LoFat Vegetarian Diet – Day 8

Bitung By | December 21, 2012

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On day 8 of my LoFat Vegetarian Diet, which is also the first day in the second week of the diet, I had a breakfast meal of pita pockets with cheese, fruit skewers, and low fat Laban (buttermilk).


Nothing special. In fact they were a little blah considering I’ve eaten a bagel with the same filling yesterday. I’d prefer the bagel any day.


For lunch I got a vegan enchilada casserole and a white bean salad with Zaatar.


I’m not sure how this dish became an vegan enchilada, for one thing it was topped with cheese so it can’t be vegan. Also, it had lasagna sheets and penne pasta baked in tomato sauce with black beans and chopped veggies. If anything I’d call it a baked vegetable pasta with cheese instead of an enchilada. Weird name, good warm fulfilling main dish.


The salad was fresh and crunchy. Though its supposed to be white bean with zaatar (thyme) all I could taste was coriander and not zaatar at all. Personally I cannot stand coriander and had I known that with each bite a strong whiff of coriander would overwhelm the salad instead of the taste of thyme, I wouldn’t have chosen it. LoFat should either lose the pungent coriander or rename the salad into a white bean with coriander instead of zaatar salad.


For dessert, a delicious looking creamy mango mousse that I had with a cup of white tea.


The mango mousse looked so good, I began day dreaming about it all day long. Taste wise? Creamy yes, taste wise very blah. I could barely feel the taste of mango in it. Too bad.


For dinner I got a small Margarita pizza with a cream of basil soup.


The Margarita was good as usual and I enjoyed every bite.


The cream of basil soup was different, creamy, warm, and good. However, it was a bit on the salty side just like the mushroom millet soup I’ve had before on day 1! If only the salt was a tad less, it would have been the perfect soup.


And the first day in the second week is gone! Usually at the end of my first week of dieting I have a long list of cravings I can’t wait to devour on my free day. This time, I have no cravings and I don’t really think I want a free day. Interesting…

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