Opening My NBK Camel Money Bank After One Year By | August 15, 2012

Monte Aprazível

Exactly one year and ten days ago I wrote a post about trying to save up in my NBK Camel Money Bank, or 7asalat el jamal as we call it in Kuwait (post). I vowed to open it one year later during this Ramadan and thanks be to god, I was alive and well just to do that the other day :)

To open it I had to locate the key which I had placed inside another money bank filled with foreign coins.

There’s the key, buried, waiting. Now its time.

Opening up my money bank. Thank god I don’t have to break it, it would be such a pity!

And Ta Da! The sound of the coins, all 100 fils coins, trying to rush out is exciting!

Looking at all these coins reminded me of Scrooge McDuck! A favorite Disney character of mine by the way.

How much do you think I had saved during one year? Last year it had 2 KD 600 fils inside.

12 KD 600 fils! I’ve saved an entire 10 KD during one year, that’s 100 100 fils coins! Not bad at all :)

What will I do with the money? I’ve decided to donate it and start saving again, all 100 fils coins again and starting this week I’ve saved 200 fils already.

Lets hope that by next year, which might be around Eid time, insha2 Allah etha Allah 3a6ana 3omor o 9e77a o 3afiya, I’d have saved more than 10 KD :)

What’s the most amount you’ve ever saved in a piggy bank before?

6 Responses to “Opening My NBK Camel Money Bank After One Year”

  1. porridge says:


    my sister and i shared a piggy bank that looked like a bulldog in the states – his name was Buck :) we’d drop quarters and dimes and nickels whenever we had any leftover change. by the end of the semester, we opened Buck’s tummy and poured the coins into a bag and took them to the nearby jam3iya, where they have this cool machine that gives you dollar bills for your change!

    we came out with about $55, which was AMAZING. we used the money to treat ourselves to a nice italian dinner! i think that was the most we’ve saved.

    i feel like saving again!

    • danderma says:

      Wow! That’s fun isn’t it? The idea of getting something worthwhile from something that doesn’t seem like much? I say save again and see how much you get. I think Al-Rawda machine has now a similar coin for cash machine available 😀

  2. Intlxpatr says:

    We have something called a United Thank offering box; twice a year we take our filled box and it goes to the Episcopal Church international charity fund, where it feeds the hungry, clothes those in need, shelters the homeless, etc anywhere in the world where there is a need. Coins can really weigh you down, every time I think of it I empty my coins from my wallet, and anything I find in the washer or dryer or couches goes in, too :-)

    I LOVE your camel bank! That is so cool! It makes you want to save!

    • danderma says:

      The camel bank is actually ancient. It is associated with a childhood song about a girl named Zaina who likes to save money in her camel bank by NBK and basically every child from my generation grew up singing that song so it has a sentimental value as well though back in the day it was in green and the camel was gold :)

      Does your filled box make enough money? Maybe I should save a bit more money!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Egooolich there are different systems to saving hehe for example if you love ordering from outside, instead of ordering food you would cook it at home and put the minimum money u would’ve spent in the piggy bank and so forth ehe 😛

    Now that would be cool!

    • danderma says:

      I’d rather have the “swear piggy bank” method :p Can’t afford to starve myself that often!