentleman y7lelah!

Through the lobby of Armani Hotel you are directed to an elevator that takes you directly to the Atmosphere Lounge and Restaurant.  They are located at the 123rd floor!!! and the elevator makes the trip in less than one minute.

You Don’t feel the elevator moving at all but of course your ears suffer a little on the way up!

Now that you are at the 123rd floor you make it through a small staircase to the floor below…

The view from there is breathtaking and people have a hard time getting up and down the stairs on time for they linger at the glass walls and gawk and take pictures… like we did…

We were greeted pleasently and we gave them our reservation code. We were led through the lounge to our table… there are two sections: Smoking and Non Smoking area. The non smoking area is brighter than the smoking area and the seating and the view are better by the way…

An entire wall of the seating area is glass from roof to cieling… looking over Dubai!

 You spend the first few minutes dazed and looking around… standing up, taking pictures… then when you settle down at last you notice your table…

The menu is pretty much straightforward. You get endless drinks of your choice, hot or cold, and you get a platter of finger food: Sandwiches & Scones… followed by a main dish of your choice and then you get a selection of desserts as well.

We placed our orders… and we waited while i took some pictures of the view outside…

It was a very hot day so i couldn’t order any thing hot. We all opted for cold Mocktails and they were Amazing! This is a passion fruit and something concotion that was very tasty!

There was a Lychee and Pomegranate mocktail that was also good…

The watermelon and mint mocktail… very refreshing…

Green Tea…

I like their sugar bowl…

Then came the laden tea time platter 😀

The scones… regular and with raisins…

Clotted Cream, Raspberry Jam, and Lemon Curd… i loved the lemon curd with the scones <3


The finger sandwiches…

Cucumber with cream cheese & caviar… i removed the caviar though for i can’t bear to eat it :S

Marinated tomato with goat cheese cream and olives… that was good!

Egg Mayonnaise & Truffle Caviar

Organic Salmon with Horseradish Mousse

Then came the main dishes. There was a choice between Chicken & Mushroom quiche and Poached Quail Egg Florentine. I chose neither but the others chose the Chicken & Mushroom quiche which they say was superb!

Then came the desserts… what can i say? It was amazing… the Green Apple & Elder Flower sorbet was simply scrumptious…

The chocolate & lavendar Mille Feuille was tiny & cute… the Chocolate & Passion Fruit Macaroon was lovely… and the salted caramel eclair was the best of them all!!!

There was also the fruit tart and the Apricot & Sweet almond pudding…

The presentaion, the food, the view, the crowd, all mix together to give you a remarkable experience! You would think that the lounge would feel pretentious and stiff with snobby waiters… think again! We had a very good and a very relaxing time, talking and eating and sipping our drinks and glancing out of the window… the staff were really & truly very friendly and very helpful! The moment you finish your drink you are immediately asked if you want another one with a big smile… they are professionals too, they don’t make you feel that you are being watched but the moment you need a thing they are by your side even though no one was around a moment ago!

For more information and reservations check out the Atmosphere lounge website (link)

25 Responses to “Atmosphere Lounge at Burj Khalifa… The highest restaurant in the world”

  1. Looks very nice .. I wonder how the dinner would be like :)

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: It was really nice! I wouldn’t know you have to reserve way in advance for that 😀

  2. Nirupama says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive & visual description of your experience. Your blog is crafted beautifully & it is a delight to find someone taking so much effort to upload such close-up pictures with correct details of each item on offer. It helps a lot to make a selection. i’m planning for my b’day Treat in April and will follow ur advice of selecting the smoking zone for seats with better views. thanks again.

    • danderma says:

      Nirupama: You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words! I hope you have a blast on your birthday :)

  3. Wasim says:

    Dear Danderma,

    Thank you for sharing your Atmosphere experience with us.

    If I may ask, how much a dinner for 2 would cost, or how much did it cost you? It seems to be expensive! But I bet it’s worth it. I am planning to go there soon with my wife so a heads up on the cost would be really helpful.

    Thank you in advance.

    • danderma says:

      Wasim: hmmm for dinner i am not really sure, for Afternoon tea it was 300 AED per person, which is not cheap so i am guessing the dinner would be more expensive…

      You can email them and they will send you the dinner menu with the dishes and the prices, they are very helpful! I hope you will have an amazing time 😀

  4. Helen says:

    My husband and i are going this evening for or 29th wedding anniversary really looking for ward to it.

  5. Hayder says:

    Hi Danderma. Thanks for your lively description. My husband and i will stay at Dubai for a few days at the end of Oktober. We’ ll celebrate his 65. birthday. I think, we will try the TeaTime in the Atmosphere Lounge too.
    My question: what’ s about the tip, not alone in this restaurant, also in the hotel?
    Greatings from Germany

    • danderma says:

      Aww happy birthday to your husband 😀

      Hmm I think the tip would be customary at 10% in restaurants over all. At the hotel you can tip the busboys, the cleaners, and the valet parking guys and doormen something around 10-15 AED would do.

  6. Khalid says:

    Hey Danderma,
    Thanks for the heads up on your experience at At.Mosphere ! On the basis of your blog, I just booked lunch and dinner at Grill and Lounge respectively for when my wife and daughter come (a week a part)
    Although, im a little confused, you say the entrance or elevator is thru Armani hotel, yet on At.Msphere website they mention access from Corporate entrance??
    Lastly, is there a place for parking for diners?


    • danderma says:

      It could be that they have opened up another access but when I was there it was through the Armani hotel. I guess you could park at Dubai Mall and walk to Armani hotel like we did or park at the Armani hotel itself.

      I wish you have a fabulous time 😀

  7. waleed says:

    hey man how you doing/?i am planing to go there,as i went to the top,so what would u suggest me to do like 300dhs can be used for something else…



  8. Burkhard says:

    I was there Last week and i Must Agree the place is Great, the food excellent and the Elevator absolutely breathtaking. Go there whenever you can and Enjoy.

  9. Katie says:

    Loved your review! It’s made my mind up to have afternoon tea there during our forthcoming trip!

    Quick question though, you say the non smoking section is brighter and has better views than the non smoking section. Can you please advise to which section is brighter and has the better views?


    • danderma says:

      I think the non smoking which we sat in is the brighter one. You should go, its a really wonderful experience :)

  10. Linda says:

    I thinking of having High Tea there with my family when we visit Dubai in Dec 2012. Just wondering…is it buffet style (ie. we can re-order items we like including drinks) or it is one set per person?


    • danderma says:

      Its not buffet style for sure they bring out the food from a set menu in the case of tea but the drinks are refillable and you can have as many as you want

  11. glen crasto says:

    yes i have checked and we will visit on 16th nov 2012 for high lunch

  12. Yasmin Bhoy says:

    We wanted to celebrate my husbands 60th and my sons 23rd birthday somewhere truly special, . I decided to make a reservation at the highest restaurant in the world Atmosphere. I spoke to Angelica and gave her the birthday message for the cake. Unfortunately when the cake was served, my sons name was not on it! He was clearly very disappointed as he thought we forgot him.

    The view was absolutely stunning but the food was extremely disappointing. The Amuse Bouche was awful ! The Scallops that my husband had was drowned in cream and felt sickening ! The Sea Bass for his main course was bland and tasted fishy. I had the lobster which was over cooked and tough. My son had a rib eye steak, the pepper sauce did not taste like a pepper sauce. He enjoyed the steak though. The chocolate birthday cake was embarrassingly tiny and nothing special but the Blueberry Sorbet was delicious and was in fact the Only thing out of the entire dinner that I enjoyed. Oh and the Artichoke bread was nice.

    We were all very disappointed with the food, I do not mind paying for good food but in this case The price for the dinner was totally unwarranted!

    • danderma says:

      I haven’t tried their dinner, I’ve only tried their afternoon tea, but you should have made your feelings quite clear to them! Its unacceptable to ruin your celebration plans that way.

  13. anam says:

    hiii!!! luvddd ur bloggg!!! m planning to go with my husband on his birthday! could u plz tellme that if i do reservation not near window…can i walk over n take pics or reserving a window seat is a must?

    • danderma says:

      You will definitely need to make a reservation whether its by the window or not. Happy birthday to your husband :)