NoonoPink New Ramadan Collection

By | May 30, 2011

Masha2 Allah maboga shay 3la Ermothan! Did you get your Dara3a’s yet?

If you didn’t you might be glad to know that Reem.M, creator of NoonoPink is launching the Ladies collection for Ramadan on 31st of May, 1st and 2nd of June.. For appointments please send an SMS to 99907011.

To visit NonoPink’s facebook page click here (link).

6 Responses to “NoonoPink New Ramadan Collection”

  1. Chuknum says:

    I love the way they took these photos with the amazing background and makeup!

  2. shopgirlq8 says:

    can you please provide more pics regarding this topic it would be very helpful…


    p.s i love ur blog i think u and pinkgirl have the best blogs in q8!! keep up the good work

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon I love Pink’s blog too she is like a great sister to me <3

      I am sorry I would have provided you with more pictures bs ma 3ndi :(

  3. Shopgirl says:

    Thank u dear